Wall panels with photo printing for the kitchen

You do not know how to make the kitchen room more comfortable and aesthetic? Tired of constantly cleaning up the kitchen, and you want cleaning to be quick and easy? Then you definitely fit wall panel with photo printing.

The wall panel with a photo printing for kitchen, it is an apron, appeared in the market relatively recently. One of its functions is to make the kitchen more beautiful and original. The main plus of such an apron is that it will fit into absolutely any interior. On top of that, you yourself can choose an image that will be on the apron. This panel allows you to quickly clean the walls of grease, stains and stains, it is enough just to hold it with a damp cloth.

Aprons are made of glass, plastic or ceramics. These are the most reliable and high-quality materials that are used for decorative kitchen design.


The most expensive, but more reliable and long-lasting than plastic and ceramics.For their manufacture using plain or tempered glass. They are more than resistant to sudden temperature changes and excessive humidity. They have a small size compared to, for example, plastic, as the weight of glass is more plastic. In addition, due to the size, the mounting of such a wall panel can be done even after installing the equipment in the kitchen.

Photo printing on a glass apron looks much more attractive than on a plastic one, and caring for such photo panels is much easier. But, nevertheless, as elsewhere, there are downsides. If you do not take precautions and do not be careful during transportation or installation, the glass may crack from a strong impact. If you install an apron on a wall in a new house, the product from ordinary glass is afraid of shrinking of the building. Because of this, it is recommended to make a wall panel of tempered glass, but it will turn out much more expensive when compared with plastic.

If you decide to install a glass photopanel, then you will have to think about the location of the sockets, mounting and so on. After installing the photopanel you can not make new holes.

Plastic panels

A good option for a relatively small budget. The only negative is that such aprons are less attractive, with the exception of acrylic. You can easily install such a panel in a new dwelling, because, because of their flexibility, they never crack and are not afraid of shrinkage at home. Unlike the glass panel, with plastic you will not have to think through everything in advance, because you can make new openings for sockets or fasteners even after installation. The main advantage of plastic panels is that they are resistant to chemical and thermal effects.

Such aprons well withstand various loads and other mechanical damage. Also, the plastic panel is easy to dismantle, so you can change them as soon as you want. The disadvantages of such panels are that they can be curved if improperly installed, so here it is better to contact a specialist who will certainly do everything as it should. Also, the panels can deteriorate due to poor cleaning of the wall, and even with careful care of the apron, the design will rub off from a lot of rubbing and cleaning.


Acrylic panels are more beautiful than ordinary plastic and even glass ones.Aprons made of acrylic smooth and glossy, and look very impressive. Thanks to the gloss, the acrylic panel looks like a glass from the outside, but it has more advantages. Acrylic panel is much stronger and lighter than glass and does not crack when temperature drops. Apron of acrylic allows, if necessary, to make new holes for the outlet or shelves.

But a minus them that these panels are not subject to repair. The slightest crack - and you need to change the sash. Also, it is much more difficult to wash acrylic plastic, it must be done carefully and carefully, because the slightest prints and scratches are visible on the glossy surface.


If the photo printing is not on the outer layer of the apron, it is enough to wipe the surface with a damp cloth. If the film is applied to the upper surface, then it must be washed very carefully. Do not use abrasives and metal brushes, as they may damage the surface.

How are the images on the apron

Currently, there are two basic ways to apply a pattern. The first way: the picture is applied to the film, after which the film is glued to the base material. This method is cheaper and less durable.

The second method: drawing a pattern on the base material. The photo is brighter and more aesthetic. The paint does not peel off, so the service life is quite long.


There are three ways to mount panels. The first way: gluing the apron to the wall. The wall is cleaned of dust and dirt, after which glue is applied and an apron is installed. The minus of the method is that it will be problematic to change it - you will have to literally tear the apron from the wall. In addition, if your walls are uneven, this method will not work.

The second way: the use of screws. This option is worth considering if you have curved walls. The apron is fixed with screws, after which plugs are selected in the color of photo printing. The downside is that the caps will be visible against the background of photo printing, and you still have holes in the wall.

The third way: assembly of aprons in the frame. It is also worth considering this option if you have uneven walls.

After installation, it is desirable to close the joint of the apron with the tabletop with a decorative plinth and treat all seams with a moisture-resistant sealant. This is the most accurate option, in which you can easily change the apron when you want.

If you want to make your kitchen stylish and original, then you definitely need to consider the option with wall panels.

Modern manufacturers offer many options with different characteristics and new models appear every day, so the choice is huge. Before purchasing, decide which qualities of an apron are more important to you. Over time, wall panels with photo printing will become even more popular, as they are reliable and perfectly complement the interior of the kitchen.

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