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Today, fashion multi-level furniture. Sellers of furniture stores claim that the kitchen with work surfaces of different heights is very popular. This design looks original and unbroken. In addition, many users note its undoubted ease of use. In the process of cooking the hostess moves through the kitchen and does not stand in one position, but constantly changes the angle of the back. The load on the spine is evenly distributed and the back is less tired.

One of the elements of a multi-level kitchen is the dining table. It is often made higher than the standard height of the rest of the kitchen furniture. A typical example of a high kitchen table is the bar counter. Its main advantage is that it is equally well suited for large spacious kitchen premises, as well as for small areas.

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Bar counter with storage system

In too simple a kitchen, the dining area can be far from the stove, then setting the table becomes a problem.Often, the hostess of such premises complain that during one meal you have to go several times the distance from the dining room to the stove or refrigerator. Here a bar counter can be useful, for which you can have a quick snack or relax while cooking.

Options for the bar can be a few. In the studio apartment, the installation of the bar counter, she can conditionally divide the room into two functional areas, at the same time playing the role of a dining table. And if you equip it with lower shelves or drawers, then such a table can also serve as a storage system.


This type of furniture is separate from everything and is used mainly in large areas. This may be a kitchen not only in the living room, but also in the kitchens of cafes, restaurants and other public institutions. An oversized island-style table can also be multifunctional and have a place for eating on one side, and on the other hand, be used as a kitchen cabinet.

An island table of ordinary height can be easily transformed into a multi-level structure. To do this, it is enough to build in it another table on small legs, which can serve as a stand for a laptop, a cook book or just a cup of coffee.


In small kitchens, where every centimeter of space is counted, a fully enclosed design will look somewhat cumbersome and for such rooms it is better to restrict yourself to a high table with top drawers. But light elegant models of wood for a small kitchen will come in handy. They will modernize the situation in the apartment, even the old stock - Khrushchev or Brezhnev.

Mobile designs

For small apartments, there is also a folding table on wheels, which can be pushed against the wall so that its tabletop is above the floor cabinet, and when guests arrive, it can be rolled into the room or in the middle of the kitchen.

When choosing a material from which a high table for a small kitchen will be made, it should be noted that the mobile design implies, first of all, ease of movement, therefore heavy massive details will be out of place here. They make heavier and reduce the already small space.

Wall top

As a place for snacking can also be a high table top, equipped near the wall. It can be attached to the wall as a regular shelf or equipped with an additional leg-shaped support for greater reliability.Such a table is an excellent solution for the home of a single person or a young dynamic couple who spends little time at home and for whom eating in an apartment is limited to a light breakfast or evening tea.

Sill as a continuation of the table

If you have an apartment with large, wide window sills, the height of which is greater than the height of the kitchen unit, you can attach an additional worktop on a folding leg to it so that it is flush with the window sill and you will have a large dining table and an additional working area at the same time. At the table with a view from the window it is very pleasant to drink coffee in the morning with your beloved, or to spend pleasant time with a friend over a glass of wine while watching the street.

Since the high table does not have a uniform standard of height, bar stools suitable for height with a rotating seat and high adjustable furniture legs are often selected for it. The optimum height between the table top and the chair seat is a distance of 40 cm. If it is an uncomfortable height, the chairs can be adjusted in height.

High can be not only the dining table, but also fully or partially lower kitchen cabinets, which are also desks.If you want to make a standard headset a little higher than it is, you can equip it with adjustable legs, lift it to the required height from the floor, and hide the legs themselves with the help of a plinth.

Another way to make kitchen furniture higher is to put it on the podium, which you can easily do with your own hands. If there are certain skills in carpentry, then the podium itself can be done with drawers. And then you will have not only comfortable furniture, but also additional storage space for kitchen utensils and other small things.

If it is intended to use high models not only for eating, but also for its preparation, it is important to choose the right height for the tabletop. At the same time it is necessary to be guided by the growth of the owners of the apartment, or at least one of them - the one who is most often in the kitchen. Correctly the distance from the bent elbow of a person to a worker is 10-15 centimeters. Guided by this rule, it is necessary to select the height of the tabletop itself.

In different countries, the standard height of floor stands is different. In Russia, this value is 85 cm. However, generally accepted standards allow for fluctuations in height, and it can vary from 85 to 95 cm.It is important to remember when choosing embedded equipment that will be located on the floor - a washing machine or dishwasher, oven, etc.

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If the family has small children, they are unlikely to be comfortable at such a table. While they are very small, they will not reach the plate, and when they grow up, they can climb on it and reach the wall cabinets. Besides the fact that they can grab something forbidden there, it can still be extremely traumatic.

Many people who have increased height dining areas in their homes complain that it’s uncomfortable to sit behind them. On high chairs the legs go numb, and if the tabletop is too narrow, then a large-diameter plate or a laptop may not fit on it. There is no couch for high models - only chairs. And they are not always comfortable. Therefore, before you buy a dining table with increased height, try to sit at tables of different heights in different places.

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