Bath in the style of "chalet": beautiful design solutions

 Chalet bath: beautiful design solutions

Bath is an integral part of Russian culture. People come here not only to wash themselves, but also to relax body and soul. When building a bath should pay special attention to the interior. It should be comfortable and cozy, and at the same time not to lose its functional value.

Now the architectural style of the chalet has become very popular. This type of construction combines aesthetics and practicality.

Alpine style

Alpine style in architecture came to us in the XX century from France and Switzerland. Translated from the French chalet / "chalet" means "shepherd's hut". Small strong houses were built by shepherds high in the mountains. They served as a place of rest and overnight. Alpine houses are well protected from the weather, they were warm and cozy.

For the construction of huts used materials at hand - stone and wood. The foundation and basement were built of stone. For the construction of the attic floor used wood.This design firmly kept on the mountain relief, and the walls of stone reliably protected from the weather.

Features of projects for the bath

The Alpine-style bath project involves the use of natural materials: stone and wood. In the modern version it is allowed to sheathe the first floor of the bath with brick or foam concrete.

Doors should be made large and glass. There should be a lot of windows too. Roof usually do dvuh-or chetyrehskatny.

When choosing materials it is worth considering that the roof must be durable and cold-resistant, keep warm and have good sound insulation. Wooden roofing is usually used as a cover, but other variations are possible.

The architectural style of the chalet is easily recognizable, as it has a number of distinctive features:

  • One of the main features of the chalet is a sloping roof with large overhangs - the edge of the roof significantly protrudes beyond the face of the facade. Such a roof has several advantages. First, the aesthetic look. Bath looks like a real house. Secondly, the functional value. This roof protects the facade of the building from the weather. And in winter, it holds a large amount of snow.
  • Another distinctive feature is a high stone base. It makes the building durable and protects from harsh weather conditions. For the construction of the first floor usually use materials such as facing stone, brick and textured plaster.
  • Attic is built from wood, timber or conifer logs. This provides lightness to the upper structure. Chalet style is characterized by ease of execution. Therefore, there are no complicated wooden patterns.
  • Another characteristic feature of the chalets are spacious balconies and terraces. As a rule, they are under the roof. This allows you to be on the street, even in bad weather. As a finishing material is usually used a special decking, which is resistant to moisture and temperature changes. It helps to make the terrace beautiful, warm and cozy.

Chalet interior

Alpine interior is characterized by simplicity and comfort. The finishing of the chalet-style bath is done with natural, eco-friendly, unprocessed materials. Most often it is stone and wood. or imitating their materials.

Ceilings in such a bath should be high and wooden with large protruding dark beams.They are usually not whitened.

The stone walls of the first floor are plastered or sheathed with wood. Sometimes you can find stone trim. This decor is made in rooms with high humidity. And also There is a wall painting, decor carvings and varnish.

The floors in the alpine bath are covered with massive boards. To create a worn effect, they do not cover anything.

This technique adds an element of antiquity to the overall interior. Sometimes a stone is used as a floor covering. Materials for such a coating are selected with chafing or chafing.

Furniture should choose a massive and wooden, but at the same time comfortable. It should be antique or artificially aged.

Furniture in the style of the chalet is not typical decor and patterns. But sometimes you can find walls and dressers with beautiful carvings. The upholstery of such furniture can be monophonic, patterned or leather. There is also wicker furniture.

The alpine style is characterized by the natural colors of natural materials. When finishing the premises, preference is given to such colors as orange-yellow, creamy-beige or terracotta. But pastel design is diluted with bright accents. These are mostly shades of red.

Textile materials for upholstering furniture and decor is better to choose from unpainted fabrics of natural colors.


An integral part of the decor of the chalet is a fireplace. For its facing usually choose a stone. This detail makes the room cozy, warm and comfortable. The fireplace is desirable to do this, because the electric will not be able to create the desired atmosphere.

Other decorative elements are carpets and animal skins. They can be laid on the floor or hang on the wall. Tapestries, horns, rustic embroidery and old paintings serve as wall decorations.

Various crafts, hunting attributes, forged products, old dishes will be a good interior decoration in the style of a chalet.

The aesthetics of the Alpine decor allows you to show imagination and find unexpected solutions. But do not forget that modern art does not fit into the chalet style.

Chalet style is deliberate carelessness and practicality. The chalet style baths are interesting and unusual. They combine comfort and reliability. Moreover, such a building does not lose its functional value.

The peculiarity of this style is that the interior is a continuation of the landscape.Alpine style bath is fully combined with the surrounding nature.

In the next video you will find a review of a nice chalet-style bath.

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