Apron in the kitchen in the style of "Provence"

In the kitchen, we usually spend a lot of free time. Therefore, the atmosphere there should be relaxing and calm, contributing to a pleasant spending time with friends and family. You can create a similar atmosphere using Provence or Vintage style in the interior.

The kitchen, made in this style, will not do without a properly selected apron. For an interior in this style, you can choose an apron made of stone, ceramic tile or frosted glass.

History and modernity

Provence style is named after the French city in which it appeared. This word itself is translated as "province". The basis of this style is the beauty of the French province. In the interior of this style as accurately as possible conveys the life of the backwoods with all the flaws that designers give a peculiar charm.

To date, the main features of this style are still preserved.The interior in the style of Provence is dominated by pastel colors. Whenever possible, natural materials are used for decoration. They can even be artificially aged.


The perfect kitchen in this style should not be complemented by too bright colors. This will kill all the charm of the French province. The same applies to too dark colors - black, dark blue or saturated emerald.

In the color scheme in the style of Provence should dominate the light and pastel colors. First of all, it is milk, beige, coffee or ivory shade. Wood inserts can be made in light shades of brown. Charm notes will add shades of blue, lavender or light green to this style. These light shades should prevail in the basis of the interior, and in small details.

A kitchen apron in a Provencal style kitchen is also usually subject to major trends. That it is a central part of the interior. The gaze of everyone who enters the kitchen for the first time falls on him. Therefore, this detail should be not only practical, but also aesthetically attractive.

When decorating the kitchen, you can choose a plain apron or decorated with exquisite patterns in the "French" style. It can be decorated with abstractions or exquisite floral and vegetable prints.

We have already talked about which colors are best used in the interior in the style of Provence. As for the patterns, in the Provencal style kitchen you can use images of lavender fields, exquisite light colors and other elements of the life of the French province.


Kitchen aprons are made from different materials. It depends on which of them is used, and the final cost of an apron for modern cuisine in the style of Provence depends. The most common options are plastic, glass, metal and tile. In the kitchen, made in the elegant Provencal style, all synthetic materials will be out of place. Therefore, in such an interior is better to install aprons, made of brick or ceramic tiles.

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Ceramic tile

The easiest way to lay ceramic tiles is to create mosaic patterns. Today, patchwork style pictures are popular.Such a canvas resembles a colorful blanket sewn from small pieces of fabric. In the kitchen, made in the style of Provence, such an apron will look very good. The small squares of which the canvas consists as a result can be completely different: monophonic, patterned or parts of the whole picture, torn from the general image.

When creating such an apron, individual parts fit randomly, and the creators do not have a goal to form some kind of overall picture.

From aged tiles

The Provence style often uses all sorts of details in a vintage style. As an example, an artificially aged ceramic tile. Such a move is suitable for creating an apron in the so-called rustic style.

An additional advantage will be wide seams between the individual tiles. They allow you to restore the necessary mood and convey the atmosphere of the French provincial kitchens.

Mosaic patterns

Aprons, consisting of small parts, look interesting due to the abundance of small parts. But all these tiny fragments should not be too bright and colorful - this is not typical of Provence style.

From natural stone

Provence uses many natural materials, and stone is no exception. Kitchen aprons, decorated with natural stone, suitable even for a small room. Its obvious advantage is durability and high quality. The apron from a natural stone will keep the original state long enough. He is not afraid of any moisture or all kinds of mechanical damage.

But natural stone is quite an expensive material. Therefore, not everyone can afford such a kitchen apron. You can replace it with a good imitation of natural stone, made of simple ceramic tiles.

By the way, ceramic tiles can be styled not only under the stonework, but also under the brick wall. This is also true in the interior in the style of Provence. The apron from a ceramic tile is good also that it is steady against pollution. No stains will be visible against its background.

French-style kitchen aprons are a combination of pastel colors, natural materials and a rough finish. Such a detail embodies all the basic notes characteristic of this style, therefore, treat its choice responsibly.

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