Children's beds for a child from 2 years

Is your child growing up and already growing out of the crib? It's time to choose a bigger bed for him. The modern furniture industry offers many beds that will suit a child from two years. When parents are faced with such a wide choice, they are lost, what will suit their child and will he be comfortable sleeping on the chosen bed?

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For an adult child older than 2 years, in principle, there are two basic attributes of furniture that can be suitable for sleeping.

  • Sofas. Modern manufacturers produce a huge range of this type of furniture that is suitable for sleeping children from the age of two. Sofas with sides not only allow the child to sleep comfortably, but also protect it from falling.
  • The beds. There are many types of them and each child can choose the bed that he wants. Usually they are equipped with quite spacious drawers, in which bedding and toys can be folded. Also beds for a child of two years old and older need installation of bumpers.Beds with sides are of two types: with hard sides and with soft ones. The second type is not very convenient because over time from a constant load the fabric on the soft sides can tear, and they will cease to bear the function of protection. Also in some beds there is a combination protection. These are the hard sides covered with a fabric. But this is not very good on the part of cleanliness, since it is unlikely that they will be washed. There are beds with removable sides, which is convenient later, when they are no longer needed.


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When choosing a bed for your child, it is necessary to take into account the fact that the bed should be at least 30 cm longer than your child. If this condition is not met, the child will be uncomfortable to sleep, he will constantly rest his feet on the back.

That is why the size of 120x60 cm is already too small for a child of two years. The bed size of 90x200 cm will be too big for the baby and it will also be uncomfortable in it.

The most suitable bed size for a child over two years old is 70x140 cm and 80x150 cm. In this case, your child will feel comfortable and sleepy.


Like everything in the nursery, the materials for the bed should choose natural.For example, excellent beds in the nursery will be made of solid beech, birch, pine.

Metal beds for children look beautiful, but metal is a cold material, and your baby will experience discomfort when it comes in contact with it, especially during the period when there is no heating in the house. Most of all it concerns the side on the bed. He may have to curtain at bedtime.

It is very neat to buy furniture made from laminated chipboard and MDF, as these plates are made using different resins that can be toxic. It is easy to check, smelling the bed. Toxic resins for the most part have a persistent unpleasant smell that does not erode for many months.

Bright acid colors and a glossy shine of lacquer are also usually attached to furniture with the help of substances that are harmful in composition. Therefore, in the nursery from such a beautiful, but far from useful color, it is still worth giving up.

Features and benefits

When choosing a bed for a child, first of all it is necessary to consider the safety of the materials from which it is made. Therefore, it is better to choose natural, and be sure to ask for a certificate of quality for the purchased products.

But what should look like a bed for an older baby?

First of all, a bed for two-year-old children should be equipped with sides. The child is still too small to control his actions in a dream, so very often he falls from the bed. The side mounted on the half of the bed, in most cases, will not allow the child to fall down.

The sides on the bed have several advantages:

  1. they do not allow the child to fall;
  2. they do not allow the blanket and pillow to crawl.

But there are enough shortcomings:

  1. do not allow air to circulate;
  2. if they are out of the crossbar the child’s handle may be stuck;
  3. if the sides are not removed, such a bed will not suit a child of school age;
  4. You can accidentally hit the side.

It is necessary to pay attention to the base of the crib. It should consist of solid bars and rack bases. This is necessary so that the glued bars do not crumble under possible jumps, and the slats provide good ventilation to the mattress.

Now about the mattress. This is practically the most important part of the bed, which will ensure a comfortable sleep, and a healthy spine for your child. For children older than two years, you only need to choose an orthopedic, even mattress with a thickness of at least 8 cm.Eco-friendly, non-allergenic are mattresses made of coconut fiber and latex. Such mattresses will be moderately hard and safe for your child.

In the Russian market there are models of sliding beds that can grow with your child. A great option, do not have to spend money on a new bed, the child will not outgrow this one soon.

Colors and design

Modern furniture manufacturers represent all sorts of bed colors. Here you can find any shade your soul desires.

The most common colors for beds under natural wood are maple, oak, beech and wenge. Metal beds are usually made of silver or white, less often black.

Regardless of what the beds are made, they can be completely different, bright colors: orange, blue, pink, green and others. Color solutions can be chosen for any design of the nursery from the classics to the country.

How to choose

The choice of cots for children from two years is huge. But definitely you can not buy beds, in the design of which there are sharp corners. They can hurt your child. Therefore, in the nursery they are unacceptable.

As mentioned above, the bed should be at least 30 cm more than your child's height. So, if you take a bed for growth, feel free to add fifty centimeters to the growth of your child.

The height of the sides for a low cot should be at least 10 cm, and if the mattress is high, at least 20 cm.

For girls it is worth choosing cots with a delicate design of pink, beige, silver. With the help of textiles, you can fit these beds in almost any interior. For the girl, along with the color is very important design of the bed various curls, carved surfaces.

At this age, children are very fond of various cartoon characters. You can choose a bed, on the back and sides of which they are depicted.

You can choose a bed with a canopy, then your mature girl will be able to retire on the bed, closing the upper bedspread.

A bed in the shape of a carriage will also not leave your girl indifferent, a rare child of the fair sex does not dream of becoming a princess.

For baby boys, the most popular bed is the car. Many manufacturers produce beds of this type. There are flashing lights, and illuminated bottom.Basically, these models are made of PVC or laminated chipboard, have a rack base. For the price, you can find fairly inexpensive models, but your baby will definitely appreciate it, and will gladly go over it to sleep, even if you have slept with your mother before.

Manufacturers also offer a variety of cots, decorated in sea, space, sports designs.

It is possible for the boy, as well as the girl, to choose a bed and with your favorite cartoon characters.

Overview of popular brands

There are a lot of brands on the market of beds and sofas for children.

Furniture factory M-Style produces a huge number of children's sofas, kids. Here you can meet and the tower, and the bus, and the ship for the boy, Hryunu and Hellow Kitty for the girl. Your baby, no matter what gender he is, will definitely like the sofas of bright colors. The Funky Kids Company produces a whole line of Funky Baby beds for children of two years and older. There are beds with various multgeroyami, in the form of machines, motorcycles, educational beds with letters and numbers.

English manufacturer Giovanni Prima produces children's beds for real princesses. They are made of elite natural wood.And their classic style will decorate any nursery.

Russian manufacturer Beds produces children's beds, not only in the form of machines, as evidenced by its name, but also in the form of various vehicles and carriages for girls. flowers for young avtoledi.The company "Oak" produces wonderful cots for children from environmentally friendly materials. Delicate colors, characters of various cartoons will surely please your child.

Interesting solutions in interior design

  1. A simple bed of wooden bars, decorated with bright accessories will appeal not only to kids, but also older children.
  2. Metal bed with wrought iron sides with a concise design will fit into any interior.
  3. A bed made of solid wood for two scamps with a built-in play complex is a great find for a boys room.
  4. Bed with a hut downstairs. The kid will be able to retire, or it will be a great place to play.
  5. A bed with a game complex, a pirate ship and a hammock swing will be a favorite place for your children and their friends.
  6. A sliding wooden bed will fit into any interior and will grow with your child.
  7. A bed-coach in the room of the princess will be an excellent option for a girl.8. A bed-machine is the dream of a future rider, and the accessories of the rally in the room will complement the room's style.
  8. Another type of carriage for a very small princess
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The bed is of great importance in the child's life, as in a dream he is not only resting, but also growing. But when choosing this important attribute in the nursery, do not forget to ask your baby or baby about her preferences, even if he is only 2 years old, and take them into account. Then the baby will gladly change his previous bed to a new, more adult one, and this will not cause him psychological trauma.

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