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One of the most common types of kitchen fittings is a dryer for dishes. Basically, such designs are embedded in the upper cabinets of the headset. Dryer refers to the functional and, at the same time, simple objects that do not have a complex and intricate design. Such models are not only for storing dishes. Dryers for the kitchen allow you to properly organize the space in the cabinets.

Main types

Modern manufacturers of kitchen fittings have provided customers with many types of dishwashers. It should be noted that all designs, regardless of type, have several compartments. Each of them has an individual purpose: to store plates, saucers or cups. For the manufacture of elements used high-quality and durable materials.

The surfaces of the constructions are coated with special enamel, which greatly simplifies the process of cleaning these fittings.Some models are decorated with paint. One of the modern options are dryers, in the design of which special rubber coatings are used. This element allows you to quietly put the dishes in place.

There are two main groups of products: separate dryers and designs that are embedded inside the furniture set.

Also, manufacturers produce wall models. Basically, these dryers are installed above or near the sink, which is very convenient. The fact is: the water droplets remaining on the surface of the dishes flow straight into the sink. Often, together with the dryer set a special pan. This part should be cleaned regularly from water.

Built-in dryers today are the most common, and they can be safely attributed to the traditional types. The advantage of the models is that they are inside the cabinet and do not occupy space on the free surface. To install such a system does not take much time and effort. For fixing using special fasteners made of plastic. You can put the dryer both in the lower and in the upper tier.

Thanks to the use of these systems, the interior of the kitchen looks more harmonious, the presence of unnecessary details is not evident.

Not inferior in popularity to the previous form and wall systems. At its core, this group of models includes two subtypes: self-contained and embedded variants. It should be noted that when using the second type you need to take care of the presence of normal ventilation of furniture. This is due to the fact that the moisture that accumulates inside can deform the material of the cabinet. Basically, such options are presented in the form of a grid.

The latest functional innovations include retractable systems. Their advantage is easy to use. Systems are mounted inside the cabinet, which saves space.

On sale you can find another interesting type of dryers, which are called troflex. The peculiarity of these models is the presence of an unusual design. They are made in original and non-standard forms.

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Number of tiers

Dish dryers differ in the number of tiers and compartments. The main options include:

  • single tier structures.Such models are used exclusively for plates and dishes;
  • systems with two tiers. These options can be used both for plates, and for glasses and cups;
  • specialized systems. Belong to the universal species that are designed for different kitchen utensils.

It is worth noting that each of the options has its advantages and disadvantages. Regardless of the number of tiers, all modern models are made from quality materials, so you need to familiarize yourself with their features in more detail.

Material selection

An important point when choosing a dryer are materials. The most common type is metal. Dishes for dishes can be made of steel. The peculiarity of the systems is the presence of an anticorrosive layer on the surface, which protects the metal from deformation.

The next common type is stainless steel. This option has found its application in many industries, and deservedly rises in leadership positions. It is worth noting that the price of these models is somewhat higher when compared with the cost of other types. This is due to the quality, durability and strength of drying systems.Another advantage of these products is that they do not need additional painting or treatment with anti-corrosion agents.

Plastic is a popular and modern type. Dryers made from this material are low cost. But when choosing such a system, you need to carefully inspect and check the structure for durability and the presence of defects. It is best to purchase models made from high-quality plastic. The price of such options is slightly higher than the average cost, but you can be assured of the harmlessness of the material.

And the last kind is the tree. Previously, items made from this material were considered a real item of luxury and wealth. Today, such an acquisition can afford almost everyone. Wood systems will be an excellent addition to the interior. Modern models are treated with special protective coatings, so you can not worry that the dryer will eventually lose its properties or original appearance.

How to choose

If you decide to supplement the kitchen interior with a device such as a dryer, you need to seriously consider its choice.First you need to decide on the location of the system. Consider the size of the kitchen and the availability of free space in it. If you want to save space, it is best to choose an embedded model. Basically, these options have a size of 60 cm. Before purchasing, you need to make measurements inside the cabinet.

If the furniture is spacious, you can look at 80 cm systems. For small cabinets, 40 cm variants are suitable. When measuring, consider the fact that the minimum distance between dishes placed in the dryer should be at least 300 mm. Pay attention to the fact that the tier for storing cups is always on top, as this protects other objects from regular ingress of water.

If a pan is included with the dryer (this is a mandatory component), the distance between this part and the lower section should be at least 70 mm.

Particular attention should be paid to the location of the drying. If you want to save the maximum amount of space in the room, installation of the system can be done in the corner area. Modern manufacturers are increasingly offering customers various sliding furniture options,who settle in this part of the room. This solution allows you to use each centimeter of the kitchen strictly for its intended purpose.

The advantage of retractable dryers lies in maximum functionality. You do not have to constantly look for dishes, as when using the system, everything you need will be visible.

Tips and recommendations for choosing

By purchasing high-quality dryer for the kitchen, you make a choice in favor of functionality. The dishes will not have to be laid out in separate boxes every day - everything you need for regular use will be visible.

If you are still undecided on a suitable option, you can use the recommendations of professional designers who are creating functional space in the room. First you need to deal with the question: what type of dryer will be the most convenient to use exclusively for you?

Often the housewives complement the kitchen removable systems in a modern version. Such options can be selected in accordance with the stylistic features of the interior. The main advantage of removable systems is that when you rearrange you will be able to position the dryer in any place. Another advantage - simplicity in care.

If you are only planning to equip the kitchen with a high-quality furniture set, you can take care that the dryer is assembled to order. It is quite convenient - you do not have to look for a suitable option in order to place it in the furniture. Also the dryer can be ordered separately if standard models do not fit your closet.

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