Kitchen table with drawers

It’s better to put everything on the shelves in kitchen models where drawers are provided. Unlike hinged options with shelves, you can more compactly and orderly arrange kitchen utensils, maintain its safety and order, do not spend a lot of time looking for the right lid or baking dish. Everything you need is always in place and at hand.

The kitchen table with boxes happens three types.

  1. Lower tier kitchen unit.
  2. Isle.
  3. Dinner table.

Lower tier

It uses the maximum number of boxes and modular systems. It can exist by itself or act in a pair with the top. In the latter case, it determines the size of the entire headset. The main equipment is built into the “base”, on the same level there is a storage area: heavy frying pans, pots, bulk containers with non-perishable products, cutlery - everything is here. The dimensions of the components are standardized, therefore, problems with selection, as a rule, do not exist, the main thing is not to confuse the initial parameters of the furniture.

The height of the lower tier corresponds to the parameters of the plate or the ergonomic standard of the height of the working surface. According to GOST, with the growth of 165 cm - 85, sometimes 86 cm. European models are focused on taller people, the level of their kitchen table is 90-91 cm.

Drawer depth and width

How much and what cabinets will be included in the headset package depends on the width of the table top. From its length - the depth of the boxes, they are always 3-5 cm shorter than the size of the working surface.

Worktop 60 cm - the most popular in small kitchens. The length of the boxes is 45/50/55 cm. There is a technique that is ready to sink in these depths.

Tabletop 90 cm - the best choice for spacious apartments in new buildings. The length of the boxes is 50/75/85 cm. There are no restrictions for equipment.

The standard dimensions of the boxes: width - 30/40 / 45/50/60/80/90/100/120 cm, side wall height - 6.3 / 8.3 / 8.5 / 9.0 / 11.7 / 12 2 / 14.4 / 14.9 cm

Some manufacturers for their models provide for increasing the size of the sidewalls, both during installation and during operation.

The largest boxes can handle weight up to 80 kg, medium ones up to 45.

Forms of covers and designs can be traditional or fantasy. Wooden, plastic or metal removable dividers allow you to change the storage system of each individual drawer at your discretion.

Drawer Types

Modules, inserts, dividers "smart cabinets and islands", as a rule, are not included in the set, they are ordered separately and it is better to combine it with the purchase of a headset. Therefore, it is better to assemble the storage system first on paper and in advance. At this stage, the optimization of space and the definition of functional areas of the kitchen are solved.

The basis of the system of cargo - a movable module, which may consist of several tiers or shelves. The distance between them is adjustable or constant. Width is from 15 to 90 cm, depth, as well as boxes of the lower tier, depends on the table sizes. Made of chipboard, metal, plastic, glass.

Baskets of natural vine look good in the kitchen in the style of Provence.

Chrome grids support modern styles, moreover, no bad odor and moisture accumulates in the nets.

There are several types of cargo:

  • narrow and shallow - for storing trays, cutting boards;
  • with holders - for towels and napkins;
  • with hinged attachments - for scoops and paddles, lids of pots.

Cassette or retractable - universal purpose: they can store and utensils, and products.The smallest, 15 cm wide, can hold a weight of up to 12 kg, they are usually used for spices.

For sliding include shelves with additional work surface and tables. They are very convenient for small rooms. Shelves, with a width of 60 cm, can withstand up to 40, at 80 cm - 80 kg.

Roll-out - vertical design for the entire height of the table or headset. Narrow vertical, with a width in the range of 15–40 cm - for storing narrow and tall objects. They are also called bottlemakers. Boxes without shelves and nets of this type are used for fixtures or under the container for cutlery.

Mobile pedestal on rollers - performs the function and an additional working surface, and storage space for utensils. Good as a serving table or an island in small kitchens.

Carousel - for the corner sections, where pots are usually stored. The swivel mechanism allows you to deploy compact and tightly located shelves, providing free access to all objects and the entire height of the cabinet space.

There are two types of carousel:

  • "Train" - the shelves leave sequentially one after the other;
  • "Magic corner" - one of their shelves is fixed on the door, the second inside the case.

Basement box - not available in all headsets is located near the floor.It holds rarely used items. Accessories correspond only to brands of manufacturers of each of the kitchen models.

Retractable garbage pails:

  • hinged option on the inside of the door under the sink;
  • automatic extension system, triggered when the door is opened.

How on rails

The soft run of the drawer extension is provided by metal guides or durable plastic. Metalboxes (matoboksy) - designs based on roller guides. Tandemboxes - designs based on ball guides.

They are present in all models, differ only in class. The budget versions are silent and have the function of refinement. Tandemboxes are more perfect, have greater capacity, carrying capacity and wear resistance. The ball system ensures the stability of the box during movement and does not allow roll, even with the full opening of the widest and most loaded. Assembly is simple, when cleaning the boxes are easily removed.

All major furniture brands are trying to use exclusive systems that ensure smooth running and fine-tuning, but they are based on either damped pneumatic (due to air) or oil shock absorbers.Gentle closing allows, in addition to comfort, to extend the life of the furniture.

Today, sensory models are emerging, coming off and closing from a light touch. Hettich in the piggy bank of kitchens has tandemboxes equipped with an electric drive, which are able to recognize an obstacle in their path and slow down to prevent collisions.

In storage systems with a smooth bottom, you must use anti-slip mats. They will protect items from falling. Systems of single or double longitudinal rails rigidly fix objects, which also helps protect utensils from shocks.


The traditional island is placed in the kitchen of more than 20 square meters. For an average area of ​​15-20 square meters, compact, folding or mobile models are selected.


  • height - from 90 to 125 cm,
  • width - over 100 cm,
  • length - from 600 cm and more than 1.5 meters.

The approach to the island should be at least from three sides. Equipment and the depth of the boxes - standard or designed to order, depending on the design decision. In the kitchen zone, the island is equipped with a headset according to the lower tier system, and in the dining room, it is also adapted to the dining table requirements.

Dinner table

In the dining area does not provide storage of food or bulky dishes, so the design of tables with drawers is much easier. Mobile units are not used in the dining tables; ordinary slats or roller systems serve as guides. Designing is not provided, tables with boxes are released in the final version. The dimensions and parameters of tables with drawers correspond to the usual standards of dining tables.

In classical styles, only one box is allowed, and then with the proviso: it should not stand out and attract attention. Provence and retro opposite, welcome numerous cells, shelves and drawers. Loft and modern are neutral.

Storage areas can be located in the underframe or make one of the parties. Such a block is sometimes found in the vicinity of open shelves for a coffee maker, kettle, a vase with fruit, cookbooks or designer jewelry.


Modular systems, fasteners, guides today are used by European manufacturers. The leaders are Blum, Grass, Hailo, Hettich, Kessebhmer, Vauth-Sagel, Salice and Vibo.

In Russia, they are used in the production of ADM, Allegrodrev, Announcement, Atlas-Lux, Dryad, Eurocomfort, Maria Kitchens, Kitchen Yard, Legna, Sputnik Style, Stylish Kitchens, Forema Kitchens, Edel, Ecomebel, Elt, Virs and others.

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