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For a small kitchen, a transforming table will be a real find. Their advantage lies in the compact size, a wide range of design. They “promote” minimalism and laconic decor of the interior, perfectly fit into the styles of hi-tech, fusion, conservatism, industrial, loft, etc. Your comfort and functionality of the table itself depends on the right choice of form and materials.


Selecting a kitchen table-transformer, you should pay special attention to the mounting, build quality, original print.

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The most common option turned out to be glass tables that can be modified. Due to their transparency and the possibilities of the material, they organically fit into the design of any kitchen, from classical to modernist. The product looks easy, sophisticated, stylish.

During operation, the glass will not emit harmful substances. It is hardened, impact resistant, withstands high temperatures.You can put any dishes on such a dining table made of glass. He will not crack, will not split. On a special heat-resistant glass is difficult to leave a scratch, chipped. In the care also the product will not be capricious: any stains, traces and fingerprints can be removed with a dry or wet cloth.

In the ranking of popular models are Italian glass tables decorated with photo printing. Original products "transformer" have a wide range of thematic drawings. It can be an exposition of the city, a map of the world, macro photography of the microworld, still lifes or portraits in the style of pop art. You can leave such a piece of furniture in several positions, ranging from the dining table, ending with a miniature cabinet for potted flowers.

Similar products can be decorated with additional shelves, table supports. Often, manufacturers make such elements matte, decorated with sandblasted patterns. Thanks to modern technology, any print in the form of a film can be applied to the tabletop itself. It is attached from the inside, so it is not erased, burned and does not deteriorate during operation.

Glass transforming tables for kitchens create tabletops up to 10 mm thick. They are strong, stable, assembled can replace a full cabinet, stand for decor. Hi-tech, Art Deco, minimalism - what style of interior do you prefer?


Lovers of country, eco and boho-chic will like products made of solid wood, veneer, chipboard, etc. The classic solution looks expensive and solid. So that the model does not resemble a folding table in a reserved car, designers in every way decorate the surface with carved elements, contrasting edging, frame, interesting performance of the legs, drawings and prints. The advantage of the tree is its environmental friendliness and elegance.

With the help of a wooden transforming table, it is easy to decorate avant-garde, classic interiors. They are also suitable for fans of the Scandinavian, Mediterranean styles, as well as the Rococo or Provence style. Universal model has a high compactness, ergonomics. As well as the glass construction, the product from a wooden massif can also play the role of a stand for flowers, fruit baskets, salad bowls, dinner sets, etc.

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In the folding version of the table can accommodate a sufficient number of guests to celebrate any holiday with a big scale: anniversary, birthday, new year, etc. The tree is amenable to light toning, painting and polishing. From the individual preferences of the customer depends on the shape of the models, which can be oval, round, square, rectangular.

There is also a mass of design solutions, successfully embodied in modern kitchens. One of these is a sliding table-transformer, which leaves on special rails from built-in floor cabinets, imitating a small table and seats. Such a mechanism is useful for small-sized kitchens, the layout of which does not allow to place a large amount of furniture.

The built-in folding table, which can be modified into a drawer with one hand movement - perfectly fits into the interior of minimalism, constructivism, eco, Provence or Chebbi-chic style.


An interesting model is the breakfast set for the kitchen. It is equipped with special chairs and a sofa, due to which it can turn into a bar counter. The product is suitable for kitchens "deprived" in square meters.However, behind him you can have a wonderful breakfast in a relaxed atmosphere. The material for the countertop of this type will be the best option plastic - it is practical and easy to clean.

When choosing a table, give preference to strong chrome legs. They will prolong the life of the product itself.

A model can have 2 worktops at once: one for breakfast, the other for arranging dishes, glasses, kitchen utensils (for example, a container for cream, salt shaker, additional appliances, etc.). The transforming table can also be equipped with a high rack with metal compartments for convenient storage of towels, napkins, some products, etc.

Functional and the main advantage is the compactness or space saving kitchen. If you prefer “Breakfast” with a counter, then be prepared to decorate the kitchen in a loft style. The bar and laconic design quite organically fit into this direction. With the help of a metal axis and several lattices, it will be possible to store glasses for various purposes, bottles of alcohol, toppers, etc.


The Italian brand is ready to present the original design of the Carol headset.Its frame is made of natural wood 18 mm thick, and the shelves can be combined, glass and wood. The table top itself demonstrates the beauty of the stone, and the side walls are made of solid beech. An expensive model will decorate expensive kitchen interiors, preserve precious square meters and easily be able to transform the interior of diverse styles.

A simple scheme of such tables involves the assembly and installation without the help of professionals. Detailed instructions will allow for a few minutes to create a transforming table, and in the near future enjoy spiritual conversations over a cup of tea or strong coffee, delicious lunches and evening meals. Kitchen set Carol - the choice of modern people who appreciate comfort and functionality.


Models that can be modified are suitable for kitchens with a small area. Such furniture does not clutter up the space and allows you to place a large number of people. Depending on the selected model, you can change the size of the table, increasing them more than 2 times. Various manufacturers offer to change not only the length of the tables, but also their height, turning it into a dining room, then a magazine.

Famous brands demonstrate a wide range of designs.On the windows of specialized stores you can find an oval or rectangular table, with stands or additional sections, a table-bar counter and many others. Products, as a rule, practical, functional, provide absolute safety. The last factor will be important for families that have small children.

Most of the "Transformers" have a stylish modern look, fit into a huge number of interior styles, radically change the atmosphere of the kitchen several times a day. You do not need to use transformation tables only for their intended purpose. If you purchase a model with high legs, you get, including an exquisite bar counter.

Products with a folding tabletop will create an interesting arrangement of shelves along the wall. Additionally, the table may have a set of accessories or hooks on which it will be convenient to store some kitchen utensils.

Preferring models on wheels, you can transform the table into a written one, use it as a stand for a photo or a vase. The assembly mechanism can be quite complex, turning oval designs into round ones,and rectangular - in square. The process of operation the most practical option will be a model with an additional segment in the center.

Also pay attention to folding, sliding pivoting systems. Transformation can occur both manually and using the remote control.

The most economical option is considered the "book" system. It does not take up much space in the kitchen, it looks fresh and original. The table top can change its direction from horizontal to vertical.

It is better to place such a product near a wall or window, and when the guests arrive, move it to the center of the room.

The most complex mechanisms are considered to be round-shaped tables. For a sliding system, they are divided into special sectors with separate fixings. They appear in a spiral, due to which the area of ​​the product will increase by almost 2 times. For the operation of a round table, you only need to scroll the main tabletop in one direction or the other.

What to look for when choosing?

In order for the chosen model to serve a long time, choose it for the quality of fittings and fixtures. Popular compact tables made of chipboard.Thanks to the lightweight material, it will be possible to change the location of the piece of furniture without any particular difficulties. Referring to the reviews in the network, the tables of chipboard are the most budget option.

Plastic products will be even cheaper. They are not the best durability can be compensated by the finishing of impact-resistant glass, wood veneer, etc.

An important factor when choosing is the pattern and decor of the table. You can turn to photo printing, imitating wood or natural stone. As a drawing for a kitchen sliding table, you can choose a patterned print, floral or animalistic themes, all sorts of still lifes, city lyrics, landscapes, etc. Photo printing will be the most elegant look on glass designs. Hardened, heat-resistant material does not allow spoil the appearance of such a product.

It is best to buy a transforming table from reliable manufacturers, as well as to use the services of specialists who will help to make a high-quality installation of the most complex product.

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