How to use cold welding?

Many motorists prefer cold welding to other methods for minor repairs. Thanks to her, a motorist copes with many problems that arise along the way. Individual samples harden in just a few minutes, and fully interlock in ten to fifteen. Due to its qualities, it is an indispensable thing for home and on the road.

Scope of application

Cold welding allows you to glue almost any material with the exception of only very elastic.

Among the surfaces used can be divided into four groups:

  • metals combined with homogeneous or dissimilar elements;
  • any plastic, with the exception of polyethylene;
  • ceramics and glass, they are combined in any variations, there are no restrictions;
  • any carpets and linoleums, possible adhesion to the floor or butt.

Separate plumbing work. The composition of the glue allows repairing damage even with an excess of water on the surface, which significantly reduces the cost of repairing the heating system and plumbing.The main quality of repairs carried out in this way is its durability. You can not be afraid that the patches on the pipes will not live to turn off the heating and the end of the season.

Due to the lack of such qualities as hygroscopicity, cold welding is used for a wide variety of repair work. If you have welding in a plastic form, then when mixing the components of the glue, this "clay" will strongly cling to the hands. Moistening the surface of the hands before working, you will avoid this effect, the preparation of the composition will be faster, and all this will not affect the quality of the result.

However, many experts recommend working with a dry composition, since the seam obtained in this way will last longer.

This glue makes the possibility of coupling elements of a radiator or a muffler of a car truly unique. Of course, such a repair does not replace a trip to a service center or a trip to the store. With the help of this putty, you will not be able to make a power seam, but it is easy to seal the hole in a couple of centimeters.

A patch of this glue will last you for quite a while. It is resistant to thermal effects and mechanical damage, so it will not ignite and burst during the trip.

It is undesirable to use cold welding in the cold, because it will be quite difficult to soften the adhesive composition.

Composition and characteristics

Cold welding is a one or two component adhesive, having approximately the following composition:

  • as the basis - various resins, providing flexibility;
  • as filler - crushed metal to the state of powder;
  • As additional materials there are various types of sulfur and more.

The main parameters of the quality of the repair are due to the composition of the adhesive, the quality of cleaning of the bonded surfaces and the method of its application. In theory, you can try to achieve a seam hardness comparable to the quality of the adhered metals during conventional welding, but most often the resulting seam is significantly inferior to the conventional method. Therefore, such glue should not be used in case of serious damage.

From the composition of the adhesive depends on the temperature maximum, which will withstand the seam. Often it is indicated on the packaging, and if everything is done correctly, the patch will acquire strength and heat resistance.

Cheap welding holds temperatures up to two hundred and fifty - three hundred degrees, but there are also those that will not fail at one thousand three hundred and fifty degrees.Particularly heat-resistant compositions are used in the repair of parts subject to strong friction, high temperatures, or when it is simply impossible to use conventional welding.


Cold welding is a special type of glue that can harden in a short time and avoid reactions with engine oil or other flammable elements of a car. Glue adheres well to a variety of metal surfaces.

The variety of welding offers on the market is represented by several types.

  • Spot welding is a method that makes it possible to interlock products made of soft metals such as aluminum, brass or copper. In everyday life, these may be the handle of pots or the fixing of copper overlays on aluminum wires for reliable contacts.
  • Seam welding - is widely used to create hermetically sealed objects like the body of any device or vessel. For the work will require contour punches.
  • Butt welding is the main way to connect electrical cables.
  • Brand welding - is used for fastening brass studs with aluminum leads, windings of transformers, and so on.
  • Shear welding - designed to connect heating and water pipes.
Shear welding

      The glue is available on the market in two options.

      • In liquid form, its base becomes epoxy, slowly hardening in combination with a hardener. The composition is used in conjunction with a metal mesh or fiberglass. Being applied to the adhesive surfaces, no unpleasant odors or secretions remain from the adhesive.
      • In a plastic form, the glue is presented in the form of a thick mass, pressed into bars. In this form, it is used as putty, reminding children's clay.


      Choosing a repair kit home or for a car, It is required to familiarize with a number of parameters of glue:

      • types of surfaces that interact with glue;
      • maximum and optimum temperature loads that the glue can withstand;
      • the contents of the instructions for use.

      When choosing a repair compound by many experts, it is recommended to pay attention to samples of popular brands. Often, the aggregate opinion of end users can provide more complete information about a product, rather than the opinion of an individual specialist or consultant in a store.

      Among the popular brands, the following have proven excellent in the market:

      • Loctite;
      • Devcon;
      • WEICON;
      • Permatex;
      • Abro Steel;
      • Poxipol.

      Products of famous brands are much more expensive than their unknown counterparts, but you can rely on them in a difficult situation.

      Advantages and disadvantages

      One of the main advantages of cold welding is its composition. Its active elements do not contain organic or synthetic substances hazardous to humans; they do not emit toxic vapors. The smell emanating from the putty during use is completely safe for the respiratory tract.

      Main advantages:

      • when metals are joined, they are not damaged, since no heating is used;
      • the seam obtained is distinguished by accuracy and reliability;
      • sometimes it becomes the only possible when it comes to the adhesion of soft metals or explosive elements;
      • completing the repair work, there will be no metal waste;
      • the method is environmentally friendly and does not harm the environment;
      • Work does not require special skills or tools.

      The disadvantage may be one. Danger of glue elements in the human digestive system may be dangerous. In this case, it is recommended to consult a doctor if symptoms of poisoning appear.In order to prevent the composition from entering the body, you should use special protective equipment such as a mask and goggles when grinding or drilling hardened glue.

      How to use?

      Types of cold welding vary in composition and solidification period. Among the offers on the market there are options sharpened to interact with specific surfaces.

      Some samples in elastic form can retain their quality even after complete solidification, due to which it is especially well combined with various delicate decorative surfaces. It becomes irreplaceable also at repair of pipes from plastic.

      Before applying to the surface of the adhesive mass is thoroughly mixed.

      The final connection of elements occurs about half an hour later, which gives the necessary amount of time to give the object the desired shape. Finally, the workpiece will harden after a half - two and a half hours.

      Perfectly this glue is also suitable when repairing furniture in the garden or garden. You shouldn’t only repair damage on gas tanks and canisters with combustible substances, as it often contains powdered steel that can cause static sparking and ignition.

      One of the most unusual areas of its application was the restoration of the frame surface of paintings. The putty perfectly copes with scratches of any severity, cracks and grooves. It can also cope with damage caused by mold or mildew. It is used for both internal and external decoration, it will serve much better than wood, prone to decay and other negative effects.

      Its most popular use among customers is the coupling of metal surfaces. Its corrosion resistance and rust resistance are especially appreciated.

      Thus, this method of welding can be widely used in the repair of moving parts of furniture, various items of forged and cast metal.


      When looking at the totality of reviews on the network for different types of welds, it becomes clear how indispensable this item is. The authors of the reviews are both men and women, which indicates the ease of use and the breadth of applications. Most often write about the affordability. Sometimes they simply describe their particular use case. Many people note its indispensability at summer cottages, where there is no way to invite a professional welder.Cold welding has been tested when repairing furniture, water tanks, metal utensils, iron gates and even punched gas tanks of cars (although this is very dangerous). An absolute majority of users recommend this item for purchase.

      For information on how to use cold welding, see the following video.

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