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Recently, ideas about the arrangement of the kitchen have changed a lot, compared to what it was before. Now the kitchen is not only a place for cooking, but also a room for its reception, as well as pastime. Not so long ago, glass kitchen tables came into vogue, which, in addition to admiration, aroused a bit of bewilderment, all the same glass is a fragile material, but designers and furniture factories quickly refuted concerns about the fragility of this type of furniture, since modern technologies make it possible to make very durable and high-quality glass that can withstand even a large number of full treats dishes.

Tables of this material come in different shapes, but it was the glass glass tables that attracted particular attention. Furniture of this shape looks very beautiful, stylish and gives the kitchen a special charm.

Features and benefits

A round table in the kitchen is an excellent solution for a large family, because in this case it will be possible to accommodate all the households and no one will have to offend the place in the corner. A particular advantage is the lack of corners, as they provide safety in the house with children. Modern technologies allow to make glass so strong that it is almost impossible to break it. They are also more resistant to hot dishes than the surface of another material, so there are no traces left on them, even if you put a hot frying pan.

The glass surface does not hurt either high humidity or dirt, as it does not eats and is easy to erase. This piece of furniture is perfectly combined with every interior design solution and will be a wonderful decoration in any kitchen. The glass surface creates a feeling of a brighter and more spacious room, it is also environmentally friendly and is at times easier to care for and clean.

However, this item also has a couple of flaws, one of which is its transparency itself, not everyone sitting at the table will be comfortable watching the legs of the interlocutor. Another drawback is that fingerprints will always be on the tabletop, which will have to be washed every minute, especially if there are children in the house. In principle, the first and second drawbacks can be solved by covering it with a tablecloth, but in this case it will completely lose its originality and become an ordinary round table.

If there is enough space in your kitchen and you can use the space at will, then a round glass table will be a wonderful piece of furniture. You need to have it in the middle of the room, you can’t put it in a corner, and you don’t move it to the wall, so when buying, be sure to take into account the space it will occupy in your house.


Modern furniture stores offer the widest selection of furniture for the kitchen. Regardless of the type, as a rule, the design of the glass tables is the same: the tabletop is made of glass with metal legs. Depending on the area of ​​your kitchen, the type of dining room furniture is selected, which can be both compact and overall.


This option is a traditional classic dining room furniture, where the tabletop is made of solid material, in this case glass. Modern designers have no boundaries of fantasy, the surface can be decorated with a variety of carved patterns, inserts, as well as wooden or metal framing. The legs can be forged in the form of beautiful curls or various figures, and by design they can overlap with other interior items.


Sliding furniture has always been much more practical and functional monolithic. Thanks to the additional sections, a small table for five or six people quickly turns into a dining area for as many as ten or twelve people. It is enough to push the two extremities apart, get the rectangular inserts from the inside and put them in their place, then the whole structure is fixed. It is very convenient for both small and spacious kitchens, because the extra seats provide more fun with friends. Of course, the table will not retain its round shape, it will cease into a large oval.


The principle of such furniture is similar to the previous one: from a small compact one, it can turn into a large and spacious piece of furniture in a matter of seconds. The peculiarity of this option is that the edges of the table are simply removed downwards, and it is used as a narrow pedestal. Such dining furniture is very comfortable and necessary, as it is quickly assembled, and in the closed version takes very little space.


Round glass table transformer is an indispensable thing in a small apartment and a unique piece of furniture. The diameter of these tables, as a rule, varies from a size of 80 cm to 90 cm. The height of the legs can easily and quickly change, so you can get a coffee table or a table for card and other games from dining furniture. In the folded state of the blades such an item can be useful as a stand for the TV. By the way, the transformer has a huge number of application options, it all depends on your desire and imagination.


There are several types of glass material that can come in handy as a worktop:

  • Triplex. This is a glass with three layers, inside which there is a special film. It does not allow the fragments to scatter in different directions in case the table breaks.
  • Clear glass. It has additional hardening, providing greater strength.
  • Matt. This type of material for the countertop has a purely aesthetic function. Round matte tables of light or dark shades look incredibly stylish.
  • Armored. It has even greater strength, has three layers and a protective mesh inside.
  • Lakobel. Colored glass, in which the dye is added during smelting, thus, a very durable color is obtained and the furniture will serve you for years.

How to choose

When buying a round glass kitchen table should pay attention to some details.

If you are happy parents of small children, you should take a closer look at the options with a matte surface, since the glossy can become a real headache due to the constant prints of children's fingers. Make sure that the edges of the furniture are quality polished, and the surface itself has no defects in the form of scratches or bubbles. It is recommended to choose models with several legs, since they are much more stable than with one.

Measure the thickness of the tabletop, it should be at least ten millimeters to withstand a large number of dishes. Focus on the area of ​​your kitchen and determine which type of table suits you best. First of all, glass furniture should be very durable and of high quality, so when buying it is better not to stint and choose the most good product.

How to care

Glass interior requires special care. Despite manufacturers' statements about the high quality and durability of the products being manufactured, it’s still not worth risking and throwing heavy objects on the tabletop or beating meat on it.

For cleaning, you need to use special tools for glass and mirrors, and you need to wipe them with microfiber rags. Another important detail is the lack of a tablecloth. Such furniture is not covered with it, but they use large decorative napkins for plates or bamboo mats.

Be sure to follow the appearance of the table and, in the event of even the slightest crack, make repairs so that it does not go further.

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