Haiba mixers: variations and specialties

 Haiba mixers: variations and specialties

Any repair, sooner or later, involves replacing the faucet in the bathroom, kitchen or toilet. In this case, there is a desire to purchase a quality product, reliable and durable, do not waste time on installation, choose a decent design style, and the cost should be reasonable. For all these requests are suitable mixers brand Haiba.


These mixers are positively different from similar devices from other manufacturers. Haiba mixers are high quality and reliable materials with additional protection. They have reinforced nuts, concise and reliable handles, and their embodiment can be varied, as well as a complete set, thanks to which you do not need to buy additional accessories required for installation and use.

Today, more than 30 different categories of Haiba mixers are presented, each of which differs not only in appearance but also in design.


The selection of Haiba products is wide and varied.

  • For kitchen. A wide range allows you to purchase a kitchen faucet that will meet all the needs of the buyer. Kitchen faucets are products with a large variety of adjustment levers and configuration of spouts (gander), ranging from the classic "Christmas tree" and ending with non-trivial arcuate, L-shaped and semicircular options. They can be low and high, with or without turning. Some buyers like pull-out models. Many prefer single lever or double lever types of adjustment.
  • For washbasins. Horizontally oriented mixers are mounted directly on the side of the sink. They are designed in accordance with the principle, only that which is necessary, or with original, original execution. Models are presented in a high-tech manner or antique.
  • For shower cubicles. The use of shower cubicles, for which a different version of the mixers is required - with wall or vertical installation and without a goose, is becoming more and more common. They include only a shower and nothing extra. Haiba shower stalls also recommended themselves well.The company did not forget about the devices for bidet with the regulation of the direction of water flow.
  • For Bath. Bath faucets have the widest range of models from the entire range. Among the range of the company there are options for any interior design - and with a short cast gander, and with a long swivel. The spout configuration can be S-, J-, G-shaped. Products with swivel goose manufacturer can be equipped with both standard and built into the body switch bath-shower. The shower heads included in the package of delivery may have several modes of water supply - 1, 3 or 5.


Haiba faucets They have a number of advantages compared to other trademarks.

  • In the manufacture of casting technology is applied under reduced pressure. Due to this, practical characteristics are significantly improved.
  • The installed aerator (diffuser, diffuser) ensures uninterrupted and even flow of water, and also can save money. According to the company's calculations, this device can save more than 6 m³ of water in one year.
  • The inner surface of the walls is smooth.Thanks to the smoothness of the walls, a soft water supply is guaranteed.
  • Sedal cartridge is made of ceramic. It is produced in Spain and is of high quality. Haiba warrants that any product will last for a long time. The cartridge is a grid that purifies water from solid impurities and prevents the occurrence of noise, which appears from the movement of water.
  • By production high-quality brass is practiced. Only high-quality brass can be perfectly sprayed with a chrome-plated coating, which gives the product a presentable appearance. Since the coating has antioxidant and anti-acid characteristics, the mixer will remain shiny for a long time.

Consumer reviews

Today, there are different reviews about Haiba products. There are both positive and negative feedback.


As a rule, buyers are satisfied with the purchased goods, primarily because of the acceptable cost. The main advantage of many include clear and simple instructions. All parts are designed very simply; as a result, the installation of the mixer is simple and quick.Connections fasten extremely strong. Users notice that the material from which the pens are made, protects against burns.

The water supply is uniform. The head is the ideal that all consumers have noted. A big advantage is the aeration function, which allows you to save water. Many buyers are pleased with the presence of components in the assembly avtoprobki. High-quality chromium coating keeps very well.


However, not all consumers were satisfied with the purchase. Some talk about the lack of spare parts for the shower. In some cases, customers report a fracture through which water is poured. Someone does not like the temperature of the water, which spontaneously changes - from hot to cold.


      Before installation, it is better to disassemble the new mixer, as well as clean it of garbage, if any. The rubbing surfaces, elements and epiploons need to be greased with vaseline. The fasteners should be immediately put on glue based on cyanoacrylate, not relying on their overstrength and reliable fixation. The clamping nut, the seat for the cartridge, and the cuffs must be carefully lubricated.Only then, in a few years, will it be possible to disassemble the crane without difficulty and to carry out its current repair. Silicone hoses should be purchased, with almost no problems.

      Everyone decides for himself which Haiba mixer to choose. It is necessary to evaluate all the advantages and imperfections of structures, to acquire only those samples that are best suited for technical characteristics and for a certain interior.

      For the Haiba mixer, see the following video.

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