Bath-flank: advantages and disadvantages

Recently, in many suburban areas you can see unusual baths, made in the form of barrels. Such buildings are popular with modern homeowners, so it is worthwhile to consider in more detail what advantages and disadvantages are characteristic of a bathhouse.

Special features

Many homeowners dream of arranging a cozy bathhouse on their land, in which you can relax and distract from everyday fuss. Unfortunately, for most of these buildings you need a lot of free space, and it takes a lot of time and money to build them. For this reason, the dream of building a bath often remains unrealizable.

However, there is a good solution to this problem - it is the construction of a compact, rounded design. Of course, the construction of such an original bath can not be started without familiarizing yourself with the technology of its construction.Only strictly adhering to the instructions, it will be possible to create a really cozy and durable structure.

The main feature of the bath-barrel is its compact size. Thanks to this characteristic line, such a structure can be positioned even in a small area. The volume of the premises of such a building is very modest.

The similar bath gets warm very quickly. Thanks to this distinctive feature, the owners can significantly save fuel or electrical energy in the course of operating the building.

You should not think that the bath-flank has too small dimensions that do not allow placing all the necessary attributes in it. In fact, in such conditions it is possible to place all the objects needed in the bath - benches for the steam room and a waiting room, buckets for water, a stove with a heater, and even a shower.

For the construction of oval baths, you must use only high quality materials. So, for a simple bath it is allowed to purchase almost any material, since it will be covered from the inside out. The barrel will not be able to issue more attractive and high-quality raw materials, therefore it is necessary to immediately use wood of adequate quality.

Another distinctive feature of the bath-barrel is that it is permissible to have it on any level ground. This may be asphalt, solid ground or a tidy area covered with concrete.

As is the case with most buildings, before erecting a rounded bath, it is necessary to competently draw up a project for the construction of this unusual building. To do this, you can contact the experts who will prepare all the necessary drawings and parameters, based on the desires and taste preferences of the client.

Advantages and disadvantages

If you are tired of standard and trivial outbuildings, then an interesting sauna in the form of a barrel will definitely be to your taste. Such an erection looks very original, therefore owners of country and suburban plots, who want to transform their dwelling, are increasingly turning to it.

For a start, it is worth considering what advantages rounded baths have:

  • First of all, you should pay attention to the unique design of the rounded baths. They look fresh and interesting, which makes them popular among modern users who are tired of traditional buildings.
  • These baths are heated very quickly, as they have compact dimensions and the absence of angles that prevent the circulation of warm air.
  • Bath in the form of a barrel can be safely used all year round. In winter, only two fireboxes are enough to warm it up.
  • Similar structures must be built from high-quality natural wood. This material is environmentally friendly and fragrant. Soaring in such conditions is a pleasure.
  • Bath-flank has not only small dimensions, but also low weight, so it can be safely placed on almost any basis.
  • Non-standard round-shaped structures are cheaper than traditional rectangular specimens.
  • Such baths can be mobile (transportable). They can be seamlessly transported in a trailer, since they are small in size and weight.
  • Using this bath is easy and simple, as evidenced by the real feedback from satisfied customers.
  • Despite the modest dimensions, in such baths you can arrange all the necessary details and even equip a washroom equipped with a shower.
  • The bath-flank is practical and unpretentious. It does not have to constantly scour the dirt, as it has no corners, which often accumulates dirt.
  • For such baths it is not required to prepare the foundation.
  • This building can be built independently. Of course, this will require some knowledge and instruction. If you strictly adhere to all points of work, the result will be pleasantly surprised.

Despite the impressive list of benefits, Bani-barrels have their drawbacks, which every homeowner should be aware of, wishing to locate such a structure on his site:

  • The main disadvantage of the bath-barrel is that it is rather difficult to ventilate if there is winter in the yard.
  • If you do not prepare water drain in time, then everything that flows out of the bath will remain on the site.
  • Such types of baths can not be called roomy. In such conditions only two people can be accommodated (maximum - four).
  • Not all barrel baths are cheap. High-quality models of precious wood have a high cost, so not every homeowner can afford them.
  • Judging by the reviews of the owners of such baths, there is not enough space in them, so the font can’t be put in, and it doesn’t work to enclose a separate corner with a shower.
  • Such baths quickly heat up, but also quickly cool down, if you often “slam doors in them”.

Device design

As a rule, baths, made in the form of barrels, have very simple and uncomplicated constructions, represented by end walls assembled from a grooved board. These parts are usually made in the form of circles. Externally, this basis is trimmed with boards.

To make the construction more robust and reliable, it is additionally tightened with special metal hoops.

The parameters of the length and diameter of such a barrel may be different.

The dimensions of the building primarily depend on the number of people who will be steaming in it at the same time. Not the last role in this matter is played by the budget of the hosts. Of course, a more spacious bath will cost significantly more than a small one.

Inside such a rounded bath you need to equip shelves along the walls. And it is also important to place a stove-heater in a similar structure, since this part must be located at the end opposite the entrance.

In the inner part of the barrel bath it is permissible to arrange a hot water tank, as well as equip a washing room with a shower, as in a bath of a usual structure. In the role of internal doors that divide the partitions between the individual compartments of a round bath, we often use webs of tempered glass.. Such options let the light through and visually expand the available space, rather than clutter it up.

The chimney in such structures is supplied directly under the roof or through the end wall. The design of mobile mobile bath-barrels may differ by the presence of a base on the wheels, and such details may be available both in a structure with an oval-type shape, and in square structures with rounded corners (quad bath). In most cases, the entrance doors are installed from the end, but there are also buildings with an entrance on the side..


The maximum size of round-shaped cozy bathhouses is 6 meters.. This space is quite enough to accommodate such components as the steam room, the washing compartment and the rest room.

There is not enough space for a branch with a pool in such structures. Often, porches with a canopy and other structures are additionally attached to large bath-barrels. Options for equipping large buildings a lot.

The smallest are baths in 2 m. Such structures consist of only one compartment - the steam room, in which the stove is located. And also there are bath-barrels and ovalbags with dimensional parameters 4x4, 2.4x4 m.

The height of the standard bath-barrel is 2.2 m. Thanks to this parameter, it is convenient even for a very tall person to be in such a structure. Such structures have different weight, it can vary from 450 to 1500 kg. It all depends on the size of the building and the material from which it was built.

4 x 4 m
2 m
2.4 x 4 m


There are several modifications of baths, made in the form of a barrel.

You should get to know them better:

  • Russian sauna. The most popular today is the Russian bath-barrel. Since water is used in such bathhouses, high-quality drainage should be provided for in the round design. In order not to face the problem of stagnation of water, it is recommended to install the Russian bath-house under a slight slope. Making the project-drawing of the Russian bath, the stove must be located in the space between the washing compartment and the steam room. Part of the furnace with a tank for heating water at the same time should have access to the sink. In the steam room there will be a container with stones, which are heated by the action of the firebox.

Experts advise to protect the washing structure from the oven, so as not to accidentally burn yourself. The stove in the Russian bath should not be too big, as in the buildings in the form of a barrel there is not too much free space.On all sides, the unit should be sheathed with durable and heat-resistant material.

  • Finnish. The barrel-shaped bath can be Finnish with dry steam and rather high temperature. Most often, next to the steam room in such constructions there is a font or a wooden container filled with water. And also nearby are often constructed pools.

In such constructions, it is not necessary to make holes for drainage, but it is necessary to build a gap for ventilation under the ceiling (it can also be in the floor) with a gate valve that can be opened and closed independently, if necessary.

  • Barrel Sauna. Experts say that building a barrel-sauna is much easier than a standard steam room. For the tightness of such structures will only need to seal up all the cracks in the walls and on the floor. In the area of ​​the roof of such structures is often made a hole of small size, which closes the valve (in whole or in part). Drainage system in the barrel-sauna is not needed.

Inside the building often place large benches and stoves with heated heaters.

  • Ofuro - This is a Japanese version of the bath. It is very easy to operate.In this design there is no roof, and the barrel itself has a slightly elongated shape. It is placed on a wooden flooring. The internal part of the bath ofuro is equipped with all the necessary components - a stove and comfortable benches made of wood. In this case, the stove is located at a safe distance and is complemented by a dense partition that perfectly protects users of the Japanese bath from burns. A feature of the bath ofuro is that it takes a lot of time to warm up well because it is open and has no roof. Because of this, of course, fuel consumption rises.


If you can build an ordinary Russian bath from almost any material, and decorate it with a tree inside later, then it is necessary to select material for a bath-barrel even at the project design stage. Experts advise to give preference to the so-called bath tree species.


Baths, built of oak, are durable and durable. This wood species is not subject to mechanical damage. In addition, the oak is not afraid of high humidity, which is always present in the bath. Moisture not only does not destroy oak structures, but also makes them even stronger.

Many masters choose an oak tree for the construction of a bathhouse, because it has a good-looking appearance and a beautiful cut, resulting in aesthetic buildings that look very expensive and natural. However, the wood of this breed has one serious drawback - it is very expensive. Not every consumer can afford an oak bath, so they are not found at many sites.


Another breed that is perfect for the construction of the bath-barrel, is linden. This natural material has special healing properties. In the steam room, built of lime, it is recommended to go to those people who suffer from diseases associated with the respiratory system. In addition, it is believed that lime baths have a beneficial effect on the condition of human skin, rejuvenating it.

Log linden perfectly retains heat. And also this material can be processed without any problems, therefore it is easy to work with it. As for the disadvantages of fake buildings, they can be attributed to weak resistance to water.

Lipa pretty quickly begins to rot, and then collapse.


Low cost baths are obtained from such natural material as aspen. This breed of wood is as strong as linden, but it is not so afraid of moisture and is not subject to destruction, in contact with it. Over time, aspen is not covered with cracks and is not deformed, so it can be safely used for the construction of a rounded bath.


Coniferous buildings are considered the highest quality and comfortable. So, the structure of cedar has the following positive qualities:

  • they are durable. Cedar bath can last for many decades, without losing the original appearance;
  • procedures performed in a bath of Siberian cedar have a healing effect on the human body, for example, on the nervous system;
  • cedar has a low thermal conductivity, so the bath of this material warms up quickly and remains warm for a long time;
  • like any resinous wood, cedar almost does not absorb moisture, so it does not rot and does not collapse in conditions of high humidity;
  • cedar boasts antiseptic characteristics.Moreover, since ancient times it is believed that the smell of this tree repels insects;
  • cedar constructions have a unique structure. Even without any exterior trim baths from this breed look great.

    Cedar buildings have some drawbacks. For example, they have an attractive, but non-uniform color, so the logs must be selected in such a way that in a single ensemble they do not fit into a too motley design.

    A bath-barrel made of cedar will cost the buyer dearly, but it will last for many years and will not cause trouble during the operation.

    Experts do not recommend using cedar for decorating the sauna.

    Resins of this tree are characterized by high fluidity. If their content in the air is exceeded, the pores on the skin of a person can become blocked. People suffering from lung diseases often feel bad in the cedar steam room.


    Larch is one of the most common tree species used in the construction of baths. Such a material has a high cost, however, is very dense and contains unique resins.

    The bath flank from a larch has the following positive qualities:

    • it is durable. Larch logs can stand for hundreds of years, as they are durable and resistant;
    • Larch is not afraid of dampness and moisture, so it is perfect for building a reliable bath;
    • baths built of larch are not subject to rotting;
    • This tree species retains its original appearance for many years.

      This beautiful material has weaknesses. For example, larch is quite expensive. Besides, experts advise building saunas only of Siberian wood. Materials of a different origin, for example, from the European part of Russia, differ little from cheap pine.

      It will not be so easy to build a flank bath of this material, since the larch has an impressive weight. For the same reason, its transportation can be very expensive.

      Oven selection

      For a barrel bath you need to carefully select a suitable oven. In conditions of such construction it is permissible to use both wood and electric units.

      For example, electric-powered heaters have the following positive qualities:

      • they are small in size (there are even mini-variants) and weight, so installing them is very simple, and if necessary they can be rearranged or moved;
      • for such a furnace does not need to equip the chimney;
      • It will take much less time to light a steam room with an electric oven - you only need to turn it on;
      • such units are safer, since they cannot become a source of fire;
      • around such units is always much cleaner because there is no smoke.

        Of course, such a device is not as beneficial to health as wood-burning options. In addition, these stoves often consume a lot of electricity. In the case of supplying electricity intermittently, such a unit may not work, as it directly depends on it.

        For country cooperatives, where electricity is often a problem, such a device may not be suitable.

        Insanely popular are wood burning stoves. Similar units also have a number of advantages, such as:

        • they can be installed almost everywhere, even in those places where electricity has not yet been conducted, since such devices do not depend on the electrical network;
        • the price of fuel for wood stoves is low;
        • similar units are environmentally friendly and safe;
        • such constructions can be built with your own hands, but self-made stoves must be assembled in accordance with the instructions so that the result does not disappoint the owners.

        However, it should be borne in mind that such furnaces are flammable. In this matter, electrical units are considered safer.

        In addition, for such a furnace you need to build a chimney. It’s pretty hard to build it with your own hands. Some users refuse wood stoves, because the fuel for them must not only be chopped up, but also stored in a separate place, and there is not always such.

          In the bath-barrel, you can arrange the boiler. Such units are represented by the following varieties:

          • solid fuel devices that work on coal, peat or wood;
          • electrical;
          • gas;
          • working on liquid fuels, such as diesel, kerosene or waste oil.

          Today, many homeowners make boilers themselves. The manufacture of such structures does not require a wealth of experience and special knowledge. Just follow the assembly instructions.

          How to make yourself: step by step instructions

          Modern consumers have the opportunity to purchase a complete set for assembling a bath-barrel. Elements of this design may have different dimensions, so you can choose the best option for areas of any area. As well as various companies offer consumers not only full-fledged mobile baths in the form of a barrel, but also provide a service for their delivery.

          However, you can build a barrel bath with your own hands. To do this, it is important to follow the step-by-step instructions and make a detailed drawing-draft of the future structure.

          First you need to prepare all the necessary materials for the construction of the bath-barrel.

          It is worth considering what you need to subsequently make such a structure:

          • Only high quality and dried wood should be used, correctly sawn into workpieces of a specific size.
          • The optimal width of the boards is 9 cm, and thickness - 4–5 cm.
          • It is recommended to use boards that initially have a thorn-groove locking system. With a similar component, the assembly of the bath takes much less time and effort.
          • If there are no locks in the boards, they can be made independently.With such details, the construction will be more robust and reliable. In addition, it can be disassembled and assembled as needed, without causing any damage to the structure.
          • Additionally, you should stock up with special steel hoops. Similar details can be made with your own hands. Hoops will be needed for more reliable fixation of the barrel around its perimeter.
          • It is necessary to stock up with insulation, if you plan to use the bath all year round, and not only in summer.

          Most often mineral wool materials are used to insulate such structures.

          Next, you can proceed to the construction of the bath.

          This process includes the following steps:

          • the first step is to prepare the foundation for the future construction. It can be made of gravel or pour concrete screed on the pre-leveled soil. The thickness of the base should be at least 10 cm;
          • you need to install on the resulting site a kind of frame supports made of wood with semicircular grooves. With ready-made kits, these parts come in a set;
          • after that you can start assembling the bath;
          • First you need to make the base of the steam room. To do this, cut the board 5x20 cm into several parts around the perimeter of the barrel;
          • a certain number of supports should be calculated based on the parameter length of the structure;
          • For the connection, you need to cut the grooves in the upper ends of the boards. It is worth making grooves such that they repeat the circumference of the barrel;
          • the dimensions of the grooves must be such that the part of the board that was not cut has a width of at least 100 mm;
          • the next step will be the assembly of all internal partitions and end walls of the bath;
          • To assemble these parts, you must use a tongue-and-groove board.

          It is necessary to connect the boards with each other using transverse bars.

          • at the same time, the transverse bars must be attached so that later they do not interfere with the installation of windows and doors;
          • Further, it is necessary to cut a rabbeted board on the basis of the barrel length parameter. It is necessary to polish the ends of these parts.

          Do not forget about the treatment of boards with antiseptic agents.

          • the next step is to install the supports, following the same step. After that, they need to put the bottom of the bath, made up of several boards, fastened to each other by the thorn-groove method;
          • as soon as the sector of the circle is formed, the dimensions of which would be enough for the installation of the end walls, you need to arrange these walls in the right places;
          • then you should continue to lay the boards until the circle is finished;
          • now it is necessary to fasten the resulting structure with the help of special hoops made of metal. Only then can it be installed in the base of the window and door;
          • It should be borne in mind that both the windows and the doors should be closed in the bath tightly, so experts recommend ordering in the respective companies ready-made elements that are ideal for your bath;
          • further, you can proceed to laying the roof.

          The most reliable and sturdy base is the design on the rafters.

          • to make rafters, you need to use a timber with a section of 5 cm. From above, the resulting frame can be trimmed with corrugated board, tile or other roofing material;
          • the topcoat should be securely attached to the pre-made crate of boards;
          • If the plans to use a bath-barrel only in summer, then it can be not warmed. If the bath was built for year-round use, then it needs to be warmed;
          • in the completion of the construction of the bath-barrel, it is necessary to thoroughly treat the external surfaces with a fire retardant, and internal surfaces with an antiseptic composition. After that, you can proceed to the internal arrangement.

          It is necessary to dwell in more detail on the internal work that must be carried out in an already finished bath-barrel, namely:

          • be sure to equip the drain under the water;
          • install a pipe between the bottom of the bath and the sewage system;
          • put on the floor grate flooring;
          • along the walls to mount the sun loungers. If the area of ​​the building allows, put a table in the room;
          • near the furnace it is very important to equip reliable protection. To do this, suitable insulating layer installed on the floor and on the walls;
          • install high-quality stove;
          • don't forget about the chimney and the water tank;
          • to spend in the bath water and electricity;
          • If you plan to install a shower in the bath-barrel, then you should install the pan and all the necessary sanitary equipment.

          Next to the bath is recommended to place the rinse font after hanging out in the steam room.

          Inside such a bath can be arranged in the same way as any other. In a similar structure there is a place for a waiting room, and for a small shower.

          Experts recommend placing small-sized stoves without chimney in such compact baths.

          Such units will not take up much space, but the choice, of course, remains only for the owners. When arranging the floor should be made in the direction of the slope of the drain.At 1 meter length of the base should be inclined to 1 degree. In such a structure should be present electrical wires with fire-resistant insulation. Any sockets, switches and other similar items should have the appropriate protection class.

          Tips and tricks

          It is necessary to adhere to the recommendations of experts, if it is decided to independently make a bath-barrel.

          • Need to stock up on high-quality materials. Use only well-treated and dry wood. You should not save on the construction of the bath.
          • Modern barrels and saunas are very popular. You can arrange them on the site of their problem, both horizontally and vertically. In the latter case, the design area becomes twice as large.
          • Before proceeding to the construction of the bath, it is necessary to carefully sort the lumber. Do not use for the construction of the barrel materials with knots and other damage. It is better to postpone them for interior decoration.
          • If you do not have experience with lumber and do not want to prepare all the necessary details for a future bath, then it is better to contact a master who, based on drawings and diagrams, will prepare materials of the required sizes.
          • In the process of building a bath, it is recommended that all parts be smeared with antiseptic prior to their fastening. Otherwise, it will be much more difficult.
          • All surfaces that are near the stove must be heat insulated.
          • If on the site there is a Japanese bath ofuro, then you should know that it is customary to spend no more than 15-20 minutes in it. After completing all the procedures, you need to carefully rub the skin with a stiff glove, making massage, which is a good alternative to Russian brooms.
          • Sometimes at the entrance to the bath-house a small veranda is arranged. If it is decided to supplement the construction with such a detail, then it is necessary to purchase more building materials.

          It should be ensured that the doors and windows in the built bath were completely airtight. Otherwise, the heat will leave the room.

          • To make the stove in the bath-barrel work even more efficiently and give more steam, the space around it should be trimmed with sheets of aluminum or stainless steel. These types of metals give the best vapor in the air.
          • Before laying the roofing material it is necessary to waterproof the base of the roof. For this you can use plastic wrap.
          • It is necessary to prepare in the bath a good hood and inflow. So, for the flow of fresh air, it is necessary to make an inlet in the room. It should be done closer to the floor and the stove, but not too low. Holes for hoods, on the contrary, should be made higher. Thus, the air in the bath will be quickly cleared of excessively hot air and carbon monoxide.
          • To insulate a bath-barrel is not necessary if you plan to use it only in summer. If it is intended for year-round use, then it must be insulated. Some people mistakenly believe that the bath will be warm in the winter or autumn. In fact, it is not. It will cool down quickly, and the water will freeze.
          • The bath flank does not demand difficult and expensive leaving. It will only be necessary to air the steam room regularly. Once a year, experts recommend that such structures be treated with protective agents.


          Beautiful baths, made in the form of barrels, today are very popular. If earlier only traditional square or rectangular buildings were found on the plots, then nowadays unusual buildings with rounded shapes are more often seen.

          Consumers who have decided to buy ready-made bath-barrels, note that they unexpectedly quickly heat up, which once again confirms their efficiency. Many were impressed by the fact that these mobile structures do not seem cumbersome, so they look great even on very small areas.

          However, the majority of homeowners pushes away from the purchase of such structures their high cost. And also the users were upset by the fact that some unscrupulous firms did not deliver the ordered baths on time.

          Another drawback that buyers notice is the closeness of bath-drums. People who built such a bathhouse with their own hands, argue that it is quite difficult to make it yourself. But if you do everything right or turn to the help of specialists, then the resulting construction will surely please you with a long service life and fast heating.

          Examples of finished buildings

          Bath-flank is able to become not only a cozy corner for a pleasant pastime, but also a real decoration of the summer cottage. Such designs can transform a residential area, giving it a more original look.

          Particularly stylish and attractive look large bath-barrels of dark-colored wood. In the ensemble with metal hoops and the corresponding roof, such constructions resemble enlarged wine barrels. Against the background of dark wood, the entrance doors and window frames of lighter shades look organically.

          Original baths, such as quad, are also made of different wood species. Thus, the construction of light wood, complemented by a flexible roofing material of turquoise hue, will look great against the background of green grass in the summer cottage.

          The interior of such unusual baths is very cozy and welcoming. If the building allows you to build a rest room in it, then in such conditions it is permissible to put a wooden table with chairs, install wall lamps with light shades and curtain windows with light woven cloths.

          The barrel-baths look fresh and nontrivial, complemented by a terrace. Such addition can be located not only near the entrance door, but also to stretch along the entire length of the building. The result is a real compact house.For example, a terrace painted with white paint, as well as a roof of gray tint will effectively stand out against the background of a bathhouse of a brownish-red wood shade.

          Roofing material can contrast sharply with a touch of wood from which the bath is built.

                The result is very beautiful buildings that attract the attention of neighbors and passers-by. Of course, the roof can and hardly differ from the building in color - such instances look just as good, especially if they are decorated outside with brooms or flower plantings that are nearby.

                How the barrel bath gathers and its review look in the following video.

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