Bar stools in different styles

In modern kitchen design, the use of bar stools has become very popular. They are usually installed near the bar racks or kitchen islands. This is due to the fact that in most cases the size of the kitchens in the apartments is quite small, and it is extremely problematic to place in them a full-fledged dining area. Salvation in such situations are bar counters in combination with bar stools.

Very often, even in a large and spacious kitchen, where it is possible to place a full-sized dining table, interior designers do not refuse to install a rack or an island with bar stools.

It is believed that this is very convenient for short meals, and at a large table the whole family can gather for a family lunch or dinner.

Features and benefits

A bar stool is a type of high stool. Some models can be equipped with a backrest.

Initially, bar stools were installed in various cafes, bars and restaurants, but over time, their use became popular in home kitchens made in different styles, such as "Provence", "Hi-Tech", "Country", "Modern", "Classic", "Retro", in the Scandinavian style and many others.

The use of bar stools in the kitchen has its advantages:

  • Saving space is very important for small kitchens;
  • Convenience and comfort - thanks to its design, the bar stool allows complete relaxation and rest of the calf muscles. Feet can be put on a special footboard, thus allowing the legs to relax.

But it should be noted that bar stools are not intended for long spending time. They are good for a quick breakfast, a small tea party, a snack. Sitting on the bar stools for hours will be extremely tedious for your back.

Also, bar stools will be uncomfortable for small children and elderly family members.

To date, the choice of a variety of models of bar stools is huge. Products are presented in various colors, sizes, various designs, can be made of various materials.And it is very important to choose the right chairs that fit perfectly into the style of your kitchen, so that for many years to please the whole family with its beautiful appearance, convenience and functionality.

How to choose?

When choosing bar stools for your kitchen, pay attention to such important nuances:

  • Production material - can be any: wood, metal, plastic. Choose it based on the affordable price range and your personal preferences, but do not forget that this furniture should be combined with other items of the kitchen interior;
  • Upholstery - can be fabric, leather or rubberized, there are also such models in which upholstery is absent altogether. The choice also depends on your taste;
  • Color palette - you can choose the color of products in such a way that it either merges or contrasts with other elements of the kitchen interior;
  • The height of the chair is one of the most important parameters. When selecting the height, it is best to focus on the average height of your household, as well as the height of the bar. For example, if the height of the rack is one meter, then bar stools should be about 70 centimeters.The standard height of bar counters ranges from 90-140 centimeters. And the most optimal height of bar stools is considered to be 60 centimeters. There are also models of chairs that are height adjustable;
  • The size of the seat - it should be as comfortable and comfortable for all family members. The seat can be large or small, in addition for convenience it can be equipped with a back and armrests.

Use in the interior

Due to the wide range of models of bar stools, you can easily find suitable products for each style of interior:

  • So, for style "high tech" simple and concise models of chairs are perfect; metal or plastic will be the best materials for manufacturing. From the color palette you can give preference to gray, black or white shades. Chrome elements will look beautiful and original.
  • In classic style Chairs from a tree with backs and armrests will be very pertinent. Upholstery may be absent, but if it is still there, choose fabric or leather options. Vintage-style products will also harmoniously fit into the classic kitchen.
  • In style "Country" Wooden, rattan and metal models with weaving elements will perfectly fit. The kitchen in the style of "country" allows the use of bar stools in combination with the bar, and complete with a dining table of great height.
  • Today’s style has also become popular. "loft"for which metal is perfect. plastic or wooden products. Focus on the need to finish the kitchen.
  • Another popular style is "Modern". For him, you can choose as catchy shades, and soft pastel colors. Everything will depend on whether the bar and chairs are key figures in the kitchen, or secondary elements.
  • For kitchen in style Fusion Feel free to choose the most unusual and bright options for chairs. When choosing furniture in this style, you can give free rein to your imagination and embody the most courageous and unexpected decisions.
  • If your kitchen is made in style "minimalism", the furniture also needs to be purchased simple and concise. The appearance of bar stools should be strict, without unnecessary decorative elements. Simplicity and functionality of products - the most important qualities in this style.
  • One of the most popular today is the style "Provence". Bar stools in this style should be elegant and comfortable. The furniture in the French country style differs in quiet tones. The product design is simple, but very stylish and elegant. A white Provence chair made of natural wood will look beautiful in a bright kitchen.

Often, the effect of aging is used for this style, adding a light semi-antique rubbing to the appearance of wooden furniture. The legs may have an unusual curved shape. It is also allowed to use linen covers in neutral colors with plant patterns.

Learn more about how to choose bar stools, you will learn from the following video.

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