Corner to the kitchen with storage boxes

A corner in the kitchen with storage boxes is not only cozy and beautiful, but also practical. Extra space for things will help keep things in order, especially if the kitchen is small.

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Corner selection

If your kitchen is small or so uncomfortable that you don’t turn around in it, a corner with drawers may not be a good idea. In this case, it is best to order such furniture individually, so that it is tailored specifically to your parameters.

The color scheme is also important, but since there are a great many shades on the market, here you should rely on your own taste and common sense, and also make sure that the sofa harmonizes well with the rest of the kitchen interior.

Another important thing in choosing a corner size is the number of people in your family. If a person is small, you can safely buy a small sofa, but if the number of your relatives is up to four people, you need to opt for a larger model.

Special features

If you, after weighing all the pros and cons, have decided to purchase this corner, we recommend that you examine all its advantages and disadvantages in order to know what you will deal with.

So, what are the undoubted advantages?

  • Creating a dining area, even in the most inconvenient places;
  • Organization of free space, whether in a regular apartment or even in a studio apartment;
  • The ability to store small things;
  • Some models are equipped with a free sleeping place;
  • Ability to choose furniture with shelves or bar;
  • And, of course, a chance to change the situation.


  • The corner is less mobile than ordinary tables and chairs; moreover, due to its shape, it is far from being placed everywhere;
  • The range of ready-made solutions, though wide, even there may not find what suits you. However, then you can order furniture specifically for your kitchen;
  • People who are sitting in a corner find it difficult to get out of it and let out the rest.


There are only two options for sofas of this type.

  • The first - the letter "G". Traditionally designed as a wide bench. This is convenient because family members and guests will be able to see each other. Also, this form is great for a small kitchen.
  • The direct form is less convenient and, accordingly, less roomy. But if you have no place at all - this is your option.

The configuration is also divided into two types: a separate or fused corner. Separate is convenient because you can change the blocks at any time or remove them, while you can't do it with the fused one. A separate corner is also very suitable for a small kitchen.

Storage space

Kitchen sofas are divided into models:

  • With drawers. This is the most convenient way to store, since the drawers can be simply pulled out without lifting the entire seat. But we must remember that they will require additional space;
  • With built-in compartments. The most popular model in which the storage of kitchen utensils occurs under the seat. The main disadvantage here is that you need to buy additional boxes or compartments to organize storage and create order;
  • With shelves or bar. Convenient alternative to boxes. On the shelves you can store many different things;
  • With integrated sleeping place.


Typically, the corners are made of chipboard, and later, at the request of the buyer, they can be upholstered with a soft cloth or leather.Some, however, prefer to leave a corner of wood.

Upholstery material should be chosen, given that it can easily get dirty in the kitchen. The most popular microfiber upholstery, as it practically does not get dirty and has durability.

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