Kitchen table on one leg

Each apartment has a kitchen area in which a functional table is needed. At the moment, the choice of models on the market is so great that getting lost when buying is very easy. Often, buyers in the kitchen choose elegant tables with support on one leg. This is in keeping with the romantic idea and introduces elements of airiness into the inerier.

How to choose

The table in the kitchen on one leg is selected according to certain parameters:

Kitchen area

Ideally, the worktop should have 6-8 people;

Design personality

For example, manufacturers produce round, rectangular and oval-shaped models. Having one support on the floor, such countertops look elegant and elegant;

Unusual perception

This indicator is very interesting, because to choose a model taking into account the interior is a whole creative process. There are unique design solutions that transform the most boring interior;

Life time

Tables, with the location of the support on one leg, are thoroughly attached to the details, have a durable coating and combine fastenings with increased stability. It is necessary to carefully check all fastenings and materials of manufacturing parts. Sometimes manufacturers may approach in bad faith the manufacture of individual mechanisms.

When using these rules, you can choose a unique model and enjoy the purchase process itself.

Types of models

Angular lean tables are the ideal option for a large company. The oval shape is suitable for large spaces. The choice should be based on individual criteria, but the design of the room must also be considered. In the style of the classics, as a rule, elements of decor made of maple, beech and oak. A tree, for example, has a resistance to chemical attack, and it looks unusual in a common room. But what are the types of tables on one leg yet?


Semicircular, slightly elongated forms of furniture have their own brevity. They are suitable for light, large kitchens, smooth visually irregularities and bring a bit of peace of mind to interior design.A tabletop without corners sometimes has a lot of weight, and it is difficult to rearrange it. Light and cream shades of such designs are best suited for small dining rooms, and dark oval shapes will look harmoniously in a large space. A white table, no matter what material it is, will refresh the overall style.

Pluses oval:

  • suitable for a walk-through kitchen;
  • safe in construction;
  • solemnly and concisely looks in the overall interior design;
  • decorates with itself an interior and perfectly are suitable for classical serving;
  • unites space;
  • gives the possibility of unlimited decor.

By cons include:

  • the inability to place the table against the wall;
  • space reduction - this countertop cannot be installed in a small room;
  • strict location in the center of the kitchen.


If you want to buy a round table, then first of all you need to understand how its size will correspond to the area of ​​the kitchen. Usually this form is set in the middle of the room. In addition, there are models that are decomposed into several areas, as if drawn out. If this form also has one leg, it creates maximum comfort for all those sitting.It is noteworthy that such options are decorated with structural details and decor - this adds to the uniqueness of the kitchen design.

It is better if the color of the kitchen and the headset is the same - this is how harmony of color solutions is created. The most unusual tabletops are made of wood, along the edges of which hand carving passes. Such models - on a massive carved leg - look spectacular and bring a touch of luxury to the overall look of the kitchen.

The advantages of round tops on one leg-support:

  • fits a large number of people;
  • nice shape;
  • emphasizes the center of the room;


  • maximum diameter of round tables is not suitable for small rooms;
  • reduce space.

Unusual models

There are not only classic forms on one leg. The production market can provide a variety of positions: rectangular, narrow or even square variants. These tables look extravagant, so the selection must be accurate.

To begin with, you should fully consider the design - modern and eclectic are best suited for these models. The combination of several styles in one space is possible, thanks to an additional headset and a rectangular table.Designs, as a rule, retractable or pulled out and have several additional compartments.

Manufacturing materials

Worktops with one leg can be perfect not only for a closed kitchen, but also fit into the design of a studio apartment. The choice of materials of manufacture depends entirely on their own preferences. Weighing all the pros and cons is necessary for each material manufacturing.


Tables made of crystal base or glass, as a rule, are presented in a round form, they are based on metal or wood. Such material gives refinement, creates airiness of space.

As a rule, the glass is hardened in order for the table to easily hold a large weight and not be damaged. Chips in such models do not happen, despite the apparent fragility of the structure. The material does not absorb odors, is resistant to chemical attack and repels dust. However, we must remember that glass tables require special care and do not tolerate gross impact.

Glass coatings may vary in type: opaque, monophonic and transparent. Light options can be moved around the perimeter, and the easiest way to clean such a table is with a napkin soaked in vinegar. The cons of the glass surface: stains and unpleasant sounds in contact with dishes.


Wooden tables represent the unfading classics. Oak and aspen species are commonly used for high quality and long service life. Wooden structures on one leg can be used in aged interior, in Italian and Provencal style.

Wood is treated with several sheeting after all parts of the table are assembled. That is why the surface is protected from mechanical impact, resistant to temperature and easy to clean. But using coarse cleaning methods is not recommended. Disadvantages: the material easily absorbs odors, and the model is difficult to move around the room due to the gravity of the structural parts.

Fake diamond

The material imitating a stone, easily gives in to adjustment, looks rich and solid. Table made of artificial stone is perfect for lovers of urban style and classics. As a rule, table tops are available on the market in dark, gray or brown shades. In addition, these tables are very stable, as they have a broad base.There are a lot of advantages: the artificial stone does not absorb liquids, smells, is resistant to mechanical stress and has a non-porous, uniform texture. Cons: high cost and bulkiness.


The most economical material for the table in the kitchen - chipboard. The material is quite cheap, and its service life is much less than that of wood or artificial stone. That is why manufacturers use laminate together with chipboard - this creates a protective layer that does not destroy the base. The material itself easily absorbs water and odors, quickly swells and is damaged, so a high-quality coating in this case is very important. If the protective layer is correct, then the table is not afraid of either dampness, or heat, or cold. But hot liquids, nevertheless, it is better not to pour on such a table.


The table top, beyond which meals and guests are received, has a standard length, width and height. When choosing furniture, the first thing you need to count on how many people will be the table. To the number of people living at home you need to add two more places for guests. This is the final indicator. Apartment owners who love large companies need to know about it.

Interesting fact: the comfort zone of any person is within sixty centimeters. A table in the kitchen for three people, based on these calculations, will have a perimeter of 300 centimeters.

If the tabletop on one leg will be located near the wall, then its dimensions should be even larger. The width (with a rectangular shape) must be at least 70 centimeters in order for a person to fit. The length is already required more than 130 centimeters. Standard models assume a height of 75 centimeters and above (this approximates the average height of a person).

Important: tall people need a table from 80 cm in height. This will not bring discomfort to a person of average height, but on the contrary will allow him, too, to feel freer.


Tables with a central location of support in the kitchen are common. Previously, this form was set under the table for magazines, but now it has smoothly moved to the kitchen. Reliance on one leg is an excellent option for strict shapes and lines, emphasizing the boundaries of the kitchen. The shape can be any: square, round, oval, but it is always necessary to monitor the distribution of weight along the perimeter of the table.The property of stability depends on the thickness and strength of the support column.

Interestingly, there are very unusual support mechanisms, for example, metal wires, tied in several rows with voids inside. Also found in the form of columns at the base or wooden forms with thread.

The most stylish and bold models combine several manufacturing materials: glass and wood, stone and metal, DPS and plastic. Such combinations allow to simplify and facilitate the construction.

Kitchen Design

For the harmony of the common space, stock up with a baggage of knowledge, arm yourself with tips and revive images of a ready-made version in your head, and then you will be able to find what your kitchen needs. Pay attention to the following points.

If you choose a table from a tree, the main thing is its supporting part and color. The combination of dark colors in the kitchen looks interesting, but should be properly formed. And if the table is on the leg of a light shade, then it is better that the kitchen has adjacent shades or contrasting ones;

If you are drawn to the metal, you like the severity of the lines and the aesthetics of cold colors, then look at the glass models with the inclusion of wood.The leg may consist of such a variant of several modeled inclusions, intertwined into one node and be connected through several partitions. These models look very stylish.

To save space, use models with built-in parts - the sliding table is ideal for small spaces and can accommodate more people.

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