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The kitchen is a very important room in the house. Here you not only cook and eat food, communication takes place in this area, many people spend most of their time in the kitchen space. That is why the interior of this room is very important and must be not only ergonomic, but also aesthetic. Furniture facades in the kitchen in this play almost the leading role.

Features and benefits

The facade of the cabinets is called the front of the kitchen.

Choosing the lining of boxes, you need to pay attention to the materials from which they are made. They must be moisture-resistant, well tolerate elevated temperatures, not absorb dirt and grease, and also look modern and not break the overall interior of the room.

Modern facades meet all these requirements. In addition, they have a huge range of colors and textures, which allows them to fit perfectly into any stylistic decision of the kitchen, be it classic, empire, or high-tech with a minimalist style.


Facades have two main types:

  1. whole;
  2. framework.

Solid lining is a homogeneous plate, the frame consists of a panel and frame. The panel can be made of plywood or board, they can also be made of glass. The second version of the facade allows you to combine several materials and give them originality.


Materials for the manufacture of the facade of the kitchen set a huge amount. And their choice depends on the needs, desires and budget that you laid on the furniture for the kitchen. Here are the main materials.

  • Laminated chipboard (LDSP) - the most economical material for lining kitchen sets. It is often used in inexpensive modular furniture.

There is one major drawback - the edges of laminated chipboard are very unreliably protected from moisture and under the action of steam and liquids, the edge tape can peel off, and the plates themselves can swell and deform.

In order to minimize the impact of steam on the hinged boxes, they are recommended to be placed at a distance of more than 60 cm above the table top and not to place a slow cooker and kettle under the hinged boxes. Although today there is a moisture-resistant chipboard, but it costs more.Another drawback is the ability to manufacture only straight facades.

  • MDF is another inexpensive material for the manufacture of cladding cabinets. It is a wood-fiber material that allows you to give the facades a completely different shape.

This is a more modern material than laminated chipboard. Thanks to the production technology, it better tolerates aggressive effects in the kitchen.

The covering at this material happens several types.

  • Polyurethane enamel. This technology is similar to that used in the manufacture of cars: the coating is polished, primed, coated with several layers of paint, and then applied lacquer coating. It is resistant to aggressive environment and attractive in appearance. Various colors and textures of such a coating made this material very popular when choosing. But it has its drawbacks. The paint tends to fade under the influence of sunlight, and subsequently, when a need arises to replace the facade, it is very difficult to choose a color. It is not recommended to use such a coating in boxes with a self-opening system, since in places where you press on the facade, scuffs form over time.
  • PVC film.The most popular coverage. After milling with a vacuum machine, the film is applied to the product. They can be completely different shades and textures, imitate the texture of wood, leather, metal. Of the main drawbacks - the fear of high temperatures. Under their influence, the film can lead and it will come off.

Another type of MDF coating is plastic. This type of facade is very popular. But they are much more expensive than covered with film, although it is impossible to say which facades are better, one or the other, not.

  • Acrylic. Glitter, color depth, exquisite radiance - all this is a prerogative of acrylic-coated facades. But they have a significant disadvantage - they are prone to scratches, as well as fingerprints are noticeable on them. Such facades need to constantly rub.
  • Solid wood is the most eco-friendly material. At all times it is widely used in the manufacture of furniture. Wood such as beech, ash, oak is used here. Birch and pine also have a use, but the facades of them are very fragile and cracks may form on them, or they may break.
  1. Wooden facades are always in trend, with the help of them you can create an interior in any style.The interior with the use of such facing is always filled with chic.
  2. On the facades of natural wood must be applied varnish, and they have a glossy or matte finish.
  3. But the price of this material is quite high, and not everyone can afford it.

In addition, the facades of wood can crack or deform from high humidity, and therefore also require careful maintenance, without the use of steam cleaners and plenty of water.

  1. From the furniture board. This type is also popular for the design of kitchen sets. The properties of this material is very similar to the previous one, it is made of glued wooden bars. It has a unique structure in the form of brickwork.
  2. Metallic profile. A great option for the facade style hi-tech. He usually has a color under matte silver or gold, bronze, chrome. Profile coatings are fairly scratch-resistant.

It is very popular to insert acrylic glass into these profiles. Such facades are lightweight and look very stylish.

Colors and decor

Color solutions for kitchen fronts are quite different. From classic wood to trendy acid shades.And the choice of color depends on what effect you expect from it.

Using the color of the facades, you can align the proportions of the room or visually enlarge them. For this it is necessary to use facades of various colors or shades. Lighter visually expand the space, dark - on the contrary, conceal.

If you often take guests in the kitchen, then to create a cozy interior it is worth choosing the shades of the lining of the drawers of quiet neutral tones. Beige, brown and other warm colors are perfect here. For such a kitchen would be a great style interior "Country". What exactly can not be used here - aggressive bright colors. The dark kitchen will also oppress all those present.

If your kitchen is designed for meals, then you need to select colors that enhance the appetite. Scientists have proven that orange and yellow colors are the most stimulating to hunger. Excellent shades for furniture in the kitchen are orange, peach, green, beige.

If you are determined to lose weight, it is worth choosing cold shades for the kitchen facade, but at the same time you should not overdo it with an abundance of dark purple and blue tones, they can cause depression.

The red color of the facades must be chosen carefully. With such a kitchen suite, the interior will be very extravagant, but in combination with white or light gray walls it may well be.

Black color of facades - for very brave people. When making their kitchen should heed the following tips.

  1. It should not dominate.
  2. Use only one shade.
  3. Black glossy surface will not visually reduce the space.

When planning the colors of the facade, do not use more than three colors in the design of the kitchen. And do not be afraid to combine colors. Designers say that there are no incompatible colors, there are poorly chosen shades.

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How to choose

The choice of facing the kitchen set depends not only on color and material, it also depends a lot on size. In most cases they are standard and depend on the size of the cabinets.

  • The width of the cabinets is 40,45,50,60 cm. There are narrow ones with a width of 15.20 cm. Usually they are used for pull-out bottles, but if you wish, you can also make a swing cabinet. Also, some manufacturers can meet cabinets with a width of 30 cm.
  • Height is 70-72 cm, low cabinets 55-60 cm, high - 90-94 cm.

The width and height of the same facades is less than the size of the cabinet by 4 mm. This gap is enough to comfortably close and open the drawers.

There is no single GOST responsible for the size of the facades. But based on ergonomic research, manufacturers by default make their standard sizes.

How to make or update your own hands

Your kitchen set has lost its appearance, and you think it’s time to replace the facades. Do not rush to buy new ones. Try to do it yourself or restore the old ones. The easiest way to make facades of laminated chipboard. To do this, cut the slab to the required size and glue the edgeband.

It is also not difficult to make from wood if there is an appropriate tool. Here, initially, usually, a frame is made, then a groove is made in the middle of it, where you can later insert a panel made of wood, plywood or MDF. With the help of a hand router, you can make an interesting ornament. All parts are polished. Then the facade is assembled, painted and varnished. Handles are being installed and hung on the cabinet.

You can simply restore the existing lining of the headset.

For the facades of wood suitable repainting. To do this, you first need to remove the old paint, sanded, putty, if necessary, prime and re-paint and repaint.

Old facades made of MDF and laminated chipboard, if the film peeled off or the appearance got stuck, you can also return to the aesthetic appearance. To do this, they should paste the film. At the same time, it is possible to make various ornaments with the help of a stencil applied to the canvas itself.

Top Brands Review

Furniture factories that produce facades for the kitchen are a great many. Here are some of them.

Factory Alpha offers excellent facades of MDF, facing Prague - a great option for the kitchen in a classic style.

Furniture Chernozem produces facades of MDF coated with plastic film, from solid wood. All products have quality certificates and have long established themselves in the Russian market.

Italian models are very popular with customers. Of course, they are more expensive than domestic counterparts, but textures, colors, design, and unsurpassed quality more than compensate for the difference in price.

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Interesting solutions in interior design

  1. Solid wood kitchen - chic in everything.
  2. Facades with photo printing. Fashionable, stylish, modern.
  3. Orange cuisine will lift not only the mood, but also appetite.
  4. Facing the kitchen set of red plastic,Gray-compensated walls are stylish and do not cause aggression.
  5. Bright kitchen of natural wood out of fashion and time.
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