Lining for a bath: which is better?

 Lining for a bath: which is better?

The arrangement of the bath is largely determined by the material that will be used for such work. Natural raw materials are the most suitable. For quite a long time, the finishing of baths has been performed by clapboard, represented on the market in a wide variety of varieties and types.

Special features

The functionality and durability of the bath are the fundamental factors of the entire construction of buildings of a similar nature. But not every lining will be able to meet the requirements for raw materials for covering the bath or sauna. This concerns not only plastic products, but also natural material, since Not all types of wood are resistant to high levels of moisture.

A feature of the lining, in addition to its natural origin, is the external attractiveness,which, due to the use by manufacturers of modern technologies in the manufacture of products, makes it possible to realize a huge number of design ideas related to the design of the premises. We are talking about the possibility of the production of such products as lining, imitating the finish of the timber, or lining "under the log."

In addition, you can highlight the following advantages of the material:

  • long service life;
  • ease of processing;
  • moisture resistance;
  • using a similar material in the bath, you can reliably hide all available communications, including wiring and insulation, as well as cons and uneven grounds;
  • upholstery clapboard increases sound and heat insulation in the room;
  • Some types of wood produce useful substances when heated, and also provide a pleasant natural aroma in the steam room.

Despite the lack of a decent alternative, the wall panel still has a number of drawbacks: the room cools down quickly enough, therefore, to achieve the effect of a real Russian bath it is required to fuel fuel very often, at the expense of what the heating and the level of steam must be constantly kept under control.

However, modern devices, such as a steam generator and functional stoves for saunas and baths, help to cope with the tasks.


The lining of the bath is best done with larch clapboard or use products made from coniferous varieties of wood. But in order to make the final choice, it is useful to explore the entire product range of this line, since each grade has its own specific features and qualities.

Fir panels different antibacterial properties and wonderful aroma of needles. Wood does not lose these characteristics even after processing. During use, the raw material gradually acquires a darker shade, which only increases the attractiveness of sheathed surfaces.

In addition, fir lining has an affordable price.

Lining for a bath from a juniper will help to improve an organism due to antiseptic properties of wood. Walls sheathed in such material, when heated, will emit an unobtrusive, but invigorating scent.

The most popular clapboard for a bath is lime products. Lipa warms up quickly, but is not able to burn the skin when touched. The wood of this variety has a low thermal conductivity, so it cools gradually. Like most of the raw materials for finishing the steam room, it has a pleasant smell. Further processing of such panels is not necessary, since the material itself has an attractive structure.

Aspen products It has a slightly bitter smell. Wood has a good density, which causes the durability of such a finish.

During the purchase of aspen carpeting, attention should be paid to the absence of knots and tar, since in the first case the skin can be burned, and the presence of tar as a result of thermal exposure can lead to difficulty breathing indoors.

Alder is very popular in Europe. Especially popular is the black alder, which is distinguished by a unique pink shade of wood. It should be noted that the raw material contains almost no knots, which means that for the manufacture of products for plating does not need polishing panels.

Alder wood has a good indicator of resistance to deformation, since it is resistant to moisture.Lining of this type is often purchased at the expense of a wide range of colors - you can even find products of a deep red color.

Cedar products stands out for its elegance, thanks to her the room will look simply luxurious. It is quite simple to choose North American cedar from the assortment - it has a wonderful aroma and a reddish hue of raw materials. The Canadian representative of this variety is widely popular for its unique texture and pinkish hue.

The positive features of cedar lining are:

  • durability;
  • wood does not blacken or swell.

Sheathing paired larch - ideal because raw materials stand out for their strength, elasticity and aesthetic appeal. In addition, this type of wood has a unique and very beautiful texture on the cuts, due to which the steam room can be upholstered with high-quality material that will create an interesting composition on the base.

Using larch for arranging the floor, you can enjoy the heat emanating from the surface. No less important are the properties of raw materials to resist negative environmental factors.The presence of such positive qualities forms a fairly serious cost for the material.

For arranging baths, hemlock is also used - a plant somewhat resembling an oak tree. By purchasing a similar sort of wood for a steam room, you can be sure of a high level of endurance and strength of raw materials, due to which the finish will delight the owners for a very long time.

Lining from abashi - A new trend in terms of arrangement of baths, such material in such rooms can be found more often. Its popularity is due to the properties of virtually no heating in the steam room, so that shelves in the room are often made from this kind of wood. An interesting combination is the alternation of panels of light shades.which were not exposed to heat treatment, and the dark heat-treated bars.

Needles are not the most suitable material. for use in humid and hot rooms, so the lining of pine goes into work for the arrangement of the dressing room or rest room in the baths. The specific aroma always positively affects the state of health and mood, so the material in such rooms will be most welcome.

Besides, pine clapboard stands out for its low cost, so some experts still buy it for finishing the steam room. BUT To get rid of the resins that will emit wood, the bath is heated several times, and substances released on the material base are cleaned with a spatula. The disadvantage of pine products is the likelihood that after some time the products will turn blue, which will greatly affect the appearance of the room, but will not affect the quality of the material.

Choosing a birch for a bath, you should understand that this kind is unstable to moisture, so it can only be used in dry rooms.

In addition to the type of wood, grading is important for such a finishing material as lining. Before entering the sale of products in production are sorted into certain classes. The selection is based on the presence of natural defects on the samples or flaws formed during the manufacture of panels.

There are several types of products: A, B, C, where the first type is the most expensive and high-quality products for which no defects were identified during the selection process.

Besides, Processing and impregnation is important for these products.. It is necessary to cover the products with special compositions in order to protect the boards from insects, mold and rot.

The execution of these works requires the use of compositions that will be resistant to the characteristics of the room in which lining is used. On the market there are various high-quality products of domestic and foreign manufacturers, used for applying to the paneling used in the steam room.

Another important factor is the type of products, since not every board is suitable for such premises. There are several profiles recommended for sauna rooms. Among them, we can distinguish the eurolining with a special angular chamfer. Due to this configuration, the seams between the panels will be pronounced.

Most experts agree that for steam rooms the most acceptable would be a board with longitudinal grooves on the reverse side. This feature resists the risk of condensation.

An interesting option is the “calm” wall paneling, due to which the base acquires an almost even surface. The block house can also be used for baths, but it is worth buying a model with ventilation grooves.

The type of wall paneling called a house, is not recommended for use of steam rooms because of the specific configuration of the boards.


In order to finish the clapboard, a lathing is required in the room, which allows to carry out insulation work. For rooms where it is not required, there will be free space for air circulation, thereby reducing the risk of wood rotting. In addition, the use of lathing allows the wiring of communications and electrical wires.

Warming is carried out in several stages:

  • fastening of the waterproofing layer;
  • laying of cotton wool - it is better to use the material cut out with the release, then it will not stick out and will fit well between the bar;
  • on top have a vapor barrier;
  • the counterbolts are packed, the thickness of which should not exceed 20 mm.

During the arrangement of the batten and insulation, do not forget about the ventilation. It is mandatory for such premises.

Before you begin to mount the wall panel, you should choose the method of its installation on the base.There is no categorical ban on this or that method, so each master proceeds from his experience and preferences of the owners of the bath.

Vertical device lining popular in light of the simplicity of work performed. In addition, the moisture quickly flows down the boards, located in this position. Also, with vertical mounting of products, a very important opportunity is created to preserve and accumulate heat inside the room to a greater degree.

A positive feature of the arrangement of the wall paneling in a horizontal position is due to the fact that the fastening of the boards occurs with a spike upwards, which reduces the risk of water entering the joints between the products.

More ventilated steam rooms are considered to be rooms where the lining is finished in this way. The advantage of horizontal installation is also the possibility of quick and easy replacement of boards in the lower part of the wall and on the floor. This option is the most optimal for baths, made in the traditional Russian style.

Installation of boards is performed by a hidden method, which involves the use of nails or screws of the appropriate size.The use of hardware is fraught with the formation of rust on the surface of the board, in addition, this method is less aesthetic.

For the ceiling trim, you can buy glued lining. It is from the ceiling surface, according to the instructions, that work begins with the material, regardless of the type of the steam room, in the form of a trailer or a square room.

The first lamella is mounted near the door, then going deep into the steam room. It is very important to locate the ends of the panels at a distance of 50 mm from the that they do not "play", as in some cases they turn them away from pressure.

Tips and tricks

To be sure of the quality of the wall paneling that will be used for finishing the bath, it is necessary to make sure that the boards are dried. The maximum permissible humidity of the raw material is 12%.

Buying a batch of products It will not be out of place to monitor the integrity of the shrink film - it is she who is responsible for maintaining the product of moisture and visual attractiveness.

To reduce the cost of purchasing lining in the following ways:

  • In the course of finishing, to use various types of wood - coniferous wood will perfectly manifest itself in most rooms of the bath, and for a steam room it is better to buy more expensive larch.
  • In the washing room looks good tile or lining of plastic.
  • It is possible to combine not only the types of panels, but also classes - grade A will suit the auxiliary premises. In addition, the play of shades and the presence of knots can be used to create a certain natural color.
  • Its cost depends on the length of the lamella. By acquiring and alternating between products of different sizes, you will also save to some extent.
  • Having studied the technology of finishing the bath with your own hands, you can do the work yourself.

Beautiful examples

          To make the interior more expressive, the surface of the shelves, the contours of the doorways and the perimeter of the ceiling should be emphasized with lamellae of a darker shade, focusing on the geometry of the forms. And the lighting, equipped with lamps in the corners or certain stripes, will create a private and charming atmosphere in the steam room.

          How to choose a panel for the bath, see the following video.

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