Greenhouse "Nurse-Good Girl": advantages and disadvantages

 Greenhouse Nurse-Goodie: advantages and disadvantages

Greenhouse "Nurse-Umnitsa" is an innovative product of the Novosibirsk company "Metal Service" and is very popular among the owners of estates and villas. Thanks to the well-thought-out design and wide consumer availability, an increasing number of gardeners chooses this particular model.

Features of the device

Greenhouse "Nurse-Umnitsa" is presented in the form of a multifunctional structure made of polymeric materials. The main design feature of greenhouses is a retractable roof, the mechanism of which is quite convenient and practical. The use of a retractable roof allows organizing a microclimate comfortable for plants in a greenhouse and significantly improves the condition of the greenhouse soil in winter.The main difference between the “Feeler-Clever Girl” and the models of the classical type is the absence of drafts during ventilation.

The convenience of the facilities with an opening top also lies in the fact that with heavy snowfall the owners of such greenhouses do not have to worry about the integrity of the roof and regularly clean it from the snow. In order for the coating not to fail and not deform under a heavy snowdrift, it is sufficient to leave it open. The opening and closing of the top is due to the roller system with special guides, which even a child can handle.

The frame of the product is made of steel tubes and polymer components. Due to the absence of external load during the winter period, the reinforcement of the arcs in such greenhouses is not practiced. Due to the lightweight construction, the structure is characterized by low weight and ease of installation. The thickness of the cellular polycarbonate coating is 1.2–1.5 mm, the section of the metal profile is 2x2 cm. The distance between adjacent arched arcs does not exceed one meter, which, in combination with the high-strength cellular coating, allows the structure to easily transfer high wind loads.

Products are available in various sizes. The most common ones are lengths of 4.6 and 8 meters. With a standard height of 210 cm, the width of all models is three meters. The greenhouses are equipped with two doors and several vents, the number of which is determined by the equipment. It can be increased at the request of the buyer.


The history of the production of the "Umnitsy Nurse" is associated with the enterprise "Metal Service", located in the city of Novosibirsk. The company for many years engaged in the production of traditional greenhouses and metal structures, but in 2008 it took up the development of a new improved design, taking into account the numerous requests of Siberian gardeners. For two years, the engineers of the company, together with specialists from the Institute of Breeding and Plant Production of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, conducted tests on the created structure, and in late 2010 they launched the model into serial production.

Summer residents quickly appreciated the benefits of the new model and the company began to receive numerous encouraging reviews. But the company's employees did not stop at what had been achieved, and in 2015 they launched the first batch of greenhouses with a fully retractable roof, while the first models had the roof only partially reclined.The novelty quickly gained popularity and became one of the most sought-after greenhouse models on the domestic market.

Advantages and disadvantages

High consumer demand and the growing popularity of "Good Feeder" due to the indisputable advantages of this design, such as:

  • thanks to the penetration of snow through the open roof, the greenhouse soil is prevented from freezing, and upon the onset of heat, it receives the necessary moisture;
  • complete absence of snow load on the frame of the greenhouse significantly extends the service life of the structure;
  • the ability to roll away the top allows the plants to pollinate unhindered and provides an optimal mode of ventilation, which contributes to the creation of favorable conditions in the greenhouse and significantly increases the yield of crops grown;
  • an open roof contributes to the formation of a humus layer of fallen leaves and allows rain to water the plants;
  • high-quality materials used in the production of greenhouses, serve as a guarantee of long service life;
  • the availability of the necessary components and detailed assembly instructions allow you to install the greenhouse yourself; average installation time is 4 hours.

The disadvantages of the model include a high, in comparison with traditional types, cost, which is explained by the presence of additional functions and complex mechanisms, and the somewhat obstructed course of the roof.

Step by step assembly instructions

Before proceeding with the installation of the greenhouse, you must choose a place for its placement. To do this, you need to stay on a well-lit and windless plot, away from trees, deaf high fences and buildings. If the size of the plot allows, it is advisable to place the greenhouse with the length to the south. This will contribute to a better warming and will have a positive effect on the development and ripening of fruits.

After the place will be chosen, it is necessary to decide on what base the greenhouse will be established. Concrete and brick options are considered the strongest and durable. The most budget and affordable is the foundation of the timber. For its arrangement it is enough to purchase a 10x10 cm timber, metal corners and screws. Some gardeners use brackets as fasteners.

Before you begin to lay a log foundation, the tree should be treated with any antiseptic, for example, "Senege", which will help prevent the damage of wood by pests and delay the rotting of logs. The process of decay is an inevitable phenomenon and arises from excessive waterlogging during irrigation and the formation of condensate at night. After treatment with an antiseptic, the timber must be joined in a box, the dimensions of which will correspond to the size of the greenhouse. The installation site of the foundation must be pre-aligned and cleared. After the base is assembled, it is recommended to put a building level on it and check the position of the beam relative to the ground surface. Uneven installation of the basement and the greenhouse will lead to failures in the operation of the recoil mechanism and will make the operation of the retractable roof difficult and uncomfortable.

The assembly process of the greenhouse itself can be divided into the following steps:

  • Install the end, consisting of a door block and three end arcs - the arc should be installed on the door frame, using end struts to connect elements, and the fixing of struts to the frame is carried out with the help of bolts and crabs;
  • mounting intermediate and lower struts on the ends - the connection should be carried out "crabs", and perform it sequentially, up to the second end;
  • Polycarbonate sheets are attached to the finished ends; for fixing of them, self-tapping screws with thermal washers are used;
  • fixed polycarbonate sheets are carefully trimmed with a construction knife along the frame contour;
  • roof installation - end arches are joined to intermediate with connecting struts, all parts are fastened together with bolts;
  • installation of roller wheels on the roof;
  • laying polycarbonate sheets on the roof and attaching it to the frame using self-tapping screws;
  • the installation of the side transverse struts is performed by analogy with the installation of the end parts;
  • fixing the assembled frame on the base is made using bolts and screws;
  • fastening of the trellis is made on the intermediate arches located above;
  • installation of polycarbonate side sheets and winch attachment - the winch is attached to the central arc of the greenhouse on the back side of the movement of the roof;
  • the casing, clamps and stops, ensuring the process of rolling the roof, mounted last - the installation must be done in such a way that the wheels are aligned with the guides,The winch cable is fastened on the inner side of the greenhouse to the lower section of the central arc; clamps securing the extreme positions of the roof are attached from the ends.

Operation Tips

Due to the simplicity of the design and the use of high-quality materials in its manufacture, the operation of the greenhouse is quite simple. One of the main conditions for proper use is the need to open the roof in winter. The accumulation on the surface of the structure of a large mass of snow is unacceptable. This may cause deformation of the guides of the roller mechanism and make the further operation of the sliding roof impossible. In addition, in the autumn-spring period, the temperature inside the greenhouse can be very different from the outside temperature, which can cause the glaciation of polycarbonate, its deformation and damage. When the roof is open, there is no temperature difference, and the design easily transfers all aggressive environmental influences.

To extend the life of the greenhouse and preserve its original appearance, making your own changes in the structure of the building is not recommended.If there is a need for additional ventilation, the model can be equipped with automatically opening air vents that are easily installed on the roof surface near the middle of the ridge. When using a folding mechanism, one should not make sharp movements, pull and shake the winch. Opening or closing is fairly smooth. Does not require much effort.


Greenhouse with an opening top "Nurse-Umnitsa" is widely known to Russian summer residents and has many positive reviews. Consumers say comfortable use, ease of installation and durability of the design. Special attention is paid to the functional properties of the structure, due to the features of the model device: the possibility of opening the roof and all the associated benefits - natural watering, the formation of humus, the possibility of pollination, direct exposure to ultraviolet radiation and protection of plants from overheating.

The disadvantages include the tightness of the sliding mechanism, especially after the winter, and the high cost of some models. The problem of growing and preserving the crop is relevant for the majority of Russian summer residents living in areas of high-risk farming.Greenhouses "Nurse-Umnitsa" are excellent assistants in the cultivation of heat-loving crops and allow you to get a rich harvest in the northern latitudes and in areas with a sharply continental climate.

On how to mount the greenhouse "Nurse-Clever", see the following video.

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