Overview of the best furniture manufacturers


The furniture factory Sapermebel has been operating for more than 10 years on the Belarusian market: in Minsk, Mogilev, Grodno, Gomel, Vitebsk, Brest and other regions. The range of the brand includes kitchen modules, or familiar fonts, facades, decorative elements such as original wall panels, countertops, dining tables, wardrobes with the possibility of photo printing, cabinets, dressers and tables for offices.

A successful and diversified brand won the attention and respect of customers through a diverse range and attractive prices, which sometimes differ significantly, but each customer will be able to find designs and products to his own pocket.

One of the best-selling items in the Sapermebel brand are economy-size compartments and cabinets with or without photo printing. Ready-made designs of various sizes accommodate a large amount of clothing and home accessories due to the functional filling - open shelves, rods, drawers, the exterior design of models often has a mirror, there are options without glazing and decoration.


Minsk representative of furniture for home and apartment Kufar offers for sale wardrobes and modular storage systems, sets of bedroom furniture and products for the living room, nursery, hallway. Kufar is a portal for the sale of new or used furniture.

Gamma Furniture Service

Brand Furniture Service is known for kitchens Gamma: low price for relatively high quality products. Each modular system is made of MDF and particleboard and is sold in Ukraine, since production is also concentrated in the country mentioned.

Ball Furniture

The Shara brand represents practical and convenient designs for a living room, a nursery, a bedroom, a kitchen, in general, an entire apartment or house. In the assortment of the Russian manufacturer there are kitchens - headsets, individual items, accessories, presented at the most tasty and favorable prices on the market. By the way, the manufacturer sells its kitchens "running meters", that is, the price is formed from the dimensions of the kitchen, and this offer becomes very profitable for owners of small space.

In the Furniture Ball brand there are classic sofas and corner models of upholstered furniture - functional, stylish and practical.Light or dark upholstery, print, a large number of soft pillows in the set - this distinguishes the sofas of the manufacturer Furniture Ball from other Russian brands, and mostly low price becomes an important criterion for the client when choosing.

The catalog Furniture Ball presents bedroom suites; beds, cabinets, dressers, wardrobes, dressing tables, footstools. The brand allows you to create a complete image of a bedroom without additional financial and temporary investments, which is attractive for a modern busy person or family. It is convenient that, thanks to just one brand, complete one room or an entire apartment: the brand catalog contains full hallways and children's rooms, the designs for which are selected in a single color scheme and style.

Furniture plus

Furniture Plus is a company that contains sets of furniture for the bedroom, nursery, kitchen, living room, hallway, which becomes attractive for the future buyer. In addition to simple furniture of average quality and laconic design, the company offers promotions that are beneficial for the client, thanks to which you can significantly save on the purchase of a kit for a kitchen or a children's room.In addition to a set of kitchen furniture, or a headset, you can purchase components: faucets, sinks, countertops and dining groups - for the dining room.

The range of furniture for the living room Furniture plus presents shelves, coffee tables, walls, serving models, sofas; By the way, it is very simple to purchase a ready-made living room with the necessary products from the manufacturer: each client can take advantage of a ready-made design proposal or “assemble” a living room from scratch. Furniture Plus produces and attaches serving tables on wheels, which will be an appropriate addition to a spacious apartment: living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom and even a nursery.

In the assortment of the brand there are small household items such as ironing boards, stepladders, clothes dryers and other equipment necessary for each house. There is no doubt about the quality of Furniture plus: the reviews in the networks are exceptionally positive about the products of the representative, moreover, consumers note competitive low prices for the same quality - not bad, worth the money.

Fran Furniture

Fran Furniture has offices throughout Russia, and the largest number of them are concentrated in Moscow and the region.The Russian brand produces high-quality products according to strict European standards using modern technologies, including designers and developers working for the creation of each model for convenient operation and long service life of products.

Soft products for the Fran brand’s rest are sofas and corner counterparts, armchairs and poufs, distinguished by high quality and convenience. Sofas and armchairs will especially appeal to those customers who are tired of tasteless furniture and are eager to find models for creating a laconic and stylish interior, where the furniture will serve as a practical element and decoration. Plain sofas, with drawings or original patterns, models with leather inserts and wood, cozy chairs in a modern style or classic design - all this is in the catalog of the manufacturer from Russia Fran.

Fran is not only sofas, but also kitchens, bedrooms, hallways and children’s in the same style, color, format. The concept of the Russian manufacturer involves the purchase of products by a whole group and separately, depending on the wishes of the client. Fran's modular living rooms are a work of design art, and classical systems with glass and stunning finishes are especially in high demand.To create a modern interior products for the living room, bedroom or child will be the way - glossy facades and monotonous muted shades will cope with the task in addition to the restrained and strictly room format.

Wooden products for giving from Fran are an eco-friendly and modest choice; Here are the beds on 4 legs, storage systems, cabinets, wooden chaise lounges, hallways and original shelves, tables and chairs for an exciting pastime. Thanks to the manufacturer Fran, the buyer will be able to pick up products from chipboard and MDF for the bathroom: shelving, cabinets, canisters and other storage systems. Items for the office are also in the catalog Fran - modular storage and whole systems that allow you to create a single area for work, racks, pencil cases, tables, chairs.

Reviews of Fran brand furniture are ambiguous: some buyers note the price-performance ratio, with an emphasis on a low price for a separate design. Others note that the low price is the only plus for the furniture company, and the products of the brand leave much to be desired.


Brand SV-furniture manufactures body structures and elements at affordable prices.The main advantage of the brand is the environmental friendliness of products, confirmed by certificates of quality and hygienic conclusions. The SV-furniture is based on the materials of chipboard and laminated chipboard without an external caustic odor, since the products do not have treatment with harmful and toxic compounds.

Living rooms in the style of "Provence", "classic", "modern" are presented modular systems and differ in size, functionality, combines their high quality and safe materials. Additional elements such as pedestals for TV, coffee tables are sold by the brand and very well, because the products have a low price and an attractive appearance.


Kuban furniture is made from chipboard in Germany with high quality and precise equipment, but the price policy of the company is low and affordable. The Kuban brand's bedrooms are different in design and functionality, and it is worth noting the exquisite collection of the brand called “Donatella” - a bed, a chest of drawers, a dressing table and a pair of white chipboard thumbs with a charming golden pattern. Among the classics of the bedroom can not be said about the collections of "Donatella" in the color of walnut, "Eliza", "Cassandra", "Emma", "Azalia", "Florence" and some other amazing and original sets.


Davita interior products from Vitra factory are economical and practical, represented by modular sets of chipboard. Constructions and its elements are made on German equipment in the city of Tomsk. Davita kitchens are often bought, and reviews on the Web on the subject are more common. Davita speaks positively about the kitchen set: design, materials, performance properties and practicality suit buyers who decide to purchase products from a large Russian factory.

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Sima Land

Simaland brand - the widest range from housing products to small useful structures and furniture for recreation, tourism, summer cottage. In the online catalog of the brand there are typical designs that are practical and do not have the original performance, and unique design products that will be pleasant bonuses for furniture seekers. The price of products differ: there are budget analogs of cabinets and kitchen sets and higher prices for a single item or set.

Simaland is a marketplace where, in addition to furniture, are toys, recreation and sports goods, camping furniture, tools and materials for construction and repair.By the way, the brand reviews are written exclusively positive and grateful due to the huge and diverse range, which makes an excellent combination with reasonable and competitive prices.

A lot of furniture

The Russian company Much Furniture has established itself as a leader in the sale of affordable and high-quality furniture. The range includes any elements and designs for the home and at prices, which is very surprising.

The reviews about the company are different: there are many positive and negative words in the network in the name of the company. Consumers are often negative about the work of managers and other employees of the company: slow delivery, poor assembly, incompetent and rude movers. The quality of the furniture itself is also different: the majority notes a decent quality for such a low price, while others swear about the brand of furniture that is not fully equipped or with raw elements - the edges of sofas or kitchen facades.

Note that a lot of furniture focuses on marketing - low and attractive prices, which are formed in some conditions, for example, the purchase of a set of furniture, rather than separately.

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The MirMebeli brand has settled in the city of Kuznetsk and is selling successfully throughout Russia due to its low prices and acceptable product quality. Nontrivial design of models made of chipboard and laminated chipboard makes them practical and accessible to the population of low incomes. In the assortment of the brand there are various designs for the formation of the image from the corridor to the parent bedroom, here are the beds for children in the form of machines.

Furniture World is another worthy seller of affordable and reliable chipboard and MDF constructions, for which it is important to create budget products for home improvement.

Empire Furniture

The well-known manufacturer of Empire Furniture offers for sale inexpensive furniture in the “modular” format; each product is based on chipboard or laminated chipboard. Reviews of the manufacturer are different, but consumers appreciate a wide range and low prices for products, and the majority of customers are dissatisfied with the quality of service. The quality of the products of the Empire furniture brand is not subject to doubts and criticism, the unfair and poor quality of the delivery service is mentioned in almost every review on the Web.

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Mebel star

Mebel Star is a production factory from Russia with a huge range of products from particle board and MDF (their derivatives). The exterior design of the brand’s products is distinguished by originality and modernity, which is especially appreciated by young consumers and those who value and choose a stylish interior for their homes. Ready-made modular systems are created by standard standards and are selected individually by experienced and professional managers of the group.


Brand Maria is represented by kitchens and bathroom products. The kitchen set for kitchen of the manufacturer from Russia Maria is especially famous for its excellent quality and long service life. The pricing policy of the company Maria above the analogues listed above, however, the quality remains at a height, and the exterior design of the kitchens is more original and modern.

In addition to the classic modules, the brand's assortment includes dining groups, household appliances, accessories like sinks and faucets, and decor. In addition to selling products, the manufacturer Maria offers the development of interior design according to individual sketches and taking into account the buyer's taste.

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