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Decorating the walls in the kitchen is a creative and complex process that sets the tone for the whole interior. Kitchen refers to rooms with difficult conditions. There is always high humidity, evaporation of moisture, fatty deposits settle on the walls. Despite the presence of exhaust hoods, the apron and walls should be protected as much as possible from the adverse effects of steam, grease and burning. That is why the requirements for finishing materials are high. If you dream of a stylish kitchen room, you should focus your attention on the wall decoration.

Requirements and features of finishing

Properly finished walls should be well washed and do not deteriorate under the influence of water. Ceramic tiles, marble, washable wallpaper, waterproof paint, MDF panels, and decorative plaster can be used to finish the working area. For finishing materials make high demands. They should not be flammable, emit substances hazardous to health, but must absorb moisture and fat.Durability - this is the main condition for quality materials for finishing.

A huge variety of textures, colors allows you to create an interesting and unusual space. Given the fact that the kitchen is divided into two main areas - working and dining is performed and the repair of walls. Surfaces that will take the main load, can be made of sustainable materials, and for the dining area to choose a decorative finish.

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Processing the work area is practical, reliable, easy to maintain; dining - comfort and beauty. Near the table, behind which the family is going, it is appropriate to choose fabric wallpaper, wallpaper, and plaster as a finish. The more creative designers show, the better! Modern kitchen combines two types of finishes, which saves on materials and basic work.

Types of finishing materials

Large selection of finishing materials allows you to create interesting interiors. Beautiful and original textures look luxurious on the wall of the kitchen. A huge plus of modern materials for decoration - the relevance and durability.

Plaster. Popular material for wall decoration in the kitchen.It is easy to apply, but is expensive. Only professionals who have special skills and artistic taste can cope with it. Decorative plaster can be of different types: flock, venetian, polymer, water-based, silicate, structural, lime, marble chips.

Before applying the plaster on the walls, the surface should be treated with a special primer. Plaster looks original and modern. Its plus is that it does not lose its relevance over time. The main advantage is that it is perfectly cleaned, retains its presentable appearance for a long time, does not fade.

Slabs under the stone. Non-standard, but original solution - the design of the walls with decorative or natural stone. This material creates a spectacular kitchen space. The plates naturally imitate the surface of the stone, they are laid down quite simply. It is easy to finish the wall with such plates, but certain skills will be required.

First you need to level the surface before laying the material. The plates are held on the glue, and the seams between the stones are rubbed with a special solution. After laying the plates are varnished.This simplifies the process of caring for them.

Brick. If you dream of a kitchen in the style of "loft", try to use as wall decoration, including an apron, brick. It can be a decorative or natural brick, treated in a special way. Textured material in perfect harmony with the furniture with metal elements. It is fireproof, wear resistant.

Lining. Excellent choice for wall decoration in the kitchen. It is suitable only for the kitchen, in other rooms it is better not to use it. The clapboard is made of wood, glass, plastic and MDF. This material has a specific appearance, but it looks beautiful and stylish in the kitchen. The disadvantage of this material is that it quickly ignites. Brown wall paneling harmonizes well with light-colored furniture.

Mosaic. It looks interesting and unusually small mosaic on the wall. It can be ceramic, glass, made of ceramic or glass. The mosaic looks like a small square. Many squares are glued to the wall in the form of a pattern or picture and create an impressive and large-scale effect.

Mosaic is more expensive than ceramic tiles. Thanks to aesthetic appearance,This material can finish not only the working area, but also the dining area. In order to embody a design idea, it will take patience and time. Plus mosaic - it is easy to clean and serves for a long time.

Plastic panels. A good way to make repairs quickly and inexpensively. Plastic panels are not afraid of fungus, mold, temperature changes, pests. This material hides the irregularities of the walls, it is inexpensive, and therefore in great demand. For the kitchen it is better to use moisture-proof, rather than mirror plastic panels. Large selection of panels allows you to create an interesting and modern interior.

Wallpaper. The classic version of the walls. Ordinary wallpaper will not work in the kitchen, so for processing it is better to use the following types: liquid, glass wall paper, vinyl, non-woven.

Liquid wallpaper - a new fashionable finishing material. They are sold in packages, not rolls. They should be diluted with water before application, and then covered with walls. Liquid wallpaper look aesthetically pleasing, not deformed and not scratched.

Glass fiber is made from glass filaments. The resulting canvas paste as wallpaper on the wall. Material advantage: resistance to damage, fire safety, durability, reliability, environmental friendliness. They are pasted on a special glue and are inexpensive.

Vinyl wallpaper perfectly washable, resistant to moisture, not afraid of dirt, soot, grease, sun.

Flizelinovye - a new look that has proven itself from the best side. They are lightweight, durable, hide the irregularities of the walls, are not afraid of moisture. Today they also release special wallpapers for painting.

Tile (ceramic tile). The working area in the kitchen can be finished with sustainable ceramic tiles or tiles. This material is durable and durable. He is not affected by high temperatures, the tile is perfectly cleaned, and a large selection of color and design adds to its advantages in the piggy bank. Tile can be smooth, matte, texture, glossy.

With the help of ceramic tiles, you can make an apron or part of the wall near the dining table. Designers do not recommend to finish with this material all the walls in the kitchen, as it will look heavy and narrow the space.

MDF panels. This finishing material is eco-friendly and durable. It's easy to work with him. MDF panels are mounted on the batten, but they are more expensive than plastic. Panels are great for creating an apron, they can also draw a wall near the dining area.MDF panels are made from shredded wood waste that is pressed into plates. The resulting tiles are covered with a special film with a different pattern, shade or color.

Parquet boards. Beautiful and original decision in eco style. Parquet boards are often used to create a Scandinavian interior. Boards effectively fill the empty space. The board is used not only for wall decoration in the kitchen, but also in the bathroom, living room, bedroom. The floorboard washes well, wear-resistant, has an attractive appearance. The advantages of this material are environmental friendliness and aesthetics. A plank of wood on the wall looks luxurious.

Paint. Paint for finishing from the usual coating is different composition, color, resistance. When choosing, be guided by criteria. Choose acrylic paint. It dries quickly, washes well, creates a protective film on the wall. Finishing paint resistant to steam and moisture.

Matt well hide the flaws of the walls and irregularities. With the help of paint, you can create an interesting space. Before you start painting the surface of the wall it should be prepared - level and primed.Well suited for processing water-based paints. They are easy to wash and repaint. Paint is applied to the surface in several layers.

An interesting decorative technique is light furniture and bright walls or contrasting furniture and light surfaces.

Glass panels. A rare and unusual way to finish the walls in the kitchen. Such panels can be used for processing as a working area, and dining. This material is beautiful and resistant. Glass can be interesting to decorate, put on it a drawing, pattern or photo. This means that the kitchen will acquire exclusivity.

For the manufacture of glass panels using reliable armored glass, which is difficult to damage. It is easy to take care of glass panels, they are not afraid of humidity, temperature drops, mold and fungus do not apply to them. Grease and dirt can be easily removed from glass panels with a damp cloth. This is a durable and beautiful material.

Metallic finish. Metal outwardly and in fact heavy material, which is difficult to imagine in the interior. But today it is often used to organize spaces in the style of minimalism, "high-tech" or "loft".Metal panels are durable, reliable, fire resistant. They are easy to care for (wash and clean).

How to choose

In a private house is better to use natural and textured materials. These include wood, stone, wall paneling. In a small kitchen, it is appropriate to use a mosaic to decorate the work area or plastic washable wallpaper. If you choose the right colors and patterns, as well as the manufacturer, these wallpapers will last at least ten years.

The apartment looks appropriate tile, paint, plastic and MDF panels. If repair is started in the "Khrushchev", it is important to carefully approach the treatment of the walls. The kitchen in such a small apartment is easy to do even less if you choose the wrong finishing material. For example, parquet panels, tiles on all walls, lining, brick will take away the space. It is better to use wallpaper or paint.

In the issue of wall decoration in the kitchen in the "Khrushchev" it is important to seriously choose the color. It is good, if it will be light, neutral shades: gray-blue, beige, white, light green, lemon. The space should be as organized as possible. Do not overload the kitchen with details, unnecessary interior items.If possible, hide small appliances in niches or cabinets.

Repair must be approached individually. Consider not only the fashion trends of interior and design, but also your own budget. Remember that the finish may look modern and stylish, even if you allocate a small amount for repairs.

DIY decoration

For self-finishing walls, it is better to choose simple materials that are easy to work with. Among them are wallpaper, plastic, paint, ceramic tile. The walls in the kitchen - a universal platform for work due to the large selection of materials.

Any repair begins with the release of the room from the furniture and all items.

The next stage - cleaning the walls from old wallpaper, paint, tile or plaster. This occupation is exhausting, but further repair will depend on the quality of its implementation. If it is necessary to remove the tile, use a perforator or a wallpaper hammer with a flat nozzle.

Then the walls must be primed. This stage ensures reliable adhesion of the finishing materials to the wall. The wall is primed with a roller. After the surface dries, apply the first layer of putty to the wall.After it dries, apply a second and finishing coat. When the wall is dry, it should be primed again to make it easier to decorate in the future.

The next stage is finishing. The most common options are painting, tile, plastic siding, wallpaper, drywall, decorative plaster.

In order to realize any idea yourself, you will need a layout or a project. It is necessary to measure the room - length, height, width, take into account the many nuances. If repair is done from scratch, the help of professionals will be required.

Ecological style

Today's most eco-friendly style is Scandinavian. The walls in the Scandinavian style finished with floorboard. However, designers are advised to choose a finishing-contrast option, otherwise the kitchen can be turned into a box.

The combination of dark wood and light furniture, the division of partitions into two horizontal parts - an interesting option decor. The lower part is trimmed with wood or plastic, and the upper wallpaper for painting. This version resembles the English style. The kitchen partition can also be treated with MDF or glass.

The best material for eco-style is wood.Naturally fit lining, stone. All four walls can be treated with these materials, taking into account that the material will be light, not dark. It is appropriate and most organically Scandinavian interior fits into the kitchen of a country house.

The classic style of finishing kitchen walls with modern details is gaining in popularity. In this case, it is perfect for the repair of glass fiber.

This material is similar to fiberglass cloth. Choosing glass wallpaper, pay attention to the country of origin. It is better if it is Sweden or Germany. The main advantage of glass fiber is strength and durability.

Interesting ideas in interior design

Modern materials and creative ideas in combination provide interesting and unusual results. White and dark color, calm and bright shades, tenderness and contrast - it is beautiful and stylish. Do you dream to transform the kitchen space and not spend big money on repairs? Everything is possible thanks to the variety of materials for decoration. Pay attention to the original interiors and try to bring the idea to life.

White wall and furniture in tandem with a dark wall, horizontal imitation of the floorboard gives the kitchen lightness and style.Weightless curtains, metal lampshade, glass table, white chairs of a simple design - the ideal space in the style of minimalism.

White furniture in the kitchen is a modern trend. It is perfectly combined with snow-white furniture with contrasting walls. For example, wallpaper with floral patterns look organic and give a feeling of comfort.

An excellent example of finishing the dining area with decorative brick. Photowall-paper will introduce a country element in kitchen. Clear lines of the working area, white color, lighting perfectly harmonize with the textured wall opposite. Green plants will add naturalness to the room.

Brown parquet, textured wooden table, white working area in the style of minimalism, marble slabs, which are decorated with a wall in the cooking zone, will bring luxury and coziness to the kitchen room.

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