Italian faucets: features and benefits

 Italian faucets: features and benefits

The choice of plumbing is no less a matter of responsibility than the purchase of clothes or furniture. It also affects the comfort of people's lives and the convenience of their habitat. And because it seems quite natural desire to buy the highest quality and decent copies.

Special features

Modern Italian faucets are impeccably of high quality and products that meet the most stringent requirements. Manufacturers care about the maximum use of modern technology in any model, in any selection of their products. Developers pay great attention to ensuring consumer comfort in any case.

Trying to maintain a high level of exclusivity, they also think about the originality and practicality of each product variation.A lot of effort is spent on achieving a harmonious entry of mixers in any conceivable design.

For a bathroom, Italian companies supply faucets made from various materials. But the best among them are those that are made of bronze, because they are:

  • durable due to the special structure of the chemical bond;
  • easily carry significant loads;
  • few are susceptible to such traditional enemy plumbing products as corrosion;
  • can be installed even where there is no exhaust ventilation or heating equipment is installed;
  • cleaned of all kinds of pollution and air raids very easily and simply;
  • retain an attractive appearance for a long time, regardless of the methods of cleaning (within the limits of permissible, of course).

Design details

Italian companies occupy leading positions in the supply of single-lever mixers, including for kitchens. Their specificity is reliable adjustment of water pressure and obtaining the required fluid temperature. This advantage is achieved by mixing flows with different degrees of heating. A single lever allows you to:

  • “Register” a specific setting for hot and cold water, after which the next time you start the mixer, it will immediately turn on in the same mode;
  • separately regulate the heat and power flow, which is very difficult for conventional systems with a pair of handles;
  • Using plumbing is easy and elegant, achieving an impressive level of reliability and creating a minimalist image of the room.

For kitchen

Sink taps (and faucets, of course) can be used not only in bathrooms, but also in kitchens. Leading Italian brands offer them in a huge assortment. Among the designs with a pair of handles, those that can be controlled by reliable flywheels are most effective. In kitchens, it is often recommended to install ball-type mixing systems, which have three settings at once:

  • location in space;
  • temperature adjustment;
  • variation of pressure.

Leading Companies

But, besides the actual capabilities and features of the performance, one should also be guided in the main brands of Italian mixers. It is impossible to disassemble all those tens and hundreds of companies whose products are supplied to the Russian Federation and therefore it is worthwhile to dwell only on absolute leaders.

  • Hatria - one of the representatives of the world-famous conglomerate Marazzi, distinguished by the fact that it was at its plants that automatic systems were first introduced, and also by the presence of its own engineering center.
  • ArtCeram specializes in the supply of ceramic sanitary products of the elite class. The firm itself has existed since 1987, but the absence of a long history is even a definite plus in the sense that it is not too conservative.
  • Another "ceramic" brand - Nicolazziwhich, according to experts, demonstrates the best balance of value and quality. The company is actively introducing the latest technology and expanding its product range.
  • But Gattonioperating since 1954, deserves attention already because it is one of the ten leading concerns on a global scale.
  • Remer Rubinetterie S. p. A - an organization that focuses not on the impressive aesthetic properties of products (although everything is fine with them), but on its reliability.

Important: to realize all the advantages when choosing products of any brand only high-quality installation and strict observance of the requirements for operation help.

In the next video you will find a review of the new products of the Italian brand Cisal.

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