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All parents want the best for their children, and the design of the children's room is one of the ways to express their love. Therefore, when a child turns three years old and it is time to update the nursery, many moms and dads pay attention to the unusual children's beds.

After three years, the child has already almost formed a character and there are favorite things - toys, cartoons, books, and it’s not difficult to understand what it is possible to "please", in favor of which crib to make a choice. In addition, in the designer bed, even the most naughty child will go to bed with pleasure.

For boys

There is a great variety of unusual beds for boys. "Classic" can be called a bed in the form of a sports car. But this option is suitable for an older child, 8-12 years old. Boys from 3 to 7 years old should like a funny train, a boat or a funny bus.

If your child loves superheroes, then surely he will be delighted with the bed "Batmanmobile" or decorated in the style of Spider-Man.

Do not forget that an unusual bed will become the defining piece of furniture, and the entire design of the room should be associated with it. For example, if it is a bed-ship, then sea motifs can be expressed in the form of curtains-sails or gulls on blue walls. And if this is a bed in the style of a spider-man, then you can also arrange pillows, carpet or curtains with comics.

For girls

Every little girl wants to be a princess, so she wants a crib like a princess - pink, elegant, with many lovely decorative details - flowers, hearts, fairies or bears. A great addition to the princess bed is a long canopy made of organza or tulle, sometimes performing just a decorative function.

One of the most beautiful options for a girl is a bed-carriage or a bed-lock. Such structures perform the function of not only a bed, but also a full-fledged playground.

A little fairy or sorceress will surely like the idea of ​​going to bed in a wonderful forest, if you arrange the head of the bed in the form of a large tree, or place the bed inside the trunk.

Just like boys, girls love beds-machines, only made in pink colors, or beds with cartoon characters “Hello, Kitty”, “Peppa Pig”, “My Little Pony” and others.

For two children

For children of twins or with a small difference in age, manufacturers of children's furniture also provided a lot of creative options. Double beds make a fabulous home, a London double-decker bus, a large truck or a fire engine.

In addition to the traditional bunk beds, parents are offered retractable beds, retractable one under the other, and folding, gathering the type of car seats.

Toy beds

Studio furniture design Incredibeds Bedjammies offers one of the most unusual options for a children's bed - in the form of a huge soft toys. The bed has the shape of a cartoon animal, and is suitable for both girls and boys. Huge hind legs perform a decorative function, it is convenient to drop and jump on them, you can throw long front legs on the bed and sleep in them, as if in a nest. The lineup is relatively small - a dinosaur, a crocodile, a bear and a good dog, but the child definitely will not remain indifferent.

Another option for the toy bed was developed by the Vietnamese company Kidsmart 123. They produce huge pillow beds in the form of cartoon characters - minions, Pokemon, Kitty and funny animals.One of the advantages of such a bed is its mobility - if desired, a huge pillow can be taken out of the house and comfortably sit on it in the garden.

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To order or do it yourself?

Most models of unusual beds can not just buy in the store. They are made to order with the wishes of the parents and the child. Especially often small studios and workshops specialize in the production of unusual furniture that will fulfill your order in a single copy.

If you have the necessary skills, the bed for the child can be done with your own hands. For this you need to make an exact plan, pick up the material and tools. For some parents, this can be an excellent game with the child, if you allow him to choose the details himself, to participate in the process.

Cost of

Like any exclusive product made to order, an unusual baby bed is not cheap. Basically the price depends on the materials used, design features and the level of the wizard. For example, on the bed Incredibeds Bedjammies, the price tag starts at $ 299, and other manufacturers value their products no less.In general, if you decide to please your child with an unusual bed, put in the family budget the amount of 20,000 rubles. and remember that the joy you deliver is worth any money.

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