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The kitchen is one of the most important places in any home. After all, this is not only a room in which family members gather for eating, but also a cozy island, where family and friendly gatherings often take place. In addition, it is in the kitchen that the mistresses spend the vast majority of their time.

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Usually in the design of the kitchen space table takes the leading place. Therefore, it is so important that it was not only comfortable and of high quality, but also organically fit into the interior of the room.

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To choose the most successful in all respects kitchen table, before buying it is necessary to determine a number of parameters with which it should correspond.

Firstly, it is important to choose a model that is suitable for a particular area and shape of the room, corresponds to the style of the kitchen as a whole, and also satisfies the individual requests of the owner. Further, depending on how many households or guests are planned to be placed, the size of the table is determined.

After the choice is made in favor of a particular model and the issue with the size is resolved, the material from which the kitchen furniture will be made is selected. The material is usually chosen in accordance with the performance characteristics of a particular raw material, as well as its appearance.

Next, you need to determine the color of the tabletop, based on the color design of other elements of furniture and decor. And then choose the manufacturer, based on the company's reputation, quality of manufactured products and prices.

In addition, before buying a table, you must sit behind him. It should take into account the comfort of stay, this is a very important factor, since this furniture will have to use more than one year.


Round and oval-shaped tables look very elegant and elegant. In addition, they are able to fit into almost any interior. A table without corners will look advantageous in both classic and modern interiors.

The most popular form of the table top is a rectangle and a square. This is explained by the fact that this form is suitable for absolutely all types of premises.

Extremely extravagant shape is considered triangular, this option can fit into the kitchen, decorated in one of the modern style trends.

It is very fashionable to use the bar counter instead of the usual dining table when designing the kitchen space. This option looks very modern and original.

Transforming tables are in great demand today. Due to the complex design and a diverse set of mechanisms, they can, if necessary, be folded, unfolded, changed height and shape. Such folding tables can turn from full-fledged dining sets into miniature coffee tables.

So, for example, the table-book consists of a compact table top-frame and two additional wide table-tops, which, if necessary, can be opened by substituting support legs for them, about 10 guests can be accommodated behind it. This model is ideal for small kitchens.

In addition, it is important to determine the number of legs. There are models on one, two, three and four legs. All four options differ from each other, both from an aesthetic point of view and from the point of view of the functional.


Round table is suitable for a spacious square kitchen. At the same time it should be set in the center.

For rooms of oblong and rectangular shape, it is preferable to choose an oval-shaped table.

And with a competent zoning of the space, the kitchen table with rounded corners has every chance to organically fit into the studio apartment.

Tables without corners are ideally combined with corner sofas and kitchen corners. This upholstered furniture allows you to efficiently use the corners of the room, and the round or oval shape will make food intake as comfortable as possible.

In addition, these models have a number of functional advantages: behind them it is possible to place more households, and the absence of corners makes this furniture less traumatic. The only significant drawback of round and oval tables - they can not be placed close to the wall. Therefore, it is not advisable to include such furniture in the kitchen if the area of ​​the room is less than 9 square meters. meters

The models in the form of a square and a rectangle are often resorted to in order to save space, setting up, if necessary, a table in the corner or right next to the wall. These tables are equally well suited for both spacious rooms and close kitchens.However, a table with a square tabletop is convenient, provided that no more than four people sit behind it. In addition, the presence of corners makes this furniture more traumatic.

The bar counter is a great option for small apartments and studio apartments. As a rule, in these cases, the bar version of the table performs the function of both a serving and a dining table, allowing you to significantly save space.

Also in the selection of kitchen furniture, you must pay attention, in addition to the shape of the countertop, and its support. So a table on one leg looks very elegant and modern. This option is optimal if the tabletop is round. Convenience is that at a table on one leg it is comfortable to sit anywhere. However, as a rule, such furniture is made only in miniature size.

Dining tables with two legs usually have an elongated shape and are small in width. This is not a very comfortable option, since you can sit behind it only on both sides.

Three-legged round tables are made quite large in size, so quite a lot of guests can be arranged behind them. Visually, they are aesthetic and elegant.You can also find more miniature options.

Tables on four legs - the most frequently used model, they are made of different shapes. In addition, they are very stable and durable.

Also in some cases it makes sense to look at the models on wheels, which are able to give the table another useful feature - mobility.


There are certain standards that set the dimensions of kitchen tables. However, this does not mean that they are made for carbon paper, the length and width of the table top may be different.

For square-shaped tables, dimensions are 70 cm, 80 cm and 90 cm. At the same time, the optimal variant is 70x70 cm.

For rectangular products, the width is from 80 to 110 cm, and the length can vary from 110 to 240 cm. Tables with smaller parameters will be very difficult to serve.

Other standards are provided for round-shaped worktops. The smallest table top of a kitchen table in diameter should be at least 90 centimeters. However, the round tables make and larger, but it is very important that the diameter was not more than 135 cm. Otherwise, it will be impossible to reach the center of the table.


Tables made of wood look very solid. The most common species used to make tables are oak, ash, beech. According to experts, the most authoritative material is oak. And here it’s not only in its high degree of reliability and durability, but also in nobility: furniture made of solid oak emphasizes the status of the room.

Ash - resistant to mechanical damage, can withstand heavy loads, and also has a beautiful texture. However, this breed has its drawbacks: poor tolerance of moisture, as well as low resistance to attacks of microorganisms.

Furniture made of beech has a very interesting natural color. This material is superior in strength to oak. However, the beech darkens over time, prone to cracks, does not withstand changes in humidity, it is very heavy.

Tables made of walnut and linden are quite popular. Furniture made of walnut, is very strong and almost immune to mechanical damage. The disadvantage of this breed is its extremely large weight. The linden differs in plasticity: from this material masters easily embody the most courageous ideas, but it is subject to influence of insects and other parasites.

Since wood is a material prone to wear, it is usually covered with a special protective compound. In this case, the furniture will last a long time. Perhaps the only drawback of wood furniture is the high price.

Lower cost for products made from materials that imitate wood. Such materials include veneered chipboard or MDF. These options will be less environmentally friendly than products from natural breeds. However, visually they will be very similar to natural wood. In addition, these materials are very practical and light.

You can also use laminated chipboard or MDF. However, the surface of a table made of this material must be protected with a tablecloth, supports or various napkins.

Werzalit is another alternative to natural wood. This material is similar in appearance to laminated chipboard, but its strength is close to an artificial stone. It is immune to ultraviolet rays and mechanical stress.

Products from natural stone look very original in the interior, but it is very expensive. In addition, it is destroyed by the temperature drop and under the influence of cleaning products.Therefore, in terms of performance, a table made of artificial stone is much better. It will be much easier, more practical and cheaper.

Tables made of glass or transparent plastic look very original and modern. In addition, the glass worktop visually reduces the actual space occupied by the furniture. This happens due to the transparency of the surface and the lack of clear visual boundaries. Such products seem very light and weightless.


The color of the tabletop is selected based on the color design of the design of the entire room. There are two options for color design: the game of contrasts or harmonious calm. In the first case, the color of the furniture is chosen in the opposite colors. And when choosing a calm color design all the elements, including the colors of the tabletop, are selected in consonant colors.

The kitchen table can be a bright accent. In this case, the sharp difference between the table and the rest of the interior should be necessarily beaten. The table top can be in harmony with the chairs, forming a conceptual dining group.In this case, it is permissible that the chairs differ in color from the table by one or two tones.

If for some reason the table-chair set option is not suitable, then the table can be combined in color with any other elements of the kitchen decor, for example, with a kitchen apron, wall covering, etc.

It is important to remember that the color of the table has a strong influence on the appearance of the room as a whole. For example, a white table can significantly ease the space, making it more spacious. In addition, white furniture is versatile: it looks very neat and can easily fit into a very different interior.


Chinese manufacturers in the manufacture of kitchen furniture skillfully combine innovative technology with a wealth of experience, which is the key to quality and durability. The range of Chinese kitchen furniture is great and the price is affordable.

Italian-made dining tables are of high quality, visually elegant and luxurious. In addition, they are also very convenient.

German furniture throughout the world is considered to be the standard of quality, it is convenient to use, made from environmentally friendly materials and safe.

Malaysia regularly brings to the market kitchen furniture of various models and designs. This product is very durable, environmentally friendly and has a low price.

Very high quality tables produced in Poland. In addition, this country of manufacture manufactures furniture with the latest fashion trends.

Russian kitchen furniture, due to the absence of different margins, is the cheapest. It is made taking into account domestic realities, its range is quite wide.

And, of course, it is impossible not to note the Swedish trademark "IKEA". She fell in love with the Russians and won many positive reviews due to the fact that the furniture produced by this company is an excellent combination of price, quality and safety. In addition, the company's products differ by the widest range, functionality and compactness.


Of course, a quality table in itself is an ornament. However, properly selected design elements emphasize both its merits and the entire interior, regardless of which style direction is preferred.

Tablecloths, napkins, various dining paths are excellent decorations for kitchen furniture.It is best when there are several sets that are suitable for both weekdays and special events. In addition to the fact that these objects are elements of decor, they also protect the tabletop from various damage.

As a rule, when setting the table, it is necessary to pay special attention to the central composition. In the event that it is not pushed against the wall, the decor element is built strictly in the center. If the table is moved to the wall, then the center can be shifted.

The most favorite variant of the central composition is a vase with flowers. This option will make the dining area more bright and elegant.

Choosing a vessel for flowers, rightly prefer transparent vases, which are consonant in color with the interior of the kitchen. However, when choosing capacity, it is necessary to take into account the style of the room. In some cases, a jug, a bucket or even a ceramic teapot will look much more harmonious in place of the vase.

It is appropriate to put a live potted plant in the center of the table. Such decoration will organically fit into any interior.

An alternative to flowers can be various branches, for example, branches of coniferous trees or willows.And to create a romantic atmosphere fit candles.

Capacities from transparent glass with various filling are very relevant: petals, balls, berries, coffee beans, etc. It is very convenient that the contents of the vessel can be changed depending on the mood.


It is extremely important that the table organically blends into the style, being in complete harmony with all the elements of the kitchen decoration.

In the kitchen, decorated in the style of minimalism, perfectly fit the glass table. The table top can be of different shapes. Effectively in this case will look legs, made of wood in dark colors or metal.

In the kitchen with a classic interior harmoniously infuse models on four massive legs. Elements of carving, especially on an oak table, will look very useful on such furniture. Also chairs or armchairs with Viennese legs will wonderfully flow into this style.

For the dining area in the Provencal style suitable furniture made of natural wood. It is better that it was a natural color or was artificially aged. Very well in this interior will look white wooden table without decorative elements.

A kitchen table with untreated wood worktop, complete with metal legs is an excellent choice for a loft-style room. A plastic model will look great in the kitchen, designed in the direction of high-tech.

Another modern design finding is the introduction of an eclectic style into the interior. For this trend, a game of contrasts is characteristic: one part of the elements must be sustained in one style, and the other part in a contrast one. As an example, a combination of classic and, for example, modern.

Thus, the dining table, correctly selected in all respects, will not only transform the kitchen space and give comfort, but also serve for many years.

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