How to choose a single lever sink mixer?

The modern industry of sanitary products pleases buyers with a variety of goods. Today, in order to choose a sink faucet, it is necessary to spend a lot of time, because they differ in form, type, color, and material. Sometimes it is difficult to understand what kind of mixer is better to choose.


As evidenced by the number of sales, single-lever mixers are the most common and in demand. They are also called one-armed and one-gripping. These products have one handle that rises and falls, and also rotates in different directions. To get water, adjust its temperature and jet pressure, you just need to use the lever.

According to the principle of operation, single-jaw cranes are divided into two types.

  1. Ball. In mixers of this type, the pressure and temperature of the water is polished metal ball assembly, on the surface of which there are three holes.The main advantage of this module is the simplicity of its design. However, there is a significant disadvantage: if the ball mixer has become unusable, it will be much more problematic to repair it than the usual valve valve, since it will be necessary to change the entire ball mechanism. Experts warn that ball mixers will last much longer if you install a water filter.
  2. Ceramic. As a regulating device in this embodiment, mixers use plates made of metal. The latter is carefully rubbed, thereby ensuring their maximum tightness. As in the case of ball models, experts recommend installing filters, since foreign particles in the water (possibly sand), hitting between the plates, can break the tightness.

Advantages and disadvantages

The single lever basin mixer looks elegant and attractive. It can be with a high spout and with a gander of a small size, swivel and no. Devices can be installed directly on the sink and on the wall near the sink.

Also single-grip cranes have the following advantages:

  • a wide range of stylistic solutions;
  • fast adjustment of the pressure of the supplied liquid and water temperature (can be adjusted with one hand);
  • long period of operation;
  • ease of installation and repair (repair work comes down to replacing the internal cartridge, and this can be done even by a woman).

The last point of advantages smoothly flows into the disadvantages, because, despite the simplicity of the repair, it will have to be done quite often. Also, single lever mixers are very sensitive to different impurities in water. So, the crane will certainly fail if abrasive elements (for example, sand) start flowing through it along with water.

That is why it is necessary to install special filters that prevent clogging, and therefore prolong the life of the product.

The negative aspects of single-lever equipment also include not very convenient setting of water temperature, namely the impossibility of choosing the most comfortable indicator from the first time.

The comfort zone is considered to be the temperature of the fluid within 34–42 degrees. Inexpensive mixer models have a lever adjustment angle of 6–8, which means that it is quite problematic to set the temperature of the water that is pleasant for hands with their help.

However, world famous manufacturers of sanitary products took care of their customers. Ceramic cartridge mixers from famous brands have a lever rotation angle of 12–15, so that the desired water temperature is set fairly quickly and simply. Wave, Aleo, Mitte Satin are among the most successful models sold on the market among ordinary people.


In order for the tabletop around the sink to always remain dry, and the jet from under the gander does not splash users on clothes, it is important to be able to choose the right mixer.

The algorithm of actions when buying a crane consists of several steps.

  1. It is necessary to decide in advance for what purposes the sink will be used: exclusively for washing hands and dishes or animals will bathe in it after a walk. Depending on this, the mixer parameters are chosen: it will be low or high, long or short, pivotal or not, wall mounted or built into the sink. A low spout is products with a height of 12–15 cm. A mixer is considered to be from 25 cm high. All models in the middle of these values ​​are an average spout. If the tap is needed only for hygienic procedures (wash, brush teeth), then you can do with a mixer with a low or medium spout.If in the sink you will wash your hair, rinse shoes and dog paws, you need a high spout.
  2. The parameters of the sink and mixer should be the same. If the shell is deep and wide, then the lever must be of the appropriate size.
  3. Choosing a gander model, you need to pay attention to its color. The white color and tone of polished aluminum are considered universal. Recently, bronze-colored mixers have become popular with buyers.

Experts recommend choosing single-lever sink mixers from well-known manufacturers, for example, Lemark, Grohe, Hansgrohe, which can guarantee customers high quality, reliability, long service life and ease of use of their products.

      At the same time, the appearance of such devices will complement and decorate any style decision in the room.

      How to choose a mixer, see the next video.

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