Soft chairs for the kitchen

People always strive for greater comfort, so the times of hard and uncomfortable stools are gradually becoming a thing of the past, and soft chairs appear in the kitchen to replace them. It is convenient to sit on them for hours over a cup of tea, watch TV. For some, the kitchen is also a study, so even sitting at a laptop, it is much more convenient to do it on high-quality and comfortable furniture.

Now the stores have a huge amount of furniture of the most various modifications and price categories. You can pick up chairs not only for the living room, but also for the kitchen - a lot of options. These can be chairs with a soft or rigid back and a seat, chairs with armrests (if space allows) and without them.

The choice of design depends on the size of the kitchen, on its style decision, on the taste priorities of the owners and, of course, on their financial capabilities. In one, experts in the field of furniture interiors agree: the minimum number of seats should be equal to the number of people living in the apartment. And ideally there should be some kind of reserve for guests.If the area of ​​your kitchen does not allow you to place a large amount of furniture for seating, think about the option of folding chairs. They can also be with a padded seat. If you think a folding design is not too reliable for daily use, you can think of a combined version when there are several stationary models and pick up as close as possible in design and color folding items.

Manufacturing material

For the frame of modern furniture using various materials. Most often it is wood and metal. However, there are design samples from plastic and even glass. Glass models belong rather to the category of avant-garde design and are not used by the masses, and plastic furniture does not belong to the category of soft. Therefore, we consider more traditional types of samples.

Metal carcass

In the modern kitchen a lot of metal parts. He is actively used in the manufacture of chairs. Its strength is known to all. At the same time, metal is a fairly plastic material, which allows you to create very interesting shapes. There are models of folding chairs, with a carved back, with different shape of legs and so on.Its mysterious brilliance adds room interior elegance and solemnity. He behaves perfectly in combination with other finishing materials. There are models of frame chairs, where upholstery is used only for seats, and there are options where the frame is completely hidden under a decorative cover.

In addition, the metal is very practical and easy to use. Unlike plastic, he is not afraid of large temperature differences, it is more durable and does not lose its properties over time.

However, he, too, is not without flaws. First of all, it is a coloring. Her choice is not as rich as plastic. The weight of metal structures is also relatively large, so cleaning the kitchen can be somewhat hampered by the need to raise and lower chairs.


The furniture from an integral massif always belonged to the category elite. This is an indicator of respectability and solvency of the owners. For the manufacture of furniture in general and chairs in particular, various tree species are suitable. Oak has always been and remains the king among furniture breeds. Much has already been said about its properties. Such models are very expensive and are found mainly in the homes of the elite class.Cherry is very much appreciated. Furniture of a pine, an alder and a birch, more democratic at the price. They are not so out of reach for the price, but they have all the properties of a natural material.

Wooden chairs can be decorated with carvings. With the help of varnish they can be given any shade. Especially prized furniture made in Italy. It is durable, non-toxic and adds comfort and warmth to the room.

Chairs from a tree are perfectly combined with set of such invoice. This is a very good solution for classic design or in the spirit of Japanese or Scandinavian minimalism, which are characterized by natural materials. However, they will look ridiculous in a modern or high-tech style.


Fabric for upholstery should be of particular tensile strength, pleasant to the touch and well cleaned. Dark upholstery is considered more practical, and light looks more elegant. Too expensive fabric for soft kitchen seats is not recommended for reasons of practicality. Velvet, velor, suede, flock, jacquard - all these wonderful fabrics are reserved for living rooms. For the kitchen is suitable, for example, genuine leather or scotchgard.An alternative to expensive upholstery can be removable chair covers that can be easily replaced in the event of pollution.

As an upholstery for upholstered furniture elements, all versions of artificial leather: eco-leather, vinyl, dermantin, etc. Many of the fabric samples are not inferior in their aesthetic properties to natural materials. Such covers will certainly appeal to animal advocates, as well as those who believe that using natural leather for furniture upholstery is an unforgivable luxury.

It is considered that the upholstery of the chairs should be combined with the general decor of the room. In the classic interior, all accessories should be in the same color scheme and, if possible, from the same material. However, you can make a cardinal decision and play on the contrast - for example, dark furniture and light upholstery or vice versa. This will add originality to your kitchen.

When choosing upholstery it should be borne in mind that the leather trim responds poorly to excessive dryness, as well as excessive moisture, bright sunlight and high temperatures. However, it is very easy to care for it - as it is soiled, it is enough to wipe it with soapy water and then wipe it dry.Once or twice a year, for the prophylaxis, the surface of the chair should be treated with a special agent for leather goods in order to renew the color and add gloss to it.

Cloth upholstery, if it is not removable covers, should be cleaned with a steam cleaner or a simple vacuum cleaner in the absence of the first. To remove complex stains, it is proposed to use a cleaning agent designed specifically for upholstered furniture or ordinary soapy water.

Selection features

If you have a large kitchen, or it is combined with a living room, soft chairs with high backs will look beautiful on it.

With a glass table a good combination of light upholstery from eco-leather.

In the presence of a bar counter in the kitchen, it is better to choose metal or wooden furniture with high legs, a low back and a round soft seat.

Sometimes, in order to diversify or revive a bored interior around a table, you can assemble chairs that are different from each other. In this case, a prerequisite is that they have some kind of common element. It can be an upholstery of the same texture, but of a different color, or the same shape, but different materials: a combination of metal and wooden models.This technique works well not only near the dining area, but also near the bar, coffee serving table.

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