Chairs with a back - a convenient option for home and garden

 Chairs with a back - a convenient option for home and garden

In any room, a chair is a necessary thing that provides a comfortable pastime. Chairs with a back - a convenient option for home and garden. A solid backrest base allows you to relax and keep your back straight.

An interesting design of the attribute will allow it to blend harmoniously into the modern interior of an apartment or country house.

Advantages and disadvantages

Each buyer chooses a chair not only for its appearance, but also for convenience. Chairs always come under comparison with or without backrest. Before making the final choice, you should be familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of products. The chair with a back possesses such advantages:

  • resilience;
  • use for the back (especially when the back has the same texture and stiffness of the upholstery as the seat);
  • possibility of transformation (folding products).

Such pieces of furniture can be inconvenient in small rooms, as the back will visually fill in so small space. Another disadvantage is the inability to turn around 180 degrees. Because of the back will have to either completely get up from the chair, or turn around with him.


A variety of designs, shapes, sizes and other design features of chairs with backs allows you to choose the most successful option for your apartment or cottage. These pieces of furniture come in several forms:

  • chairs with low and high back;
  • models with a back without legs, with armrests or without them (sitting in such models is located in the center of the back and armrests, which play a role and legs);
  • folding products (transformers);
  • screw models (adjustable seat height);
  • chairs with a folding back;
  • attributes on wheels.

The back of these pieces of furniture can be cruciform, solid, with upholstery, etc. The first option is classic and does not always fit into modern interiors.


Taking into account the fact that chairs with a back are intended for interiors of different styles, these attributes are made from the following materials:

  • Tree. These products look stylish and solid. They are practical and comfortable, especially if there is a soft upholstery. The material is environmentally friendly, because it is created from solid wood.
  • Iron. Iron chairs are versatile. They harmoniously fit into any interior, have a modern look. The most popular type of upholstery is leatherette.
  • Plastic. The most profitable option, as it is inexpensive, has the ease and practicality. It is easy to take care of him or take him out of the room. It may be the best option to give.
  • Glass. Chairs from such material are not fragile, as many may think, but rather reliable. At the same time, their weight is insignificant, so products easily move from one place to another.

Cork chairs are environmentally friendly, so they are often purchased in children's rooms.


Improper stool size can cause discomfort. Quality products are created taking into account the build of an average person, so they have standard sizes: height from legs to back is about 95 cm, from legs to sitting - about 45 cm.As a rule, the height of the backrest and the width of the seat vary, as they are selected individually.

Some models can be created according to the customer's order: they take into account the parameters of the table to which the models are selected, as well as the height and weight of who will sit behind them (especially when it comes to children).


A variety of shades of products for sitting is very wide: from neutral and classic colors to bright, saturated. Their choice depends on the design of the apartment or suburban area.

For the "classics" fit models of wood with hints of wenge, alder, oak, as well as black, gray, white and beige tones. In the high-tech direction, metallic colors are appropriate, in modern fusion and modernism styles are rich shades of red, yellow, green.

It is necessary to take into account the fact whether these attributes will complement the interior or its bright accent.

The form

The shape of the seat and the back of the chair can be different, however, there is no such diversity as in the colors. Standard options: square, rectangular, round and oval. There are products with a seat and back in the form of a trapezoid.

There are also design models that can have the shape and appearance of a hand, a crown, ears of bunnies, or animal heads, if they are intended for toddlers.

Type of

Often there is the classic type of chairs: it has a soft / semi-soft seat, its back is stiff, decorated decoratively, and the legs are straight. However, there are other types of models that differ significantly from the standards:

  • Seat. The product is wide and soft, has low armrests. It is very convenient, but it has considerable weight, so it is not suitable for regular permutations.
  • "Viennese" chair. Differs hard seat. Rounded shapes emphasize its elegance and sophistication. Looks great in a classic interior and rooms in modern style.
  • Model throne. It is characterized by a high back and the presence of armrests, which gives it solemnity and grandeur. Because of the massiveness of such an attribute, it is often impossible to transfer it.
  • Poof. It has a low soft back and a soft seat.

In some models, the back and armrests can smoothly move into legs that are visually absent.


Popular options for a filler - sheet foam rubber and a synthetic winterizer. In addition to these materials, wool, wadding, latex or down can be used. The last type of filler provides for a dense upholstery so that the fluff does not crawl through matter.But in the product with a batting filler increases the possibility of the establishment of a moth.

There are polyurethane fillers (balls), they are soft, comfortable, but not suitable for frequent use. After some time, this type of filler will begin to crawl through the small gaps that are in the upholstery mount.


Chairs that are constantly used in everyday life should be comfortable. For greater convenience, used upholstery. It can be created from different types of fabrics, leather or its substitute, under which there is a filler. There are these types of seats:

  • Hard. Flooring in such models is missing. Their service life is longer than that of other products, however, they do not have much comfort.
  • Soft. They are based on flooring and springs. This option is the most convenient, but also very expensive.
  • Semi soft There is flooring, but there are no springs. They are practical and long serve their masters.

Before buying chairs with a specific type of seat, you should sit on it to decide which type of stiffness fits best.


A chair is one of the most sought-after household items in an apartment or at a dacha, one cannot do without it in everyday life, when repairing, changing furniture, working, studying, etc. The frame and the seat are the main components of these attributes.But, if the second component is soft, and the back does not provide for this, you can separately purchase special pads - they will help to create comfort.

additional characteristics

For buyers with back problems, you can offer special models with support for the spine and the back as a whole - orthopedic. The rotating product should have a back almost vertical, while the angle of inclination should be no more than 5 degrees.

Improved chairs are equipped with shock absorption. In this case, under the weight of the one who sits, the back slowly deviates by several degrees.

When no one relies on her, she returns to her usual position.


The style of the chairs with the back should match the style of the room where they will be located. There are several main areas of models:

  • Classic. This style is characterized by massive wood chairs or a combination of this material with metal components.
  • Baroque. Products have rounded shapes, and their legs are curved. Appearance - elegant and luxurious.
  • Hi-tech, minimalism. Chairs are made of metal, plastic or a combination of several materials with a predominance of straight lines.
  • Modern This direction is between the classic outlines and the hi-tech style, so the models can have strict shapes or with smooth outlines.


The design of the chairs with the back can be quite varied: from classic white models of natural wood to metal structures upholstered in leatherette. In country styles, country looks interesting old models of wood with a curved back, and in modern - products made of steel, glass, plastic, regular or fancy shapes.

How to choose?

The attribute for an apartment and a dacha can be different: an ordinary straight chair with a back or a designer model with unusual shapes and shades for modern rooms. Before you opt for a particular model, you should consider some points:

  • Materials It is better to take such products to the kitchen, which do not require special care, as here they will resist temperature effects and become more often contaminated.
  • The height of the backrest. Before buying, you must sit down and lean back: a sense of discomfort should not be present.
  • Width and depth of the seat.Convenience is the main criterion when choosing furniture, especially when you have to spend a lot of time on the chair.
  • Product weight If the chair needs to be moved often, it is better to choose a less dimensional version or a model on wheels.

The color and design of the chairs with the back should correspond to the interior of the room in which they will be.

Famous manufacturers and reviews

Quality, design and low price are the criteria by which the buyer first of all evaluates the product. According to the owners of chairs with backs, the most profitable and reliable manufacturing country - Italy. Brands of this state - Connubia Calligaris, Mario Villanova, Maronese Venier, Varo and others successfully combine practicality, durability, and stylish design in their models. Among Italian companies, you can choose interesting attributes for the living room, kitchen and even a summer cottage.

Germany - another European representative offering quality chairs. Brands Kare and Eichholtz produce products of unusual shapes and colors. Such models will be the original addition to any interior.

Polish and Ukrainian chairs also popular with buyers.They leave good reviews about the brands Vitra, PROFIm, LD seating (Poland) and AMF, "New Style" (Ukraine). The manufacturers of furniture sets from Spain, France, England, and Turkey have also proved themselves on the good side.

Successful examples and options

Chairs with a back - not only a stylish addition to the design of the room, but also its necessary element. Such attributes can be fully combined with the style of the room or be a bright accent.

Products of unusual shapes or design look original, although classic models can add a touch of elegance.

Not only those options that are suitable for colors or forms are successful, but also those that are chosen with taste and understanding of style.

To learn how to simply make a folding chair with your own hands, see the next video.

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