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While still pregnant, each young mommy studies different catalogs and studies the assortment of stores in search of the very bed in which her newborn baby will sleep. Fathers are not far behind mothers, who also seize the moment and try to find and acquire the very best for their child. Lists are compiled, firms and models are selected, and only then happy future parents go shopping for children's stores, which offer a wide selection of children's products, starting with the stroller and ending with various trifles in the form of pacifiers, bottles and bibs. Naturally, one of the first places on the list is occupied by a crib.

Modern stores provide a wide selection of cots, among which you will definitely find the right one. Recently, beds of not a classical rectangular shape, but oval or round, depending on the size, have become increasingly popular. For the first time, these models of cots appeared in Germany, and from there migrated to the Russian market.With the help of additional inserts, the cradle turns into a full-fledged bed, which is quite convenient for parents, since they will not have to buy several different beds for the child.

A nice looking design, the possibility of transformation and other advantages are increasingly inclining parents to buy a crib of exactly this form.

Features and benefits

Of course, the main advantage of this piece of furniture is the complete absence of angles and any sharp limbs that may harm the child. This is perhaps the decisive moment, which finally inclines parents towards the oval transformer bed. But besides this, this piece of furniture has many more advantages, one of which is to provide a more comfortable sleeping space for kids. After all, initially the bed is used as a round cradle, and only then becomes an oval shape.

Actually the ability to transform a cradle into a children's bed, and then into a bed for a student, is another advantage, since it turns out that one item includes several types of sleeping places at once.In this case, the bed grows with the child. And when it comes time to buy a new model, you can make a table with two soft chairs or something else from the old one, depending on your wishes. And you can place all this on the balcony, in the courtyard or take it to a vacant room, veranda or garden in the country. Thus, the oval transforming bed will remain in your house as a useful unit and will serve you for a long time, and not only for its intended purpose.

The bed is very convenient to move from one room to another thanks to the floating castors, which provide not only the smooth movement of the children's bed, but also the noiselessness of this procedure. Even if your baby is sleeping inside, his sleep will not be disturbed, and with a calm heart you will go about your business watching him.

But besides many advantages, this model of children's furniture has several drawbacks. First of all, these are the dimensions of the bed, which are much larger than ordinary ones precisely because of their rounded shape. The second thing that many consider a disadvantage is that with an increase in the length of the bed, the width remains the same, that is, the sleeping space is designed for a maximum of 1-2 grades, or even younger.Well, another important minus of the oval transformer bed is the high price, which does not allow many people to buy it.


There is a fairly large number of varieties of oval transforming beds, which differ only in the number of possible transformations. The most common and popular models are 5 in 1 and 6 in 1, which include the maximum possible number of pieces of furniture in one bed.

Initially, the bed is used as a neat round crib on the wheels, where the child is very comfortable to sleep, and the bed itself takes up a minimum of space. When the baby grows up, the cradle can be transformed into a full oval-shaped crib, and later, during the period of activity and attempts to stand up, lower a little the level of a berth. Some models have adjustable sides, which makes it much easier for parents to take care of a child, especially at night.

In addition to the crib, this type of transforming furniture can be used as a playpen for games. It is enough to lower the bed below the usual one, put several toys there and now you have a real playpen in your room, with the possibility of a 360-degree view of the environment.In addition to the playpen, this piece of children's furniture can also become a semi-circular sofa. This can be achieved if you completely remove the front side and set a bed in the middle. A few cushions give the sofa a more comfortable look.

Another transformation option is to turn the bed into a table with two soft armchairs, where the semi-circular parts of the cradle serve as seats, and the middle becomes the table. This technique is very convenient, since the furniture can be installed not only in the children's room, but also taken out to another room or even placed on the veranda in the garden.

If the bed assumes six different variants of transformation, then one more is added to the five listed above. It consists in turning the crib into a bed for a preschooler. The upper sides are completely removed, only the lower ones remain, which serve as limiters of the bed space.

Thus, it turns out that transforming beds can last for a long time not only for your child, but also for you.


The standard bed size is 6 in 1, which later turns into a full-fledged bed, a maximum for a seven-year-old child is 140 by 70 centimeters.For kids who will be in an oval transforming bed for up to five years, fit a bed measuring 120 by 60 centimeters. The cradle in all cots of this type has a standard cradle size, namely 90 by 45 centimeters.


A mandatory requirement for the materials from which children's furniture is made in general, and not just the bed, is environmental friendliness and naturalness. The wood should have a good polishing, and if it is varnished, then it should in no case be toxic or have a strong odor. The most durable, durable and suitable for children's furniture materials are birch, alder and maple. But they are quite expensive, so many manufacturers make furniture from pine, which is much cheaper.

Children's furniture can also be made of MDF, but not of plywood, since it does not have sufficient strength to withstand such a load as children's jumps or games on it.

How to choose

When choosing a children's oval transforming bed, one should look not only at its appearance, but also at the quality of the material, as well as the strength of the joints.All parts should be well and securely fixed to each other, and the distance between the rods should be exactly seven centimeters. The wood should be well treated, and various paint damage, dents should be absent.

It is necessary to check the mobility of the wheels so that it is smooth and silent.

Components and accessories

When buying such an original crib as an oval transformer, additional accessories should be appropriate not only in appearance but also in form. First of all it concerns a mattress that comes with a bed, sometimes for an additional price. As a rule, oval transforming beds have two types of completing mattresses. The first is available in two sizes at once: round for a cradle and a large oval for a full bed. The second option has three parts, which are distributed as follows: two smaller halves are in semicircular parts, which together form the cradle, and separately soft armchair, and in the middle is the third part of a rectangular shape, added during the conversion of the cradle into a large bed.

The mattress is a very important component, on which the child's sleep depends a lot. It should fit exactly to the size of the bed, as well as be environmentally friendly and orthopedic. Today, the best filler for children's mattresses is coconut fiber, which provides sufficient rigidity and is not allergenic.

After buying a mattress choose a set of bed linen, as well as soft sides, to provide extra softness to the child from all sides. The linen should also be special, mainly it concerns sheets, which should be on an elastic band in order to be better and easier to fit on the mattress. Additionally, you can purchase a canopy.

The color scheme of bed linen and the sides completely depends on the taste preferences of the parents and the interior of the room. Psychologists recommend acquiring softer, pastel colors to promote a more peaceful childhood sleep.

Overview of popular manufacturers

My baby

This brand produces an oval Nicole transforming bed with three positions of a berth, eight wheels, and even the ability to transform into several other pieces of furniture.The size of the bassinet is 75 by 75 centimeters, and the size of a full bed, which can be a playpen or a sofa 125 by 75 centimeters.


Feedback from parents who have already bought oval transforming beds for their babies is mostly positive. Moms and dads are delighted with the beautiful and original shape of the bed, as well as the wide possibilities of its use. After acquiring only one bed, they received in addition a few more items of necessary furniture for the child. This option is very convenient and economical. There is a good quality of performance of this piece of furniture, as well as the possibility of its silent movement around the apartment thanks to the wheels.

8 a photo

Interesting solutions in interior design for a boy

To beautifully arrange a children's room for a boy, it is not enough to buy only one bed. It is necessary to supplement it with other items of furniture set, such as a chest of drawers, a wardrobe, as well as a beautiful and soft plush rug and soft curtains. For a newborn, the interior in light beige or blue colors is best suited, it can add a bit of white, as well as various wallpaper patterns in the form of small cars or other toys.

Large soft toys look very nice in the interior of the children's room. It is too early for newborns to choose the theme of the room, let your baby grow up and determine for himself that he likes more - racing cars or pirate ships, or maybe the boy will fall in love with airplanes.

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