Sliding kitchen cabinets

Modern kitchens are an excellent example of a combination of beauty and functionality. Stylish design, the use of original solutions, the correct zoning - all this is offered by furniture manufacturers to their customers.

The focus in the creation of kitchens paid functionality. Retractable systems have become a modern solution for maximum space saving.

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Today, most housewives can not do without a spacious, comfortable and functional kitchen. It is worth saying that this is quite important, since a woman spends a lot of time cooking, and all the tools and equipment should be always at hand. But it happens that the kitchen is not very large, and therefore you have to turn to different options in order to save space in the room.

One of the correct and optimal solutions for kitchen furniture are sliding systems.Such offices contain a large number of dishes, accessories and even cooking equipment. Modern manufacturers are constantly trying to improve such systems so that for each kitchen they are used strictly for their intended purpose.

Basically, drawers are embedded in floor or hanging cabinets. It is not only convenient, but also beautiful. All you need to do is open the door, after which shelves appear with everything you need. This is quite convenient in cases where you need to quickly find something.

One of the popular types are angular sliding systems. The designs use special turning mechanisms. The systems are based on the following departments:

  • unfolding compartments;
  • roll out shelves;
  • trays for dishes.

One of the modern popular solutions are cargo boxes. This is an original prototype of a standard sliding system, but a distinctive feature is the width that does not exceed the mark of 20 cm. Basically, the boxes are designed for storing various cans and bottles.

Not less functional and attractive in appearance are pull-out baskets.Most often, these options are used to store dishes.

How to assemble your own hands

If you decide to independently assemble a retractable system for the kitchen, first decide on the appropriate material for the compartments. For these purposes are used MDF or particleboard.

To assemble a cabinet with internal compartments, it is best to focus on the finished template. You can draw up a diagram yourself, but in this case you need to carefully calculate all the parameters, determine the number of panels and fasteners.

After that, you need to choose the type of guide mechanism. The simplest and best option is the roller type. It should be noted that this mechanism is used for structures with low weight. If you wish to equip sections for storing dimensional objects, it is best to refuse this option.

A modern analogue of the above type are ball mechanisms. This option is used for arranging different systems. The main advantage of ball guides is reliability and durability.

If you want to equip a sliding system in a floor cabinet, you can use a roller mechanism at the base.In this case, there is no high load, it is possible to store various items and accessories.

For arranging retractable upper shelves, it is best to use ball guides. Even with regular use, the mechanism will not lose its functional qualities.

Placement examples

Choosing retractable systems for arranging the kitchen, you need to understand that their main goal is maximum space saving. The most popular in modern design is a hidden view. The main advantage of such systems is that the arrangement of drawers and shelves does not damage the design of the kitchen. At the base are used corner structures, various lockers and even storerooms.

All this is perfectly masked and blends harmoniously with the overall design. Drawers and drawer cabinets are located at the bottom as well as on top. The compartments are designed to store dishes, containers, all kinds of products that can not be put in the refrigerator.

A good option would be to use vertical narrow boxes. They do not take up much space, are easy to use and most functional.The basis of these options resembles cargo boxes, but the main difference is the lack of shelves. Instead of these compartments, the interior is equipped with special containers for storing cutlery. Basically, vertical drawers are installed next to the sink.

Save a large amount of space in the kitchen allow the system type "carousel". The whole structure is located on the cabinet door or on its side. When opened, all drawers roll out.

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