Glass tables with photo printing for the kitchen

In comparison with traditional wooden dining tables, a model of glass visually “unloads” the space, it looks weightless and elegant. Recently, the popularity of gaining glass tables with photo printing for the kitchen. They are able to adjust the desired atmosphere in the house, set the mood of the interior. For the manufacture of such structures apply special technology. The material itself is hardened, shockproof, suitable for such an unsafe area as the kitchen.

Special features

A transparent table should not be left "naked." It is better to cover the surface with napkins and paths. They will be able to drown out the unpleasant gnashing of objects on the glass, to eliminate the "coldness" in the decor of the kitchen. This technique also hides the legs of those sitting from prying eyes, maintains a neat appearance of the product. In order not to even think about washing napkins or towels, you can arrange the table using a curious photo printing, 3D images.

Thanks to quality material you get:

  • glass resistance to temperature, humidity;

  • strength before any kind of contamination (bulk, liquid, etc.);

  • the durability of the product itself and the pattern on it;

  • the safety of all who sit at such a table;

  • the combination of glass with other materials (wooden facades with a ceramic kitchen apron);

  • creation of a unique design of the room, which makes the kitchen area visually larger;

  • easy care of the product, its environmental friendliness;

  • invisible marks and fingerprints, divorces thanks to stylish photo printing.

"Sonorous" glass tables with interesting prints fit harmoniously into the interior styles of classic, avant-garde, pin-up, Provence, vintage and many others. Folding table, as a rule, is able to withstand a load of more than 100 kg. This means that you can arrange any number of guests and cutlery.


In the top of popular models which season there are products with a combined design. For podstolya, legs, you can pick up forged metal coasters, as well as wicker, wood, chrome, etc.Of these materials, you can make an additional frame on the glass surface.

For large kitchen fit massive tables, for example, sliding. And for a small, respectively, small, with a size of 60 by 90 cm. You can also choose absolutely any shape: round, oval, rectangular or unusual designer. Models with flat corners are ergonomic due to the fact that they can be pushed to the wall. But round better to install in the middle of the kitchen.

The greatest number of positive "reviews" in the form of customer reviews collect kitchen tables with a photo print. They already have their own atmosphere, a successful decoration of the general entourage. Attention deserve the sliding design with thematic pattern, patterns, ornaments. Transformer models can simultaneously resemble a coffee table and a dining table.

Thus, you will manage to create a real meal, and the next moment - a stylish lounge-zone. A huge role in the selection will play not only the image and decor, but also the number of seats. For a family of 2-3 people who love to receive a large number of guests a good option would be a folding model that increases the size of the table with one hand movement.

It will look great those models that are decorated with an additional shelf. It is intended for additional things (napkins, towels, cutlery, newspaper). Most often it is made in a different style, with a different texture. Such a shelf can also be decorated with a photographic print, be frosted or decorated with sandblasted design.

Drawing technology

At the initial stage, you need to apply your chosen pattern on a smooth glass surface using a printer. Specialists most often use the method of ultraviolet radiation. When drying ink, it is important to influence them with a special device with ultraviolet rays. The quality of the resulting image will depend on the brand and functionality of a particular printer, its settings.

In addition to the usual photos, you can apply any print to the taste of the customer. It can be an imitation of stone, brick, wood, sea smooth surface. With this approach, food intake will be doubly appetizing and more pleasant. At dinner or lunch, you will constantly observe a beautiful picture overlooking the Baltic coast, the Norwegian fjords, a picture of autumn or summer, a composition of sweets, fruits or vegetables.

The drawing itself is applied in several ways. The most popular is the photo printing under the stained glass window, reliable, durable, does not require special care. To do this, you need to stick a thin film on the glass surface and wait for it to dry completely. You can also use the method of spraying at the expense of special equipment. The painted tables will be the highlight of the decor of any kitchen.

This technology has no restrictions on the sizes, forms of tables.


Glass will be a great solution to beautify your kitchen with the help of a photo image. For Provence, Vintage, Chebbi-chic styles, you can choose floral appliqués, photos of precious jewelery, and rustic motifs. The whole composition will be decorated with a wooden underframe and sophisticated forged legs.

Elements of weaving will be appropriate in country style, even if you choose a glass table. The pattern in this case will be distinguished by the effect of aging, lace details. You can choose the image of pets (kittens, horses, dogs), rural themes, rainbow landscapes. For classics, limit yourself to laconic, inconspicuous photographs, portraits of celebrities, newspaper print.

Creative design of the dining glass table can be approached, if you focus in the interior on the picture of the product. Photo printing can be made as a map of the world, botanical style with the names and images of plants. The photo print in the form of an economic game, a field with poker chips, a chessboard, and “Field of Miracles” will not look boring.

You can also resort to a monochromatic surface by painting the glass in one of the trendy shades of modernity: lime, emerald, vanilla, champagne, Marsala, burgundy, Rose Quartz or Serenity. It would be appropriate to make the texture of the table under the gloss, wood, velvet. You can play not only with palettes, but also with fashionable patterns, for example, paisley, ethno, pop art. Interestingly, in bright kitchens, deep tones will look, and on dark ones - neutral ones (ayvori, sandy, beige, white, gray, etc.).

For modern loft, hi-tech and fusion interiors, prepare models of tables with chrome legs. In combination with glass and a successful photo print, they will delight their households from morning to evening. In the kitchen, you can easily make a "reference" to your favorite era. Despite the classic interior,A design with a photo printing of famous people: historical figures, politicians, Hollywood stars of the 40s, posters of luxurious and sexy girls in the style of pin-up will be useful.

You can even create a real work of art on glass, “inserting” photos from your personal archive here, decorate the family tree brightly, and match the purchase of a piece of furniture to the birth of your first child, a cat or a dog. On the surface of the model of tempered glass, you can put any ritual or feng shui symbols, patterns from fashion magazines, anonymous slogans.

At the very beginning of the day, create for yourself an excellent motivation, securing a catch phrase, a favorite quatrain, a quote and any other inscription in front of your eyes. If your table is made of bamboo, it's time to include in the interior design notes of the East. On the surface of the glass you can apply any Japanese drawings: dragons, tigers, a sprig of sakura, etc.

Golden shades will turn out to play in the style of Art Deco. The shiny glass table does not necessarily all have to shine and sparkle. Enough miniature gilded edging around the circumference or perimeter.It is best to put geometric elements in the color of gold, chrome or bronze.

Ornate geometric patterns are very much appreciated. For a young family, wedding photography can be used as a table decor. The tonality should be maintained in the basic colors of the kitchen. It would be nice if the picture coincides with the image on the kitchen apron, on the floor or a separate wall. This can be a floral or animal composition. In the loft, urban panoramas, photographs of the direction of industrial, fusion, etc. are very much appreciated.

You can repeat the print both on the table and on the wooden facades of the kitchen. Subjects fashion, space, childhood, landscape lyrics and a variety of inscriptions remain in the ranking of the most popular. They are suitable for almost any direction of modern apartment design. Glass dining table should be an accent due to high-quality photo printing.

What choose you exactly? A delicious macro of chocolates, cake pops, candy, a monochrome abstract image or photograph of one of the world's landmarks?

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