How to make lighting in the garage?

 How to make lighting in the garage?

Garage is required not only to store a car in it. Various minor repairs and maintenance are carried out in this room, which require good lighting. Motorists usually spend a lot of time in a garage, which is why lighting in a given room should be organized correctly. It is important to take into account in this issue the microclimate of the garage and the presence in it of combustible and explosive materials.

Wiring must comply with all safety regulations, and you should consider an efficient and cost-effective way to create lighting. In this article we will look at the existing types and types of lighting, as well as ways to organize them.

Special features

Good lighting must be present in your garage. Make it not so difficult, so you can cope with this work yourself. All you need is the availability of the required knowledge in the field of proper organization of electrical wiring.

The creation of proper and efficient lighting in the garage is influenced by various factors that need to be considered:

  • garage area and ceiling height;
  • the selected material for finishing the ceiling, walls and floor, including its color;
  • finding work areas;
  • power per 1 m2;
  • types of lamps used.

It is from the last point you need to start lighting arrangement in the garage room. It is necessary not to forget about the external device.

Types of lamps

One of the main tasks in the organization of the lighting system in the “autohouse” is the choice of luminaires and their optimum power. Today lamps are divided into 4 categories. Each of the following types is characterized by certain advantages, but they also have negative sides, which must be taken into account when choosing equipment for organizing high-quality lighting:

  • Incandescent lamp It has a rather low cost and easy installation. With this device you can get a bright light, in which it is very convenient to work even in technical premises that are not equipped with windows. As a disadvantage, it is worth highlighting the fact that they differ in a short service life and consume a large amount of electricity. Despite the low price of the lamp itself, the cost of electricity will be very high, which covers its advantages.
  • Fluorescent models They are highly effective, but their sensitivity to temperature fluctuations and voltage surges should be highlighted as disadvantages. The negative side of these lamps is the content in their construction of hazardous substances that can harm a person if the product is damaged (broken). That is why these types of lamps inappropriate to install in small garages that are poorly insulated. If there are interruptions in the supply of electricity, this type of luminaires can never be used - it is dangerous.
  • Halogen lighting devices are also characterized by excellent energy efficiency.They are very convenient to use for the organization of local lighting. They are focused on work in the power supply networks with a voltage of 12V, which is why installing one more power supply unit is required to connect such lamps. As a disadvantage, it is worth highlighting the fact that these lamps do not differ in strength and resistance to voltage drops in the electrical network, as well as to humidity and dust. This necessitates the creation of a good protection from all sorts of external factors.
  • LED bulbs and LED strips They are an economical and practical option for creating lighting. For garages this is the best solution, since the devices in question are characterized by a long operational period. In this situation, with a small consumption of electricity, you can organize high-quality lighting. Among the disadvantages is the high cost of these lamps.

In our case, LEDs are the best option, since they are:

  • may have a different shape and can be installed on a horizontal and vertical surface;
  • provide powerful light output with low consumption;
  • not heated, not afraid of moisture and dust;
  • they are resistant to temperature fluctuations;
  • in addition to high-quality lighting, allow you to create a pleasant atmosphere;
  • are one of the most popular sources of light, which today can be purchased at an affordable price.

In this room can be used diode lighting from the wiring or, for example, from a solar panel.

Types of lamps

When it comes to the arrangement of lighting in the garage, it is best to opt for the combined version, which involves the use of different types of lamps. We can distinguish the following types of lighting devices used in garage conditions, based on the principle of propagation of light:

  • Direct lighting, where downward light is predominantly used. Almost all embedded light sources belong to this group.
  • Reflectedwhich provides for the direction of the light upwards, where it should be reflected from the ceiling into the space. This category includes various pendant lamps, where it is worth to highlight chandeliers, wall lamps and portable lamps.
  • Diffusionwhich are able to evenly distribute the light in all directions. This category includes chandeliers in the shape of a ball, lamps and some types of lamps.
  • Adjustable appliances. They usually provide direct coverage. They are controlled so that the lamps could illuminate a larger area. This category should include spotlights and lighting devices with accent lighting.

According to the method of fixing lamps can be divided into:

  • stationary, which are usually fixed in the ceiling or on the walls;
  • non-stationary, which can be moved around the room.

Modern lighting depends not only on electricity at 220 V.

Lighting calculation

For the organization of normal lighting in the garage, it is necessary to take into account that there is 20 watts of power per square meter. Remember that if your choice fell on LED lighting devices, then you should take into account that their power is several times lower. Thus, you can replace a regular 100 watt lamp with a 12 watt LED light.

Remember that for the garage exactly LED lighting devices are optimal and safe especially when it comes to the organization of lighting in the basement or in the viewing pit. This is due to the fact that only LEDs are able to cope with high humidity.

How to spend?

Creating lighting in a garage should begin with the development of the correct scheme, where it is important to consider the following points:

  • It is best to plan the wiring and placement of lamps at the planning stage of the garage;
  • all actions are best carried out before finishing;
  • if the decision to conduct the wiring was made after the finishing works, then the situation can be saved by penalties, ducts, pipes, corrugations or metal pipe;
  • luminaires mounted on the ceiling are connected to a two-core or three-core cable. The cable section must be more than 1.5 m2.

You can create a cascade system where several switches will be used to control the lights. With the help of this trick, you can control the lighting from different parts of the garage.

If there is an inspection pit in the garage, then it must be approached in a special way. In any case, it is not allowed to mount luminaires with high power in it, because it is unsafe.In this case, the optimal installation of low-voltage lamps, the power of which does not exceed 12 volts. Such lamps will operate safely in conditions of high humidity, which is concentrated in the viewing pit or basement. Laying the wiring in this situation is best done in a niche or pipe.

During the painting of the car lighting should be quite bright.

Pay your attention to the next moment. Gate lighting is also an important element. The organization of proper lighting both outside and inside the garage will reduce the risk of emergency situations.

Tips and tricks

Part of the light is always reflected from objects and various surfaces, continuing to participate in the lighting. This point you must take into account when determining the number of lamps and their location. It should be noted that white or cream surfaces are characterized by the best light reflection. If light walls are concentrated in your garage, then you can afford to install lamps of lower power.

Today you can buy LED lamps for 12V, which are assembled as a module.By means of several such modules it is possible to assemble the lamp required in brightness and size. In this case, the modules are characterized by low cost, so the assembly of such a lamp is a very economical option.

It is recommended to purchase an old battery from the car, which will save you in a situation if central lighting is turned off. You can connect LED tapes to this battery, which will shine perfectly when the light is off. Of course, you can also think of a wiring diagram for fixed lamps. Such a charged battery can provide several hours of lighting.

It is necessary to power the lighting devices in the viewing pit separately. They must have an individual circuit breaker. This is required to ensure that with a possible voltage surge or short circuit, the electrical network in the rest of the garage continues to function as it should.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to convert everyone to lighting with the help of LEDs, since the lamps and tapes themselves are characterized by relatively high costs. It is the high cost of a complete refurbishment of the garage that is the main reason why people continue to use ordinary incandescent bulbs.The situation is different when you are building a garage. In this case, it's just silly not to use LED lighting technology, since this is the most effective option.

Do not forget to organize emergency lighting. And also install motion sensors. To enable them, you need any slightest movement around the room or near it. Such a free fixture will help you protect the room cheaply and angrily. It is like a mirror of a surveillance camera.

Autonomous system: the secrets of arrangement

Mostly the location of the lamps in the garage room depends on the individual preferences of the owner. This is due to the fact that each person has their own ideas about comfort. As a rule, lamps are located on the ceiling or walls, but the stand-alone lighting option with the use of the battery from the car, as mentioned earlier, is also very popular.

With the help of the connection of such lighting it is possible to carry out maintenance and repair of cars, regardless of the presence of central electricity. It should be noted that in such buildings the central lighting is often turned off, so this method of arrangement will be relevant.

If you decide to organize this type of lighting, you should familiarize yourself with certain features of the system:

  • LED strips are required to be placed in the shades. It will be optimal if each of them will have up to 300 small light bulbs.
  • In this case, the wiring should be laid on the suspended ceiling.
  • It is necessary to bring the switches to the electrical panel.
  • All wires will need to be connected to the battery, while it must be connected to the charging.

Today, multi-level systems are popular, which provide for the installation of a large lamp on the ceiling, while the working areas have small lamps. This method of lighting provides for the separation of premises on several levels.

Important! Position the lights in such a way that the machine does not create a shadow when working

It is best to install the side lamps on the brackets, so that you can adjust them for specific needs. If fixed luminaires are installed, arrange them so that the light from them does not hit in the eyes.All lamps are best placed in the ceiling, as glare from the voltage drop will irritate the eyes of a person. Experts recommend using lamps with a soft white color in such a room.

Primary requirements

To date, there are certain rules affecting the location of lighting devices, following which will allow you to organize the lighting in the room as comfortably as possible. Pay attention to several requirements:

  • It is important to organize uniform lighting. This can be done through the use of several lamps for the main and local values.
  • It is best to opt for economical lamps that do not require a large amount of electricity for operation. This is due to the fact that in the garage room the light will turn on relatively often, since there is no natural lighting in the garage.
  • To combine the main and local lighting is possible through the use of a modular arrangement of lamps.

In addition, it is possible to identify separate requirements that apply to lighting devices.In this situation, each square meter of space should have a minimum of 15 watts of power. Usually, to achieve the desired result, it is best to organize a multi-level system. For its implementation is to install fixed and non-stationary lamps.

Lamps centered in the garage must be high enough to cover the work area.

Light in the basement or viewing pit

If there is a basement or observation pit in your “motorhome”, then you also need to install lights. Surely you had situations when some tool or part fell into this pit. Agree, to look for it in the dark or with a flashlight is not very convenient. It is better when this zone will be individually illuminated, but keep in mind that here the increased humidity is a negative factor for lighting devices.

In this situation, you can use only lamps with low power. These are suitable halogen and LED models. Low power is required in this case because of the high humidity concentrated in this area, electric shock may occur. therefore It is important to choose devices with low power, which will be placed in bottles and supplemented with a protective metal mesh. Install them on the sides of the pit. It is desirable that the lighting devices were installed in the pre-prepared recesses.

It is recommended to install the devices in an additional recess. You should have a construction similar to ordinary drawers, in which the lighting will be concentrated. Thanks to this trick, you can protect the lamp from damage if a tool or car part falls into a hole.

The creation of lighting in the inspection pit needs to fulfill several requirements:

  • The voltage of electrical equipment that operates below zero should be less than 42V. This necessitates the purchase of a special transformer through which all devices for lighting will be connected.
  • In this area, you can install lamps of only low power, so the best options are halogen lamps or LEDs.
  • The devices are best placed in the grooves, which will save usable space.
  • The lighting route must be laid covertly, but if this cannot be done, then certain protection must be carried out.
  • In this situation, it is best to close the lighting fixtures with ceiling lamps, which will have a protective grille. Thus, you can improve the quality of equipment insulation against moisture, as well as provide protection from mechanical damage.

If you compare the organization of lighting in the apartment and in the garage, then in the latter case, things are much easier. You can do it yourself, without turning to professionals, but, of course, it is better if specialists will do it. The main thing that needs to be taken into account in this work is the observance of security measures.

Particular attention should be paid to quality electrical wiring. If you do everything right, then it will function properly up to 30 years. In this situation, you must show your attention, because the repair of a failed system will give you a lot of trouble. If you do not have at least basic knowledge in matters of lighting arrangement, it is best to contact the experts.Remember that high-quality lighting not only increases comfort in your garage, but also increases safety.

How to carry out lighting in the garage, see below.

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