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Even before your child goes to school, he will need his own place where he can learn, develop motor skills, read, draw or sculpt. Most likely the first table of the child will serve only a couple of years, because children grow quickly, and yesterday's princess at the pink table will turn into Madame with functional furniture in a classic style. But this does not mean that the choice of the first children's table can be approached lightly.

How to choose

What should be the first in the life of a desk for a girl? Despite the tender and dreamy age of the child, the main thing you should think about is convenience. The table should strictly correspond to the growth of the child, because at an early age, posture is formed and if the child gets used to sitting in the wrong position, in the future he may have problems with his back.

It would be great to make a child a surprise, but sometimes it's better to go to the store directly with your daughter and ask her to “try on” several options in order to choose the right one.

The second important aspect that you cannot ignore is the appearance of the table. You can prepare in advance for the fact that it will be very beautiful, most likely pink or it will depict princesses, fairies, unicorns or students of a famous school of magic.

Many parents allow the child to choose this piece of furniture for himself, it is believed that then he wants to spend more time at the table, learn more, try harder ... So you can develop the assiduity that will be needed during school years, so asking your daughter’s opinion may be useful.

Do not take the white table, even though the girls are neater than boys, at this age they are only learning to control their body. Spilled paint, greasy stains from clay, which cannot be washed to the end, random strips from the handle and so on. A white table is more suitable for at least 8-9 years, and even better for a teenager, as we will discuss later.


  • Set table plus highchair. This is a very convenient option. Sometimes such combinations are immediately tuned to the correct fit of the child, but more often the height of the table and chair can be slightly varied.This will allow you to leave a piece of furniture for a longer period.
  • Another sales leader is a classic low square table with thin legs. This is the cheapest of the possible options, for sure you remember such a table, wooden, varnished, under which there is a pattern in the style of Khokhloma or Gzhel. These tables are often in kindergartens. We know that a child is an expensive pleasure and in this case it is really possible to save money. The main thing - to choose the right chair.
  • Table with decorative lighting or music. For those who love everything unusual and interesting, buying a table with LED stripes along the perimeter is a great solution. The advantage of this table - you can use it as a night light. Children are often afraid to fall asleep without light, and the soft glow of the ribbons will help the child fall asleep peacefully. As for musical additions, then such models of children's tables have a built-in player. He can not only play melodies (which will help the child fall asleep again or vice versa - come up with an interesting game), but also record voices. Great fun for you and your child with a practical
  • Sometimes parents buy for girls a table model with a built-in mirror, a kind of small boudoir. Many games of children are based on imitation of parents, and girls most often imitate their mothers - they take care of dolls, try to cook or paint themselves. Children's table-mirror will help your child learn to care for themselves. Also, many young children sometimes have problems with speech, you, as parents, need to work on this - perform speech therapy exercises, and this should be done in front of a mirror, so this table will be a great help on the path of your child’s development.

For schoolgirl

When the girl is seven or six years old, she will need to go to school. A new lifestyle will require a new table. More practical, high and functionally-adapted for student tasks. Choosing a table in the room for the first class student, still need to pay attention to the external component, not losing sight of practical properties.

In 99.9% of cases, children do not like to do their homework, already in the second month of study, it becomes not so interesting and attention is dissipated.In order to make your homework more interesting and productive, you can use additional design: for example, make a tissue box into which a girl can beautifully sort all her pencils, pens, notebooks and other office supplies.

If your table has shelves, allow your child to decorate them. Perhaps for you it will look like a mess, but the child has his own world in his head, it will be easier for him to learn in the company of his toy friends, and you can use them to explain the material, make the learning process visual, tell everything with examples.

It is very convenient if the table for 7 years is sold with a superstructure, and not with built-in shelves. When your daughter grows up, you can remove additional shelves with toys and make the table clean, inspiring to new thoughts and responsible approach to business.

Very often for 12 years and older parents buy a computer desk, designed for further use in high school and university. Its main difference consists in a sliding keyboard stand and a special compartment for the system unit, however, such tables often do not look too fashionable, so as an alternative you can install a classic corner table.The system unit does not have to be at the bottom, you can put it in a corner, as long as direct sunlight or the battery does not heat it up.

If you are a happy parent of two girls and have an age difference of no more than three years, so that the children do not have envy and disputes among themselves about the tables, you can do the following:

  • Select two identical tables and arrange them in the corners of the room with the letter "G". It is better if you put the tables near the window so that daytime natural light helps the children to learn.
  • If the corner tables for two girls are not an option, you can build two classic rectangular tables on the same level (along the wall) or put them back to each other, forming an “island”.

Remember that for a child a table is the place where he will spend a huge amount of time. This is both a workplace and a playground, so it is important to make this area cozy, so that the girl would spend her time with pleasure.

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