Homemade kitchen wall decor

Often, after redecorating many do not have enough comfort and heat in the kitchen. It is very simple to make decor for the walls in the kitchen with your own hands and at the same time you can spend a minimum of money. Look at the ideas in our article and you will understand that decorating is a very exciting and practical exercise.

Wall decoration

It is very easy to make the kitchen more interesting and cozy with the help of the most simple items:

  • Picture. Fascinating landscape or juicy still life - the perfect solution for the kitchen. This picture is best hang over the dining table. The main thing is to choose the right size and quantity. One or two pictures is good, and three is already overkill.
  • Dishes. Hand painted plates or dishes brought from a trip can be carefully arranged on open shelves or fixed to a wall.
  • Panno. Creativity has not been canceled. Know how to create? Then take all that is at hand: twigs, straws, pasta, cereals, fruit and create an original decor in a frame.
  • Napkins. With the help of bright and unusual textile napkins you can decorate the window sill and chairs.It will look beautiful napkins in patchwork style or plain canvases decorated with embroidery.
  • Houseplants. With the help of the green inhabitants of the apartment, you can decorate not only the window sills, but also the walls. To do this, attach special hooks and holders. And you can independently grow greens in small pots and decorate them with a wall.
  • Cutlery. There are original spoons and forks, and maybe you have become dusty silver? Then feel free to draw them in a beautiful frame and hang them on the most prominent place.

Follow these simple tips, and your kitchen will change and become the most comfortable at the lowest cost.

Wall covering

If you do not belong to the category of people who are satisfied with simplicity and minimalism, then you can resort to facing the walls.


The second in terms of financial and material complexity is the transformation and decoration of the food intake zone. The wall, which has a dining table is usually the most empty, so it can and should be particularly highlighted. There are several ways to do this:

  • Companions wallpaper. With their help, you can decorate the whole kitchen in one particular color.At the same time on the dining area you can make a bright accent. Companion wallpaper is a set of several rolls, the same in texture and main background, but different in pattern.
  • Wall mural. Very good solution to highlight the dining area. Options - mass. You can choose from the catalog in the store, or you can invent something of your own and make custom-made photo wallpapers.

Get inspired by the ideas and create your own unique decor in the kitchen.


Not a very time consuming way to disguise and highlight a wall. The main thing here is to choose the right paint.

Acrylic paints are best suited for kitchen walls, as they are well absorbed and clog up small cracks. In addition, these paints dry quickly. The choice of color is huge, and if you wish, you can create your own shade. Cons acrylic paint:

  • the wall before painting needs to be dried for a very long time;
  • The price is relatively high.

Silicone paints are also very popular, because they have a huge number of advantages, and there are no cons at all. Except for a very high price.

The original decor with paint can be done if you use stencils.In this case, a bright accent will appear, which can be done anywhere in the kitchen. Very original version of painting using several colors.

To paint a success, tedious to observe two rules:

  1. Paint the entire wall in one sitting, not looking up or leaving a piece "for later." Otherwise, you risk getting an uneven painted surface.
  2. Mark the main painting area, and then brush with a brush of 50 mm all the contours: the ceiling and plinth. Then you can begin to paint over the main space with a roller, dip it in the paint that you need to evenly, so that the paint lies on the wall smoothly.

Get high-quality and proven paint and kitchen walls will delight you day by day.

Decorative plaster

Creating an original decor with a special plaster is not as difficult as many people think. The main thing is to approach the matter wisely and everything will turn out! There are a lot of varieties of decorative plaster, so it is very easy to choose exactly what suits you. Choose and get to work.

Finishing by plaster can be applied both in a lunch zone, and on the place of kitchen "apron". If the free wall at the table needs beauty, then the cooking zone requires special strength and durability. Therefore, when choosing decorative plaster be sure to read its properties and consult with the seller. If you are afraid for the safety of the plastered apron, then it can be closed with a transparent panel of heat-resistant glass. So the wall will be both beautiful and practical.

A rock

Want to emphasize a particular style of cuisine? Then a decorative stone or brick will suit you. With their help, they usually create a medieval, maritime or village style. Many prefer stone finishing in the work area, as it is resistant to high humidity and temperature changes.

Why is this decor method very popular? All because the stone is a durable, environmentally friendly material, which at a relatively low cost has a rich selection of colors and textures, which allows you to create a unique design. Moreover, decorating with a stone is a relatively easy task, and it is very easy to care for it.


Ceramic tiles are a standard option for wall decoration. Most often, such decor is used to decorate and protect the cooking zone.

However, special originals are distinguished using the tile with the original pattern of the dining area.

Nowadays, a one-level kitchen is very popular, in view of which almost the entire wall above the cooking zone remains empty. It is necessary to decorate it and here decorative tile comes to the rescue, both in the standard version and in the form of a mosaic of small elements. From it you can add any picture or pattern.

Choose a decor option that you will have not only to your liking, but also to afford. Create your own unique and impressive decor.

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