What color to paint the walls in the kitchen

The kitchen is the place in the house where your day begins and ends. During construction and finishing work, due attention should be paid to the color of its walls. Psychologists say that the right choice of gamma affects not only the mood of the household, but also their well-being. When finishing the kitchen apron, choice of textiles, furniture, take into account the background and the general surroundings of the room. It is he who sets the walls.

If you are going to paint them, try to get a high-quality, hypoallergenic composition, as well as a special water-repellent coating. It will be useful to order the services of the master, who will paint the walls in the kitchen according to a special technology. When choosing a color, make a start not only from personal preferences, but also from current trends. At the peak of popularity in interior design - wine and gray.

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Selection features

To pick up a good paint is half the success.And to make an excellent repair is the key to creating a favorable atmosphere in the house. You do not need to get too rich shades of paint that tire, cause irritability. It is better to give preference to a warm palette or pastels, which will give a tide of tenderness, will decorate a romantic atmosphere. Cold tonality calms, and pale, powdered, vintage - gives the kitchen design restraint, brevity, peace.

Juicy, summer colors will contribute to creativity. It will be particularly relevant for the kitchen-studio, as well as those hostesses who are looking for inspiration around the stove. Experts have collected some set of rules, using which you can achieve original, unusual design:

  • for a small kitchen, light tones would be preferable, while on a spacious one - deep, dark;

  • the gray color always impersonalizes the room, however, with the right contrast, the opposite effect is created (with pink, pale turquoise, yellow);

  • the color of the wall must be selected in accordance with the shade of the furniture set;

  • the design of classic cabinets, pencil cases and shelves looks great against the peach, pearl, white wall;

  • shade of burgundy, burgundy, marsala, red will suit the traditional white kitchen furniture;

  • the more patterns and prints has a headset, the more restrained, laconic walls should be;

  • cream, milk, sand paint should be decorated in the event that the facades are made in black and other dark shades;

  • the brown palette will always visually narrow the space;

  • increase the appetite scales such as green, blue, orange, mustard.

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In any case, the color of the wall must be selected after selecting the headset, draperies, design areas (working, dining, etc.). Also try to choose a contrasting color for the walls and the floor to visually delimit the space. Remember that the wooden apron will look perfect with parquet, and murals, friezes, “hog” and other ceramic tiles - with the same texture of the floor.

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You can make the wall monolithic, and in certain areas hang a ceramic or plastic panel, a vinyl sticker, for example, with patterns using the patchwork technique, azulezhu. In this case, the floor should be fully implemented in this style, supporting the overall concept of the interior.Always place more emphasis on furniture, facades, textiles. The wall should act as a background, set the mood of the room.

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The right combination of colors

The main universal colors for the kitchen in the future season will be Palette burgundy, gray and green-blue. Try experimenting with a combination of wine, orchids and lilacs. This is a win-win for kitchens of any size. The tonality of "sangria" becomes literally a favorite in the interiors of houses. For example, the furniture can be made in muted lilac tones, which emanate coolness, the curtains are in the color of fuchsia, and the walls are painted in a strict, aristocratic wine.

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When making kitchen cover, pay attention to tonality of gray moss, sea pebbles, graphite. The whole palette of gray will no longer be as boring as in last year’s versions. Combining it with rich, bright natural shades of lemon, avocado, blue sky, you can achieve an incredible atmosphere in the kitchen. Do not be afraid of a few tarnished notes, because the dynamics of the room, you can always add an interesting performance of the apron, draperies, textile accessories.

Gray kitchen looks perfect on the background white, powder-pink, turquoise walls. Facades may not be monolithic, decorated with silver, mirror or translucent frosted inserts. The same elements can have a wall. Graphite, pebble color stands out from any pastel or total white fashionable today.

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Cheer up yellow walls and furniture in azure, Tiffany, coral. This combination has a beneficial effect on the psyche. You just need to choose a quality paint and finish for the apron, flooring and curtains in the kitchen. The facades may differ by a couple of shades from the dining table or corner sofa. This combination will allow you to feel the rise and surge of vitality every time you go into the kitchen.

Actual in the future season will be a shade of Primrose Yellow (yellow primula). It dominates most of the interiors of houses, energizes, gives mood. In this key you can play furniture set, while the walls will have a neutral shade or, conversely, a rich blue (indigo, cobalt, electrician). If you want to paint the walls in the summer motley and juicy tone, then the facades are better to perform in the color of hazelnuts (Hazelnut).All nude shades resemble a combination of coffee with milk, ideal for classic, rustic, vintage or chebbi-chic interiors.

In the apartment where the lonely girl lives, by the way will be pink walls and facades of kitchen set. Rebellious nature can use expressive Pink Yarrow, fuchsia, as a key tone. Cases, shelves and racks then need to be done in soft pastels with small patterns of flowers, ethno ornaments.

Owners of fine aesthetic flair fit new purple-pink in combination with muted green tonalities. In this case, it will be possible to create a doll style for the kitchen, the charm of which will surprise any guest. For large families and spacious kitchens, it is also appropriate to design the headset or walls with lilac, powder-pink shades. They have an amazing property to inspire, reassure, instill hope.

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To the white kitchen it is better to choose a contrast that can be expressed not only in colors, but also in the presence of bright prints, patterns, 3D photo drawings, murals, etc. Caring for white facades will be somewhat routine, but the atmosphere created in combination with lime, strawberry, purple or mint walls worth not to get tired of admiring the created design. Preferring white ceramic tiles, wooden boards or plastic panels to color, try to choose the facades of black, blue, green. Thus, you can achieve the perfect look of the interior, live in an atmosphere of eco, botanical, boho-chic, rustic, etc.

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Stylish orange walls will present the interior with passion, energy, splendor. On their background, not only a black, green, white set looks great, but also any kitchen utensils. You can easily hang a unique panel above the hob, enjoy the exquisite transition to the Ombre technique from light orange to fiery red Flame. Any textiles (snow-white napkins, towels), as well as mosaic, glass apron, mirror surfaces will reflect the style and luxury of this palette, inspiring the hostess to new culinary masterpieces.

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Do not lose sight gray-turquoise kitchen. In the future season, this combination is considered an absolute must have. The charming duet "50 shades of gray" and the most delicate turquoise shows not only an aesthetic, but also a therapeutic effect.Calm down, relax, tune in to a positive wave will help just such a combination of colors.

In the gray designers recommend to execute facades, wall or floor cabinets, table top. In the turquoise color, you can perform all four walls of the kitchen and even a kitchen apron. The combination of graphite and menthol is in itself supernatural, so you should not think over special patterns, decor, create a composition in the form of a panel. You already find yourself in a luxurious, expensive apartment.

For a young family, you can think of the traditional color of the walls. chocolate vanilla. This tandem has some magical sexual energy. Get a kitchen set of the same natural, soothing colors, such as milk, cream, ayvor, pearl. In the design of the kitchen itself, you should not place accents on the motley, cut-away decorations. Choosing the chocolate and vanilla range, you already prefer the classics, avant-garde, baroque or art nouveau.

Not bad, this combination looks in rooms with eco-themes. The beauty of natural shades will be complemented by flowers in vases or vases, twigs, plant stems in decorative bottles, pots, wicker furniture.Conciseness, minimalism - this is what will surround the owners of the kitchen, executed in such a way.

According to the designers, the most difficult is the selection of the color of the walls to the red kitchen. Despite the fact that it is a very popular, dynamic, spectacular shade, if not properly worked with it, it causes aggression and irritability. In order not to "break" the general entourage of the kitchen, try to choose a wall paint in the range of white, brown, gray, cream to the scarlet headset with bright coral, burgundy facades.

A duet will help create a positive atmosphere. red and rich green. He will immediately cause associations with summer, warmth and comfort. For example, the shade of Greenery is so “lively” that it is as close to nature as possible, instantly uplifting. Painting the walls in olive, ocher, dried flowers and even military will also give results and compliments to your guests.

In the kitchens with the correct selection of the palette, be sure that neither the appetite nor the mood anywhere from you will not disappear. During the construction and finishing works, you create optimal conditions for life and creativity, even when it comes to cooking.

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Useful tips

Specialists have a small list of recommendations for all who decide to update the interior of their kitchens. When choosing a scale, it is worth remembering that the wall is a separate element, which emphasizes the originality of the chosen style, the quality of the headset, and the features of the decor. Be sure to take into account the tastes of family members, decide specifically with the style, their financial capabilities. The size of the room, the type of lighting will influence the color of the walls. Pale dogwood, the tonality of greens, hazelnuts, lapis lazuli, rich yellow, hazelnut color - the most "loud" trends of the next season, offering successful combinations of colors.

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