Kitchen table

Everyone knows from childhood table-dresser for the kitchen, which has been successfully used in all headsets. These tables are time-tested and have proven their right to be in their place.

Classic in new guise

This table can be used as a chopping board, you can eat it. The design provides a large number of drawers in which it is convenient to store kitchen utensils.

The basis of the design - the cube

It is due to the cubic design of the table-stand is stable. It usually has a size of 80x60 centimeters, with a height of 90 cm. There are sliding models that are transformed into dining ones, increasing their size. Several tables are placed on the wall in a row, forming a solid workspace. As a rule, the corner version is equipped with a sink and special fittings, allowing to organize the storage of detergents. To improve the appearance and enhance consumer qualities, several pedestals are combined under a single tabletop, while the drawers themselves are rolled out.

The stand, as a rule, stands on the floor, on adjustable legs, about ten centimeters high, sometimes hidden by a patch panel.

Form of organization of the working space

As a rule, the place in the center of the kitchen is not occupied. Designers thought up to use it more rationally, having developed floor bollards specifically for this occasion. Such cabinets with a worktop for cutting, as a rule, have shelves or drawers that are accessible from all sides. The surface is made durable, resistant to cuts, scratches, chips. They are built in the hob and sink, and above them exhaust ventilation is organized.

This is a very functional solution, but has several disadvantages:

  • overpriced;
  • problem with communications in the center of the room;
  • unsuitable for small kitchens.

With table top

This version is the most common. Has the form of a floor cabinet. The internal space is used for sliding shelves and drawers or has doors. Used for storing food and dishes, as well as for storing large kitchen appliances.

Special solution for kitchen appliances

Everyone knows that a food processor is a convenient and practical thing, but for daily use, it requires a permanent place. Very suitable for this version of the narrow cabinet, designed for the use of special kitchen appliances. In the inner part, you can store attachments, blender, mixer, and other electrical devices, and on the surface on a permanent basis to install the combine itself, or use the surface to work with equipment in general.

With a cutting surface

A separate bollard extending from under the main worktop, the surface of which is specially designed for use as a cutting board. As a rule, this surface is made of artificial stone. The space under the worktop is equipped with a mechanism with a drawer for knives, which are quite a lot in the kitchen. Such a cabinet is made using wheels and has handles to make it convenient to manipulate.

For food storage

As a rule, the space of the cabinet is divided into two or three horizontal boxes, specially designed in different heights for storing canned food, cans with bulk products,root vegetables and vegetables.

For dishes

Special floor stand for the storage of dishes. The space, as a rule, is not divided by drawers, but is used entirely for its intended purpose. Special accessories for the storage of dishes is the hallmark of these thumbs. Low cabinets and cabinets are very convenient for people of small stature.

Dinner table

Very often, single and dvukhtumbovy table is used as a dining table. In such tables, in the cabinet there is a place for storage of dishes, and the surface is a tabletop. A common option is a table-book with a bedside table, one side of which is specially unfolded for this purpose, and the second one unfolds as needed.

Combining working and dining area

Sometimes there are design solutions in which the working space is combined with the dining room. These are, as a rule, two-level bollard tables with a bar on one side and a desktop on the other. Such models fits well into the interior and allows you to save kitchen space.

Non-standard options - a way to highlight your kitchen among others.

Bedside tables are available for all possible styles of interior decoration. This is a real furniture paradise for anyone, even the most fastidious buyer. However, sometimes the decisions dictated by the style are not enough, non-standard tables are available for solving special problems:

  • mobile bollard for storing bottled beverages;
  • open mobile bollard for storing dishes and serving items;
  • mobile serving table, a permanent place which under a single tabletop;
  • narrow drawer for storing piercing-cutting kitchen tools;
  • mobile bedside table for tea and coffee accessories.

Basic materials

When designing tables, pedestals often used wood, chipboard and MDF. These materials have a limited service life and are afraid of moisture, so recently stainless steel tables have become popular. Plastic and glass are also used.

For the manufacture of countertops is very popular artificial stone, having all kinds of colors.

The obvious advantages of side-tables include:

  • they are compact and do not take up much space;
  • are both simple - not folding, and transformable;
  • roomy;
  • have an affordable price;
  • very resistant;
  • the legs will prevent the wood from getting wet in case of leaks.

There are disadvantages:

  • sliding models are maximally doubled;
  • since the main material is chipboard, the service life of the furniture is small, due to the fact that materials are afraid of moisture;
  • for all its compactness, they have a limited place of use - installation is possible only against a wall;
  • The offers on the market are mostly of the same type.

What to look for when buying

  • the material from which the tabletop is made must be resistant to wear;
  • medium length, and a table width of 60 by 90 centimeters, large tables are inconvenient to move;
  • the presence of plastic or metal legs, the absence of which will reduce the service life of the goods;
  • drawer mechanisms should have support elements with rollers;
  • washbasin should not have a back wall;
  • if the table is not bought by one, then it should be possible to subsequently abandon the used tabletops in favor of a single working surface;
  • on surfaces should be no extra holes and chips, and the quality of the protective coating should not cause doubts. This will prolong the use of the product;
  • since narrow pedestals are placed, as a rule, in hard-to-reach places, tabletops should be removable on them;
  • if the table is designed to move it, pay attention to the wheels - they must be metal and fitted with retainers;
  • if the cabinet is intended for storage of dishes, then make sure that the load in it is evenly distributed over the entire area of ​​the base of the cabinet.

Caring for these items of furniture is subject to the general rules of furniture care:

  • regular wiping with a damp cloth;
  • mechanical decontamination;
  • washing with the use of detergents;
  • products from solid wood regularly covered with polish, furniture wax;
  • ensure that mold and fungus do not form;
  • to control the humidity in the room - do not overdry the air and do not overwet it;
  • clean glass and ceramic surfaces with the help of special means;
  • wipe wooden tabletops only in the direction of the wood pattern, regularly cover them with protective agents.

Today, the table-curbstone for the kitchen is the main element of the furniture in the kitchen. In stores there is no shortage of choice for these items.Using the material from this article, you can always make an informed choice and buy a table that will bring you satisfaction from using it for a long time.

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