Wall mural on the kitchen, expanding the space

Kitchens in ordinary apartments are usually small in size, only 5-10 square meters. In order to visually increase the space of the kitchen, the owners buy wall-expanding wall-paper, with which you can significantly increase the visual size of the room.

In order to make the right choice of photo wallpapers you need, you need to have good taste and take into account all the details of the interior.

How to choose

Initially, wallpapers and were created in order to visually expand the space of any room. Before you choose the appropriate pattern, you need to know what material such wallpaper is made from.


This option is outdated and is losing its popularity. He has significant drawbacks: the fear of dampness and moisture. So this option for the kitchen is not at all like.

The base of nonwoven

This coating is able to "breathe", that is, it passes water, has a universal material.Drawing on the wallpaper is applied using photo printing on a special printer.

Vinyl film

Vinyl film will not deteriorate when exposed to water. These wallpapers can be used both in the kitchen and in the bathroom. The most important advantage is the ability to choose the texture: stone, sand, canvas and more.

Despite the obvious advantages of vinyl films for photowall-paper, for kitchens most often use non-woven coating with a protective layer, they are made of higher quality material and durable. Such wallpaper will last at least 5 years, the dirt can be easily removed with a usual napkin.



These wallpapers have a high density, the surface is similar to plastic. If you get a smooth wallpaper for the kitchen, then they must necessarily have a special protective coating that protects them even from markers. In addition, such wallpapers are indifferent to moisture. Before you buy them, make sure that the wall was perfectly smooth, without irregularities and shallow depressions. Any carelessness will distort the photo and spoil the view.


This wallpaper is the simplest in the label, pleasant to the touch and similar to simple wallpaper.They imitate a variety of textures - from sand to large stone. This creates an extraordinary look for the interior of your kitchen. Typically, the texture is used on photo wallpapers with the image of the city, monuments, nature, because they are not glare.

Self adhesive

From the name it becomes clear that the advantage of wallpaper - self-adhesive film, which can be glued to any surface. If you made a mistake when sticking wallpaper, they can be removed after some time and pasted again.

Fortunately, manufacturers care about the quality of their products and create wallpapers that are not afraid of water. You can safely hang them in the kitchen, but not in the area near the sink and stove, because the wallpaper is still deformed with a large amount of moisture. If you stuck them on a free wall, you can periodically wipe them with a damp cloth.


If you buy a roll in the store, then their size is standard, from 2 to 3 meters. The width usually depends on the printed pattern.

It happens that a photo panel is assembled from different parts, and the manufacturer numbers each sheet to facilitate the assembly process.These wallpapers have joints, so when you sticker you need to carefully monitor that they match, otherwise the picture will be deformed.

How to choose a design

  • Small kitchen. It is necessary to immediately answer that 3D wallpapers are not suitable for a small kitchen, since an optical illusion is perceived only in a large space.

For a small kitchen, a simple drawing would be an excellent option, for example, fields with flowers, trees with leaves, an ornament, a panorama of a city or a small street, lined up "under a stone", an imitation of a window or door.

Cold colors (shades of green and blue) will help to increase the space, so you need to choose patterns with a large number of precisely such shades.

The picture should fit the size of the kitchen, be optimal - no more, no less.

  • Dark kitchen. If the kitchen is on the dark side, and rarely the sun shines through the window, then bright, saturated colors of red, blue, yellow or green shades should prevail. For example, sea waves glistening in the sun, a forest with bright leaves.
  • Kitchen interier. If the headset you have pastel shades of white or brown, or black, then prefer a bright wallpaper that will play in contrast.It will look very impressive.

It will look good and the predominance of neutral colors, in this case, you will suit the panorama of the old city or any ornament.

If you choose bright colors, it will help create a vibrant atmosphere. When choosing colors that are in the same color range, you will create a calm, peaceful mood.

Price and where to buy

The price of a finished roll of photo wallpaper varies from 600 to 2500 rubles, depending on the complexity of the design and its size.

If you order wallpaper from the company to order, the price is negotiated in advance with the seller.

You can buy them in any hardware store, for example, in Leroy Merlin.

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