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In the design of the kitchen every detail is important - from the kitchen to curtains. If you want your kitchen to look chic, then the choice of furniture should be approached responsibly. Sometimes it is difficult to choose items that are suitable for design and price - there are a huge number of companies in the market for goods, and no one wants to lose customers. But today we will talk about one of the most popular and large companies - about “Ikea”.

How to choose

As a rule, everything is stored in kitchen cabinets - from kitchen utensils to various small items. Therefore, it is very important to choose convenient cabinets for you. The first thing you should pay attention to is practicality. Kitchen cabinets should be easy to clean, because you can't give them to chemical cleaning - you have to wash them yourself. With proper care, a kitchen set can serve you from ten to twenty years.

Cabinets should be spacious - that is, functional. You can buy a couple of large cabinets with many shelves and branches, and you can have a few small ones - this is a completely personal matter.They should also be suitable for the design of the kitchen and take up a small amount of space. This is especially true when it comes to small kitchens.

Special features

Ikea kitchen cabinets are undoubted leaders in the world of kitchen sets, and, in general, in the production of furniture. They are a unique symbiosis of functionality and stylish design, reliable and practical. In short, are an excellent option for anyone, even for the most demanding hostess.

By the way, all the furniture from Ikea undergoes a mandatory test of strength, resistance to high and low temperatures and interaction with moisture. So, if you choose this particular company, then you will not lose. Ikea also gives a guarantee for its products - from five to twenty-five years.

You can buy a locker for cash or buy on credit - the Ikea trading company will always meet you. Also available such service as "turnkey kitchen".

Features of kitchen cabinets from Ikea:

  1. A huge range of products. Every year, the company's designers put up for sale a number of new kitchens; concise and calm, bright and spectacular. Rectangular cabinets, corner cabinets, wall-mounted, floor ... Every buyer will find something to their liking.
  2. The company Ikea has the most unique types of cabinets - for example, in their assortment there are bunk hinged kitchen cabinets up to the ceiling itself. Warm, cold colors, as well as with glass doors - where else can you find such beauty?
  3. Non-standard form. People who become boring routine in the interior, it will be just like. The unusualness lies in the different depths of the cabinets, their location in space and, of course, in various geometric shapes. Together with Ikea cabinets, you can step away from bored design and try something new.
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Types of cabinets

To save space, it is recommended to take a closer look at this type of lockers, as hinged. They differ from the usual ones in that they are located at a greater height and are mounted on the walls. This will be a great solution to visually relieve the bottom of the kitchen. But in the case of the choice of wall cabinets there are a number of features - first of all, it is the height of their location and the growth of the owner. For people up to 160 cm tall, lockers should be hung at a height of no more than 150 cm from the floor, for people up to 175 cm tall - no more than 185 cm from the floor, for people up to 190 cm tall - about 200 cm from the floor.In addition, it is in the wall cabinets that you can place a dryer for dishes or place cans of pickles.

Do not forget about the floor cabinets. This is a classic multi-functional option, because in the floor cabinets you can not only store dishes, but also use them as an additional tabletop and store any things on their surface. Floor cabinets can also have different sizes - before buying the height and width should be measured, as, indeed, in the case of any furniture.

There are also built-in lockers - they allow you to drastically save space. Most often have the form of sliding racks or cabinets-wheelchairs. Of course, the built-in cabinets take up much less space, but note that they still need space to decompose.

And modular cabinets are those that differ in different variations of the location of individual parts.


Corner wardrobe - a great option for people who want to increase the space of their kitchen. After all, as a rule, corner lockers take up much less space than straight ones. They are practical, versatile, are an excellent addition to any interior - as a large kitchen, and small. Moreover, the corner suite will allow you to visually divide the kitchen into a dining and dining area.

Corner cabinets Ikea can be both mounted and floor. Rectangular, r - shaped, trapezoid or with a beveled angle.

At the heart of any corner kitchen is the principle of the triangle. It lies in the fact that the entire dining area can be divided into three parts. The first - under the fridge, food storage area. The second is ideal for washing, and the third is the so-called “fire” zone, especially for cooking.

Advantages of corner kitchens:

  1. The practicality of filling the kitchen space. For small kitchens, every meter counts, and corner cabinets are great for dealing with this problem.
  2. Floor corner cabinets are very convenient due to the lower shelves and table tops that can be used instead of separate tables for cutting, which, again, perfectly saves space.

As for the minuses of corner kitchens, then they can be attributed to the inconvenience associated with the proximity of all cabinets and shelves. Sometimes in such a kitchen is absolutely impossible to turn around. Therefore, if you want to order exactly the corner furniture in the kitchen, take careful measurements and think about how many people will be maximum in the dining area at the same time - just so that everyone has enough space.


Kitchen cabinets are itemized as modular kitchen units. As a rule, of the variety of kitchen sets, they are the most affordable. Also, cabinets element by element allow you to save kitchen space at the expense of a variety of ways of location. And lovers of experiments will also like the opportunity to change the design of the kitchen at any time - due to a different arrangement of the lockers, the space will play with completely different colors.

However, there are also disadvantages. For example, a small life. On average, an item-by-element kitchen will last about ten years, which, compared to other types of kitchens, is not a very long time. However, it is up to everyone to decide how long they want to “live” with one kitchen unit - after all, the fashion is constantly changing.

But the poelemento kitchen is often chosen for small country kitchens. This is a great solution for those who often move or live in rented apartments. With the help of modules you can convert the room, optimize it.

Cabinet cases

This is a classic. In addition to storing dishes and kitchen utensils, pencil cases are suitable for embedded household appliances.They are indispensable for people who want to save kitchen space. How practical is to place in the kitchen both a refrigerator, and a slow cooker, and a stove, so that there is also room for people? In this case cabinets are great helpers.

There are several types of canisters, each of which is suitable for "hiding" certain household appliances. For example, most often for these purposes Ikea column case is used. It is indispensable for a washing machine that you want to hide among a variety of cupboards in the kitchen, or for a dishwasher.

But a tall case with a door is perfect for a refrigerator.

Of course, the case is suitable for the usual storage of kitchen utensils. It is even used for decorative purposes, as well as for storing a variety of pickles or jars of spices and herbs. The huge advantage of the canisters is that they are all in sight, no need to dig for hours in search of a single plate.

Filling the kitchen space with individual parts is a very interesting activity. And important. After all, the mood of the owners and their appetite depend on how the room is decorated. Ikea kitchens will definitely suit your taste.

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