Gates for wooden garage: advantages and disadvantages

Many car owners believe that the best place to protect the car is the garage. In this case, not everyone can choose the material from which to make the gate of this building. Today, experts offer many options for the design of such structures. Worthy of attention are the varieties of wood. Consider their differences, advantages and disadvantages.

Special features

Garage doors made of wood do not require large cash investments. They are eco-friendly and durable, look quite solid and beautiful. Installing them is not as difficult as it seems at first glance.

This can be done independently, without the help of experts.

In addition to the main purpose, wooden garage doors can serve as an excellent element of decor. With the help of carving, unusual patterns and small metal inserts you can give originality to the designs.What matters is the variety of textures through which you can make the gate special. For the design of the garage door you can use a variety of types of wood. The most common are:

  • oak;
  • maple;
  • larch;
  • Birch tree;
  • ash.

Advantages and disadvantages

Garage doors made of wood have a number of positive qualities:

  • Wood passes steam and air well, so it won't be damp in the garage.
  • The tree has an aesthetic function. This basis is the perfect decoration of the suburban area.
  • Products from different types of wood are easy to process.
  • The cost of such a gate is acceptable.
  • They have good thermal insulation.

With a lot of advantages wooden gates for the garage have several negative qualities:

  • They are subject to burning.
  • Tree hit insects, fungus.
  • In a short time, some wood species quickly swell and lose their original appearance.
  • This material is subject to decay.

Many car owners cover wooden garage doors with special solutions and varnishes to give products durability. At the moment, such mixtures are widely distributed in the construction market.

It should be noted that a single application of such substances may not be enough. Over time, coverage needs updating. Such varnishes are especially necessary for covering gates, which are often exposed to moisture, dry winds and other adverse factors, although not all of them protect wood well.


Currently, the building materials market can see a considerable amount of raw materials for garage doors from wood. The most popular materials include:

  • pine timber;
  • pine board;
  • larch;
  • birch;
  • alder;
  • maple;
  • spruce;
  • oak.

Pine timber and pine board are the most common and affordable materials. This type of wood is quite soft. This property allows you to easily handle the foundation. When laying too plastic wood need to take thicker boards. Lumber of pine are characterized by high density.

Larch has a unique and extremely beautiful texture. With the help of such a framework, you can easily make an excellent design item from your garage door. The disadvantage of the material is the cost. It is noticeably higher than other analogs.Birch, alder, maple boast resistance to drying and a pleasant texture. However, they have more disadvantages: they are short-lived, easily exposed to external adverse factors.

Spruce has a beautiful light shade and a pleasant natural structure. It is practically not subject to drying out. It does not always withstand surface treatment with special solutions to maintain strength. When choosing such material you need to be careful.

Oak is one of the hardest, durable and reliable rocks of the array. It is not subject to excessive moisture and many other external conditions. This material is quite resistant to insects and fungus. Experts say that He is the most suitable for the design of garage doors.


Today, brands can offer consumers different versions of wooden gates for the garage:

  • Recoiling the gate is a simple construction, it works by electric drive. As a rule, these gates are often used in industrial plants.
  • Sectional structures are structures composed of sections interconnected by loops.When opened, they move in the direction of special built-in tires.
  • Swing The gate is a typical and uncomplicated construction consisting of two leaves.
  • Lifting and turning gates are the most practical and convenient. They are presented in the form of one single sash, equipped with a lifting mechanism.

Each type of design has its own characteristics, the knowledge of which will allow to choose the material correctly.

When choosing the design of a garage door, you need to be guided by your own preferences and financial capabilities. The most convenient for installation and installation are lifting and swing and swing types. Such designs do not require large amounts of money from their owners.

Some experts argue that the most unfavorable option can be called sectional models. These types are quite expensive. At the same time, they cannot boast of their reliability and durability, as they lose their original appearance too quickly.

Successful examples

Many consumers choose classic swing gates for their garages. Often they make out in dark colors with bright decorative elements.

Sliding gates are ideal for land plots. Most often they are made in brown or black shades of a color palette. These structures, as a rule, do not decorate forged decor.

How to make a wooden garage door with your own hands, see the following video.

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