Rocking chair for newborns

Every parent wants to give his child only the best and rightly so, because the more healthy and joyful your baby is at the beginning of his journey, the more chances he has for success in the future. The crib is the place where the baby will spend the most time in his first years of life, so the question of the right choice is really important.

Rocking chair is one of the most favorite options for all parents. The reasons are simple: a wide range of materials, a variety of materials and the ability to rock the baby, not only in the hands.


There are several types of rocking beds that are suitable for newborns:

  • Cradle. This is a specific bed, sharpened specifically for the youngest children. It is mobile and compact, you can easily put the cradle in your car and go to relax with your child.

The cradle is incredibly comfortable and safe for the child due to the high sides, upholstered in soft fabric and its oval shape, without sharp corners and additional decorative elements.Also, the bumpers are made of solid materials or from dense weaving, your child will not be able to stick his arm or leg into the gaps.

This is the safest baby bed, which has only one drawback - your child will grow quickly enough. As a rule, the cradle is no longer used after the child is six months old.

  • Classic wooden rocking bed also suitable for newborns and, unlike the previous version, will last you much longer. The amplitude of oscillations in such beds is small, the size of the beds can vary, but the standard options are called beds from 120 to 130 cm. In length.

Often, rocking beds for children come complete with wheels or traditional stable legs. If you move the crib around the apartment or vice versa, stop pumping the child and take a certain place to install the crib, it will be enough just to replace the accessories without touching the frame.

Another undoubted advantage of such beds is the ability to set the height of the bottom. The number of levels can vary from 2 to 5. Five levels make sense for those parents who practice sleeping together.In this case, it is important that the bed of the parents and the child are approximately at the same level.

The uppermost level is used for newborns to make the crumbs as comfortable as possible. Later, when the child can sit and stand, the level of the bottom can be varied. Please note that the latest level should be at a distance of 60-65 cm from the top edge, so that the top rail reaches the child’s armpits, if it is standing.

  • A fashion trend that is gaining increasing popularity among advanced parents - electric rocking chair for newborns. If you can not rock the baby yourself - this is an excellent option. Moreover, electric beds are often equipped with a large number of additional functions ranging from different types of motion sickness and vibrations and ending with sound effects.

By the way, many people think that such beds are very expensive, we assure you, you can find very democratic options from 10,000 rubles. From the minuses of such a bed - low mobility and growth restrictions, but these are problems of parents, and children are delighted with such beds.

Tips for choosing

Five tips for young parents when choosing a crib for children:

  1. If you choose a bed made of wood and want to protect the coating and cutting teeth of your baby - use silicone lining. They are non-toxic and perfectly protect furniture.

  2. Take responsibility for the choice of mattress, sometimes it plays an even greater role than the frame. The newborn has a straight back without bends, so the best option would be a hard mattress made from natural materials, such as coconut coir, sisal or with horsehair filling.

  3. Remember that your child will grow up and it will happen pretty soon. If your budget has a certain limit, try to choose not a cradle, but a universal berth.

  4. The bed should not be sharp corners. If you notice this after the purchase, make sure all the bulging parts of the frame are safe for the child. If you act radically, you can simply cut the corners, and as a democratic method - use latex linings or sew fabric covers.

  5. To make your child sleep even better, you can equip his sleeping place with a hanging musical carousel.Funny toys and unobtrusive melodies will help you how to take your baby when he is awake, and put him to sleep when it comes time to sleep.

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Right choice

What to choose - wooden, plastic or metal children's bed? This is a good question, the answer to which depends on your lifestyle and future plans.

Metal children's beds are very strong, if you plan to have several children, then such a bed has all the chances to become an attribute, passed down from generation to generation.

Wooden beds - the most frequently purchased option. Tree love for environmental friendliness. Beds made of beech, birch, maple or alder are preferred.

Plastic options are needed for mobility. Often these beds are bought in addition to the already existing iron or wooden version.

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