Children's folding bed

Many young families begin their life together in rented apartments or small studios, where the real problem often arises: where to put the crib for children?

In this regard, manufacturers of children's furniture have come up with a folding baby bed. There are several types of folding beds.

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For very young children

When disassembled, it is a complete crib, and when assembled, it is very compact and mobile. Weigh such beds on average from 7 to 15 kg. Some of them come with a mattress, and when folded, they have wheels like a suitcase. The frame of such beds is metal, covered with a cloth with mesh inserts for better ventilation of the internal space.

Such a bed can serve at the same time as a playpen, where a grown-up baby can play with toys. This is a very convenient option for travel and country trips.

There are options for wooden folding beds.When the baby is just born, it is protected by a high lattice. As the child gains weight and height, the bottom is lowered and the baby bed is transformed into a full-sized bed. Some models can be equipped with additional sliding structures and even real lockers, as in adults.

Foldable beds for older children have several modifications. They can be:

  • Horizontal beds that slide apart. Such furniture can serve a child almost from birth to adolescence. Some models can be equipped with protective bumpers. They are made, as a rule, from a natural tree. There are fantasy models in the form of a ship, carriage, or some kind of animal - there are a lot of options.

Such beds consist of two parts. The lower retractable part of the bed is usually smaller than the upper one and has wheels, which, if necessary, can be pushed under the main part.

  • Loft bed. While the child is completely crumb, his bed is located on the lower level - on the floor. When the baby starts to grow up, the sleeping place rises to a certain height,allowing you to make room for games and other activities below.
  • Sofa - bed. There are several varieties of this model folding bed.
  1. Eurobook. A very reliable mechanism, besides, is easy to operate, which allows even a child to cope with it. The seat of the sofa is extended to itself, and the backrest is lowered from the vertical to the horizontal position. It turns out quite a spacious place to sleep.
  2. The roll-out mechanism is designed in such a way that here the very back of the sofa does not unfold. It will take a little more time to unfold such a sofa model, but it’s also easy to handle.
  3. Sedoflex. The principle of operation is similar to the clamshell mechanism. The backrest and armrests of this design remain in their original position, and only the part on which we sit is set in motion. • Tiered beds. This is a sliding design, when one bed moves out from under the other. When folded, such furniture takes up very little space, which makes it possible to use them in the same room where several children are placed. They can be two or even three-tiered.
  • Vertical (folding beds) allow optimal use of a smallspace. A bed with a folding mechanism can be removed in a closet niche - for this you need about 45 cm.

It can also be attached to the wall. After lifting the bed is high under the ceiling. Therefore, the staircase comes with it. The gas mechanism with which the folding beds are provided is a guarantee of its reliability and comfort.

The built-in beds in the children's room are easily transformed, not only in the dressing room, but also in the writing desk. This option will especially suit the taste of the children themselves - the problem of the bed not made up disappears due to its irrelevance.

  • Bunk beds - tranformers. This is a great solution for families with two or more children, when you can place two or more beds at once. Among the shortcomings of two-tier folding bed models are their high cost, but this disadvantage is covered by a significant saving of space in the room.

The upper tier of a two-tier structure often represents a normal sleeping place. The lower tier can be made in the form of a folding or stationary sofa for an adult or a folding bed for a child.There are also models where the lower bed can be transformed into some other furniture. The upper part can also be stationary or retract into the wall.

As for the material from which the body is made of bunk beds, it can be chipboard or MDF, upholstered with fabric - Jacquard, velor and even eco-leather. Also the case of bunk beds can be made of metal. Most often it is high-strength steel.


  • Some models of foldable baby beds suffer from an unreliable sliding mechanism. Children - as you know, people are active. They love to jump and jump and very often do it on the beds and folding sofas. As a result, failed attachment mechanisms.
  • Plywood bottom in cots, is not orthopedic and does not contribute to the normal position of the children's spine during sleep. It does not let air through, which leads to its stagnation and the appearance of unpleasant odors. Output: replace the plywood bottom with a rack and buy an orthopedic mattress.
  • Inexpensive furniture is often made of composite materials or entirely of fiberboard. This material does not belong to environmentally friendly - various resins that are part of it,may cause allergies. In addition, it is not the most reliable material in terms of operation.
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