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Children grow rapidly. If earlier your baby had a comfortable bed with sides, then from the age of 3 you can review the resting place of your child. Optimum and functional chair-bed will be enjoyed by every child. Parents such a model will help save space in the house. Modern manufacturers offer a choice of the most original options. You will definitely choose a model that suits you and your child. How to choose a chair bed? What are its advantages? On this and many other things, read the article.

Features and benefits

Choosing a place where the baby will relax, it is important to evaluate all its features. Baby chair-bed is the perfect option for a small apartment. You can perfectly save space. The main advantages of this model include:

  • Comfort and convenience. In the afternoon, your baby will use it as a place to play, sit to watch cartoons.In the evening, the chair can easily turn into a bed where the child will sleep.
  • Excellent organization of space. Chair-bed does not take up much space. If desired, it can be removed, freeing up territory for games. Also, these models are characterized by mobility. They can be easily rearranged, moved, transported. So, the favorite chair bed can be taken to the cottage. Your baby will feel at home.
  • Reliability and ease of management. Children's models are quite simple to manage. Kids themselves will be able to learn how to fold and fold the bed. It is important to buy durable and reliable design. This will ensure the safety of your child. Also make sure that the product contains only safe for health, environmentally friendly fabrics. For example, Belarusian quality meets all safety criteria.
  • Original various design. Modern designers are the most diverse models that will appeal to you and your children. They can be decorated in the style of your favorite cartoons and characters.
  • Positive emotions. A good healthy sleep will provide a charge of cheerfulness and a great mood for your child for the whole day. Therefore, whether to save, it's up to you.

When buying a vacation spot for your child, you should evaluate not only all the advantages, but also disadvantages:

  • So, they can include the presence of several sections in a bed. This will have an adverse effect on the baby’s spine.
  • The chair-bed, despite its compactness, is subject to greater wear and tear than adult versions, due to the fact that the model will often fold out / fold. In this afternoon, the baby will certainly turn the chair into a place of active games, with possible jumps.
  • Orthopedic properties do not contribute to the formation of the spine. Sunbed, which consists of sections, can not fully provide the child with the desired orthopedic effect.
  • The folding chair cannot be considered as a permanent resting place. It is better to resort to such a model, when the family often moves or while it is not possible to buy a full bed.


Now in the shops you can find a lot of a variety of options for a chair-bed. In this case, first of all, it is worth paying attention to the quality of the product, the frame material, the layout mechanism. They may include both steel pipes and wood.Consider the main types:

Presence of sides and their absence

Of course, the chair, which has no sides, looks much sleeker. Also, this model will be lighter in weight. For babies, bumpers are a must, since the child often turns in his sleep and can fall.

The role of the bumpers in the chair-beds perform armrests. Mostly they are soft, but there are also unsafe wooden options. There are models with open armrests. The sides of such products will be located at the seat level. Such a bed will be comfortable, comfortable and safe for the baby.

Sliding chair bed

In accordance with the name, these models have an extension mechanism. Thus, you get an easy-to-manage bed, even for a child. Such furniture is divided into the following types:


This mechanism of addition resembles an accordion. In this model, the mattress will fold so that one part of it will form the back, and the other - the seat. Laying out such a chair, you get a flat bed. This option will be optimal for frequent use.

Rolling out mechanism

The undoubted plus of these models is ease of use. Without labor, even a small child can decompose the bed. The bottom of the product is hidden under the seat. To get it, you just need to pull the bottom panel. The top of the bed consists of an upturned back.

The main disadvantage of this furniture is that it consists of three sections. It is better to use these models together with an orthopedic mattress. Among the advantages - a small height, often the presence of a linen box.


This mechanism will require some effort. It is unlikely that the child himself will be able to cope with such a bed. The base of the section is hidden under the seat of the chair.

It is worth remembering that whatever mechanism you choose, the transformation of the chair into a bed should not cause difficulties, as well as creaking. This will be a sign of unfair product quality.

With orthopedic mattress

Each parent cares about the health of their child, the correct formation of posture. For this you should use orthopedic mattresses. At the same time they must be of sufficient thickness. That's when the material will show its qualities. Particular attention should be paid to the filler.It is better if it is PPU, and not foam rubber, since the latter does not have orthopedic properties.

Chaise lounge

Children's chaise lounges and rocking chairs are suitable for the little ones. In them you can easily lull your baby. Models can be a variety of shades. Choose a product to your liking.

Thus, when choosing your favorite model, the main thing is to take into account the strength and safety criteria. Then the furniture will give you and your child only positive emotions.

How to choose

In order for the purchase of a chair-bed to bring joy to you and your child, it is necessary to take into account not only the quality criteria of the product, but also the gender and preferences of the child himself. So, the chair-bed for boys can have upholstery with images of cartoon characters, cars, airplanes, robots. The favorite cartoons of the kid are very popular.

For children of adolescence will be optimal monochromatic shades of the chair. Thus, the boys want to show that they have already grown and become adults. So, the upholstery can be blue, green, gray and other colors that suit your child. Of course, before purchasing any model you like, it is better to show it to the child.After all, he will need to sleep there later.

Chair beds for the girl - a wide field for your imagination. Here you can find the most original models. Let the young fashionista feel like a princess. So, there is a creative chair in the form of a throne. It is made in pink and crimson colors that girls love so much. Popular and models with images of animals, characters from favorite animated films, fairy tales.

Regarding colors - there is no single advice. You should choose those shades that your child likes. Pink, red, white, green, yellow tones are popular this season. They will help to add color to your interior, they will look stylish and fashionable. The most basic thing is for the owner to like the thing.

For young children from 3 years in the room is better to put a chair-bed with sides. So you will be confident in the safety of the baby during sleep. Pay special attention to product quality. Before buying, be sure to check if the chair is comfortable. Let your baby lie on the bed. Pay attention to all the details, especially what the framework consists of. You need to choose durable materials, such as wood or metal pipes.

If you want to do something nice for the child, let him participate in the choice of the place where he will rest. You should not harshly complain if he liked another model that is unacceptable to you. It is better to gently explain your position and listen to the arguments of your child. Only in this way it will be possible to come to a compromise.


Numerous customer reviews indicate the advantages of this model. Many parents note the comfort and convenience of the chair-bed. Such products are light and comfortable, they can be put at any time in a convenient place, or removed altogether, freeing up space. Thus, you can effectively save space. This is especially noted by those families that have a small living space and for whom compactness and ergonomics are a priority.

Creative parents celebrate a variety of creative design. That chair-beds are created in a variety of forms. You can pleasantly surprise your baby with a bed with your favorite characters. At the same time, the imagination of modern designers knows no bounds. There are models in the form of flowers, machines, the sun and others.They will help create a positive mood in children and their parents. Many say that with the advent of such furniture the interior of the room is enlivened.

At the same time, other parents note the comfort and convenience of the chair-bed only in certain living conditions: relocation, long-distance travel, temporary monetary difficulties. They do not recommend purchasing these models for permanent use, arguing that the children's body is still developing and the active use of the chair-bed can harm the spine.

As for pricing, different options prevail here. There are budget models that will help save your family budget. Models with creative design, respectively, are more expensive.

The opinions of parents are also divided regarding the practicality of the chair-bed. Some claim that such products will serve the faithful service and you can count on them for a long time. Others speak of a short shelf life. In any case, this indicator will depend on the model and the mechanism of its unfolding.

Thus, parents agree on the same indicators - ease and ease of use.You will be able to determine for yourself a model that meets your requirements and capabilities and to please your child with a stylish and fashionable novelty, where he will not only sleep, but also spend active time during the day.

Interesting solutions in interior design

By purchasing a chair-bed in the nursery, you should take care that the entire interior has a common concept, organically combined with each other furniture and other things. So you can choose a specific color scheme, repeat the tone, style, materials in the respective subjects.

Consider the basic options for children who will appeal to your child:


This chair-bed is distinguished by bright saturated colors. With the help of the withdrawable mechanism, the baby will be able to cope with the process of assembling / disassembling the bed. This will not cause him the slightest difficulty. This model is safe, it has no sharp corners. There is a special box for linen. Such a product will be appreciated by parents and children.


This model is created for those who appreciate comfort, convenience and concise design. This corner furniture with sides will be a great gift for schoolchildren and teenagers.High-quality accessories, reasonable price will pleasantly surprise all parents.


This chair-bed will be a real boon for a little fashionista. The model was created for those teenagers who are no strangers to romance. Thanks to the durable upholstery furniture will last you a long time. With the vykatny mechanism any girl will cope. Original design, delicate colors emphasize individuality.


This option is for those who like maritime themes. Blue and blue colors prevail in the couch. It is believed that they help to become more balanced, give peace of mind. In this model, stylish design is organically combined with functionality. Cat Matroskin will act as your friend and pillow at the same time.

The sofa is quite compact, has soft sides, a box for linen. Thanks to the orthopedic foundation, you can not worry about the health of the child.


This model will bring only positive emotions to the nursery. You can relax all year round on the summer lawn with your baby. The model has comfortable and safe soft armrests of dark blue color, a wide bright yellow berth.Here both the small child, and the teenager perfectly will be located.


This children's chair-bed can act not only as a place of rest, but also as a toy. Black and white colors are perfect for any interior. The model is quite practical and modern. It will appeal to both parents and children. The advantages of the product include safe soft armrests, storage space for clothes, orthopedic bed. Your baby will be happy to fall asleep and wake up with the "Panda".


The advantages of this chair-bed include the ability to install it in the corner. High-quality reliable mechanism will allow the model to serve for a long time. To the highlight of this furniture include the ability to lay the sofa to the right / left. This model will be ideal even for the smallest room. At the same time your baby will feel comfort and convenience. Upholstery has a special water-repellent fabric.


This chair-bed in the form of a cheerful pink pig will bring only positive emotions to your home. The interior will immediately sparkle with new colors, the atmosphere will improve. This bed will help your baby to see only colorful and joyful dreams.Gentle pink color is usually chosen by romantic girls. But this model is also suitable for a boy who likes an animal.

Functionality and practicality - a feature of the model. Roll-out mechanism is quite easy to operate. There is a convenient box where you can fold the laundry. Environmentally friendly materials are part of the product. Such a model attracts attention with its compactness and original design solution.


A small sofa in the form of a steamer will appeal to every boy. Who does not dream of distant countries and travel? Let your fumes dream only the most magical and mysterious places. This model is not only a place of rest for the child, but also a full-fledged game module. Underwear can be folded in a special hold. Transformed bed to the right and left. Anchor pillow will be an excellent addition and an essential attribute of any game. Thanks to the orthopedic foundation, you can not worry about the health of the child.

This chair-bed will be an excellent gift, both for a boy and a girl, for all children who are not indifferent to sea open spaces and travels.Parents will be pleasantly surprised by the excellent quality of the product, reasonable price, interesting design solution.


This bed is made for real little men who dream to have their own car already. By means of a box luggage carrier it is possible to store bed linen conveniently. Compact size, functionality, orthopedic base - the advantages of the product. The upholstery is made of water-repellent materials. Bright colors will refresh your interior, give it a fresh touch.

The child can not only sleep in this chair-bed, but also actively play here during the day. Let this model develops the imagination of the young rider.

We considered the main options for the chair beds, which are represented on the market today. Now you know how to choose the right option for yourself and your child. Remember that the main thing is the safety and comfort of your child. Listen to the opinion of your child and make the best decision.

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