What tile to choose in the kitchen

In order for a kitchen tile to serve as long as possible, you need to take a responsible approach to the process of its selection and installation. In this article, you will learn what qualities of tiles to pay attention to in order not to make a mistake when choosing.

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Advantages and disadvantages

Already for a long time ceramic tiles are considered the most popular option for facing for the kitchen. Its main advantage is considered durability. A good ceramic tile will serve a whole generation with proper care. It is quite wear-resistant. This is especially important for the kitchen, where most family members spend a lot of time.

Ceramic tiles withstand high loads due to their durability. In addition, it is fire resistant. So, even if a dangerous situation arises in the kitchen, the ceramic tile will not be badly damaged. Yes, and the working atmosphere with its elevated temperatures, it will withstand normally.This surface is completely non-toxic. Therefore, its installation does not harm the environment.

It should be noted, and such an advantage as a large range. Today, there is a huge selection of ceramic tiles with different textures and colors. At the same time, you can choose tiles of any price category.

However, like any other material, ceramic tile has its drawbacks. First of all, it is worth noting that it is quite difficult to lay. Therefore, it is often necessary to seek help from specialists.

By the way, it is desirable to lay it on a perfectly flat floor and walls. The fact is that when there are gaps between individual plates, it can break when heavy objects fall on it. This increases the cost of repairing the kitchen.

Ceramic tiles - this is the material that can not always provide adequate sound insulation. However, this is solved by using a simple sound insulation coating. If you plan to lay such tiles on the floor, then you need to take into account such a disadvantage as the coldness of the surface.

Selection according to zones

For the decoration of the kitchen used different types of ceramic tiles.For walls in a large kitchen is best to choose a glossy tile. Such a surface looks quite interesting, but due to the glossy shine, the kitchen space is visually reduced.

In tiny kitchens it is much more rational to use matte tiles. Properly selected coverage of light colors, on the contrary, makes the kitchen more spacious.

Tiles are also often used to create so-called aprons. Even if all the walls in the kitchen are decorated with wallpaper, an apron made of ceramic tiles will complement the space well, the main thing here is to choose suitable colors and patterns.

The tile for the apron is not only to choose the right, but also properly lay. The point is that the tile joints are very easily contaminated. Therefore, you should choose a tile of large size and lay it tightly, complementing with the grout. You also do not need to choose tiles decorated with all sorts of patterns - in them, as well as in the tile joints, fat and all kinds of kitchen dirt will be clogged.

An interesting stylistic solution is to use ceramic tiles of the same style for both the apron and the worktop. This combination looks very organic.

Also, ceramic tiles are often chosen as flooring in the kitchen. In this case, more attention is paid to the technical characteristics: durability and strength. The best option is a tile with a matte surface. Coloring should ideally be dark or variegated. This will hide all sorts of pollution.


The choice of tile color depends on the characteristics of the room itself. In a small kitchen, it is more rational to use a light-colored tile that visually expands the space. However, light colors are not the most practical, so white and other, too light colors should be abandoned, preferring pastel shades.

Darker colors look good in spacious kitchens or in studio apartments, where cooking space is combined with the living room. It is best to choose such a tile as a floor covering - in this way, you will significantly save time on cleaning.

Different bright colors will also be appropriate. Choose your favorite colors and combine them with other shades in the kitchen. Glossy tiles of rich bright colors will look good in the kitchen in the high-tech style, and beautiful matte in the room, made under Provence.

It is also important that the tiles chosen by you fit the interior of the kitchen. It should be combined with all other details of the kitchen space - an apron, worktop and kitchen set. At the same time, the tile can be combined in color with all other details, or it can be some bright color accent. For example, in a monochrome kitchen, a tile decorated with interesting patterns or a full-fledged apron will look organic.

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