Kitchen furniture: manufacturers review

The kitchen is an important part of each apartment, so you need to take the responsibility for choosing furniture for it. Many manufacturers offer their products, which differ in material, cost and design solutions. This article provides a rating of the best brands that occupy an honorable place in the Russian market.

Among the kitchen furniture, a strong competition is created, in which Russian and foreign manufacturers take part. In order for each customer to decide for himself which company should order the furniture, you need to familiarize yourself with the brands and their advantages.

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Every hostess dreams of Italian cuisine. Furniture factory "Verona" is known worldwide, thanks to the high quality of natural materials, unique design ideas and the latest technologies in production.

Those who choose the kitchen from this manufacturer, note the convenience and practicality of the furniture, amazing beauty and high quality materials.Designers of the company were able to create products that delight their owners for many years.

The disadvantage of the brand can be attributed to the high cost, which is justified by really high quality quality and stylish design.

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The furniture factory "Maria" is considered the most famous domestic company for the production of kitchen sets. For more than 15 years, this brand has been delivering high-quality cuisines to all tastes in many stores. "Maria" has a lot of positive feedback from customers who like the quality of products, design and a wide selection of furniture.

The manufacturer uses modern technologies in production, provides a five-year warranty and releases new models every year, winning more and more fans.

Another Russian kitchen furniture manufacturing company, Uyut, offers its customers high-quality products. The cost of production is fully justified by the stated level. When ordering furniture from this brand, every buyer will know that he has paid for every centimeter of exceptional quality and will receive it.

Many stores throughout Russia offer kitchens from this manufacturer, which are actively purchased by customers of different segments of the population. Strict criteria in the selection of materials, a responsible approach to the choice of partners and manufacturers of accessories, fabrics, make this company the best in their field.

Furniture company "Announcement" is a large company that has a wide dealer network throughout Russia. The brand has been known since 1999 and offers luxury furniture for the kitchen. The manufacturer manufactures products to order and constantly updates its collections. The company's products are an ideal option for those who like European quality and interesting design.

The range includes furniture in the following styles: classic, minimalism, modern, high-tech, country, Provence, avant-garde. Fans of Japanese, Italian and English style will find interesting options for themselves. A wide range allows you to choose a product for any interior.

The company "100 kitchens" also occupies a leading position among the manufacturers of kitchen furniture. Here, customers can order products on an individual project, or purchase ready-made headsets.There is a wide range of kitchens in classic style and in modern style, you can find products from the array, MDF, along with all the necessary components.

The manufacturer guarantees high quality of used materials, original and bold ideas, as well as an attractive price. Such furniture will be appreciated by those who love exclusives and dreams of creating a kitchen according to their own design.

Furniture factory "Bravo" offers its customers impeccable cuisine at a low price. Products are distinguished by modern design and good quality. Widely spread kitchen "Prague" from the company "Bravo", which is made in a two-tone scale: Wenge and Premium. Such furniture can even fit in "Khrushchev" due to the modular design.

Separately, it is worth to highlight among the Russian manufacturers the company Zetta. This company offers the highest quality, a wide range of interesting designs, and most importantly, the warranty on products is 12 years. A rare Russian manufacturer is ready to compete with this brand.

Responsible approach to production, modern European equipment and production control at every stage, make this furniture the best in its field.Choosing furniture from Zetta, you get guaranteed original kitchen furniture from high quality materials.

Factory "New Kitchen" uses in its work beech, chestnut, cherry, acacia. Also in demand products from oak, alder and sweet cherries. The manufacturer uses modern technologies in the manufacturing process and original design ideas. Buyers mark a wide range, among which you can pick up a unique set.

Positive feedback has been received by the Russian company My Furniture. A wide selection of colors and shapes, helps to choose a set to any kitchen. The company “Furniture Classic” is also actively developing, which sells its products throughout Russia.

The manufacturer founded his factory 19 years ago in the city of St. Petersburg and is constantly being improved. All buyers who purchased kitchens in this company, note the high level of service and good quality material. Therefore, this company deserves to be in the ranking of the best manufacturers of kitchen furniture.

If you want to buy an inexpensive kitchen that would have a presentable appearance - you should familiarize yourself with the assortment from Via. The manufacturer offers affordable prices, along with the original design.No guest will be able to guess how much such an attractive and interesting kitchen furniture cost you.


On the territory of Ukraine and the CIS countries, the company Mebel-Service gained fame. These kitchens are able to surprise everyone with their quality, functionality, along with brevity and attractive prices. The manufacturer claims that the main goal for him is to meet the needs of each client with the lowest prices.

Modular kitchen furniture can accommodate not only in a large room, but also in a small room. Numerous lockers and drawers and accessories of good quality will help to place everything you need, hiding from prying eyes.


The largest manufacturer of kitchen furniture is the company “ZOV”. The brand has been in the furniture market for more than 13 years and has extensive experience in its field. The factory is characterized by its reliability, creative ideas, high standards in the production of products and efficiency.

Why the manufacturer guarantees high quality:

  • Austrian high-pressure plastic is used as a cladding material for the worktop, along with the ends from Dolken;
  • frames are made of materials from the company "Egger". This manufacturer is considered the world leader in the production of laminated chipboard;
  • the production of the front part takes place on Italian equipment;
  • lifting and withdrawable mechanisms are made with the help of German fittings.


About the above manufacturers say numerous reviews of customers who note the positive qualities of the purchased furniture for the kitchen. If you touch the comments on the brand Zetta, many customers note the following points:

  • high build quality;
  • original design;
  • practicality, ease of care;
  • warranty period of 12 years.

Some buyers comment on this product with the words: “principled beauty”, because the products delight the eyes of every person.

Kitchens "Maria" are actively discussed by customers, the company is always well known and actively advertised. Here are the qualities that customers praise:

  • wide selection;
  • good quality;
  • original design, the ability to choose the right option, even the buyer, with the most refined taste;
  • acceptable price.

Belarusian company “Zov” is described as a factory offering high-quality kitchen furniture at an affordable price. Buyers note the resistance to moisture, heat resistance of products, a high level of quality, a wide variety of choices, among which you can choose the option that is necessary for your interior.

Not inferior to their reviews and "Verona". Customers focus their attention on the excellent build quality, accessories, amazing design and an attractive price range. You should not confuse the Italian manufacturer with the domestic company Verona Plus, these are two different brands.

If you are planning a choice of kitchen furniture, decide first of all with the interior in which the kitchen is sustained, as well as with the color scale and its capabilities. After that, you can study the catalogs of well-known manufacturers who have been on the furniture market for a long time and received the status of reliable companies.

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