DoorHan sectional doors: advantages and disadvantages

Sectional doors of the company DoorHan are distinguished by a wide choice of product range and design, good price and ease of maintenance. Easy to find new parts when repairing. Sectional doors can be opened and closed both manually and automatically. To control the automatic gate uses a special remote.

The design of the sectional door saves space both inside the garage and outside. Installation of the gate will not be difficult, especially given the fact that the manufacturer puts instructions for each delivery.

The products of this company have a large number of positive reviews, buyers almost do not find flaws in the operation of the gate.

Special features

One of the main features of the gate of this company is resistance to Russian frosts, they keep warm and protect from frost penetration.


  1. corrosion resistance;
  2. high strength fasteners;
  3. resistance to harsh climate;
  4. wear resistance "sandwich" panels;
  5. security;
  6. water tightness;
  7. compliance with state standards;
  8. ease of use;
  9. noiseless when opening and closing.

As noted above, there were no cons at the gates of DoorHan.


DoorHan is a Russian company producing sectional doors and components. The range of its products is quite large and is characterized by high reliability and quality. Its main competitors are the firms Alutech and Hörmann.

The company is very competitive, its products have a number of advantages over the German and Belarusian companies: reasonable price, wide range of designs and colors, fast production time of the gate, long warranty period, a unique device for heat preservation, ease of maintenance and care.


The main elements of the DoorHan sectional doors are:

  1. canvas. Consists of lower, middle and upper panels, which are called “sandwich” panels. The canvas should respond well to adverse weather conditions, withstand low and high temperatures;
  2. guide system. Provides reliable fastening and the movement of a cloth. Consists of brackets and guides;
  3. cable balancing system. The main elements are the torsion mechanism, drum, support brackets, special shaft, motor. Provide the correct and safe movement of a cloth, integrity of springs, their protection against damages.

Also important elements are protection systems. In case of any damage to the cable or springs, the web should be immobilized. It is necessary to monitor the condition of the springs so that the web keeps and does not move spontaneously.

Also in the design includes rollers, compactor, electric drive, various auxiliary elements (wicket, window, handle, additional locks and others).


Types of "sandwich" panels:

  1. corrugated;
  2. with a central "zigom";
  3. with a wave texture;
  4. "Panel";
  5. smooth

Panel surface options:

  1. smooth;
  2. "Orange peel". Especially popular because of its resistance to mechanical damage and the absence of stains from water;
  3. under the tree.

Primary colors: white, brown, blue, green, burgundy, silver, beige, gray, red, anthracite.

Shades of wood: golden oak, mahogany, alder, hazelnut, zebra, wenge.

In addition to conventional panels, translucent panels are also available. They provide natural illumination of the room, and are also resistant to sunlight, have fire resistance.


The dimensions of sectional garage doors should allow to park the vehicle comfortably and without the risk of mechanical damage. To do this, it is necessary to calculate the optimal height and width of the garage, taking into account the number of cars and their dimensions.

According to the existing standard, the width should be 2.5 m, and the height is 2 m. Ready-made structures according to these standards are available, but most often the manufacturer makes garage doors for the order of car owners, taking into account individual wishes and indicators.

Before ordering, consider the following points:

  1. height and width of the opening;
  2. distance from the upper boundary of the entrance to the ceiling;
  3. the depth of entry of the canvas;
  4. side distance.

Sectional doors may require more space in the area of ​​the ceiling and on the sides due to the need to install an electric drive and guides.

The DoorHan company produces standard doors with a height of 2.1 m and with a width of 2.5 m, 2.75 m and 3 m.

How to choose?

When choosing a gate must be based on indicators such as:

  1. Garage door dimensions. It is necessary to consider the availability of free space in the ceiling area, as well as the dimensions of the vehicle;
  2. The thickness of the canvas and the type of "sandwich" panels. If the room is unheated, then a small thickness of the web is sufficient;
  3. Automation. Depending on the dimensions of the canvas, it is necessary to select a drive of sufficient power;
  4. Security systems. There should be protection against cable breaks, springs, sash drops, fire protection.

Also provides for the expansion of functionality. If necessary, you can choose a gate with a wicket, windows, locks and handles and more. The color is selected based on the color of the facade of the house.

After buying the gate in the store must provide related documents and a passport for the products.


Before installation, you need to bring the floor and walls in a perfectly flat state, there should be no defects. All this may lead to further installation of the gate.

Installation procedure:

  1. We collect all the panels and guides.
  2. We start the installation of mechanisms (torsion, support brackets), guides, "sandwich" -panels.
  3. We fix the cables and springs, adjust their position.

After performing these steps, you can proceed to mounting them to the ceiling, as well as installing the electric drive. In the very last line is the installation of optional additional elements: locks, handles and much more. When the structure is fully assembled and secured, the movement of the gate is checked.

It is important to carry out a high-quality tension of the springs in order to avoid their sagging or excessive tension.

There is also the possibility of tapping the gate, which, thanks to the use of aluminum profiles, retains the attractive appearance of the gate. Specifically for each model of the door attached instructions for assembling structures.


Setting up the sectional door is to adjust the extreme positions of the blade, the correctness of its movement along the guides and programming remote controls. The instructions supplied with the design, painted all the details of these works.

When adjusting the blade, it is necessary to pay attention to the fixation of the bottom brackets and the drum, to ensure that there are no sags or overloads.

Gates should move smoothly, they should not spontaneously rise or fall when installed in an intermediate height.

The quality of the mechanism and the service life of the gate as a whole depend on the degree and accuracy of the cable tension. If there will be sagging or skewing of the blade, the details of the construction will quickly become unusable and it will be unsafe to use such a gate.

When programming the console, each signal is recorded in the memory of the receiver. To adjust the gate mechanism, gGenerally, comply with safety standards and adjust according to the instructions.


Based on the feedback from the owners of sectional doors from DoorHan, it can be concluded that the structures meet the stated criteria.

Buyers note a reasonable price, reliability of mechanisms, the almost complete absence of damage, good adaptation to frost and other adverse weather conditions. Also pleased with a considerable choice of colors, the ability to order the gate according to individual parameters. Still the door keeps the heat warm, does not freeze and does not rust. The necessary components can be easily found on the market or ordered via the Internet, there are no problems with this.

In the event of a breakdown, the company's specialists immediately react and quickly eliminate the causes of the breakdown.

The process of installation of sectional doors DoorHan, see the following video.

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