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More recently, in the fashion were kitchen sets, which include not only the furniture wall, but also a table with a set of stools to match the headset. The times have changed, and the current fashion does not require the coincidence of the design of chairs with cabinets above the stove, the set is often ordered built-in, and the table and chairs for it are purchased separately.

It may seem that such a decision brings disharmony to the kitchen interior, but this is far from the case. Chairs are an independent final chord in kitchen design, and the whole atmosphere of the kitchen as a whole depends on how original they are.

Special features

When choosing chairs for the kitchen, you should start by determining its size. This is very important, because if an area of ​​6 square meters. m can fit only a few stools, the spacious kitchen can include classic chairs and high bar stools. Here is where to turn designer imagination.

However, do not be disheartened, and the owners of small kitchens. For them, there are all kinds of design options for compact stools, folding, stack.

When choosing a design and materials, much depends on the style of the kitchen. So, bulky chairs with armrests are perfect for a classic living room, but they will create crampiness in the kitchen of a modest size. Conversely, colored plastic chairs will be out of place in the kitchen with a solid set of expensive woods. Therefore, the choice of chairs for the kitchen must be approached no less carefully than the choice of any other furniture and accessories.


For any kitchen, from the smallest to the most spacious, you can choose comfortable furniture for sitting, without sacrificing square meters or design. Types of furniture for sitting, suitable for the kitchen, have a fairly wide range of choices.

Consider the main options:

  • The stool is furniture familiar to everyone since childhood, which is a solid seat on four, less often on three, legs. Often comes complete with a dining set. For example, a table and four stools, where all the items are made of the same material, the seats and the table top are in the same design.
  • Standard ordinary chair.There can be absolutely any forms and configurations, its main feature is the presence of the back.
  • The semi-chair is a cross between a full-fledged chair and an ordinary chair, which is characterized by armrests. It can be both soft and hard, depending on the design.
  • The bar stool is a tall and narrow, but heavy and steady stool, suitable only for the kitchen where the bar counter or high table is located.
  • The soft corner, as a rule, is an angular sofa and identical in design stools and poufs that come with it. Very convenient option for a small kitchen and a large family. The sofa provides the functionality of the corner area, has several seats at once. The sofa and poufs are often equipped with a place to store things, which is a definite plus for a small kitchen.


The range of materials used for the production of kitchen chairs is extremely wide. Any materials from which sustainable construction can be createdable to withstand the weight of a person go into the business of creating stylish chairs for the kitchen:

  • Tree - the classic version that never goes out of fashion.Fits almost any style, with the exception of cutting-edge high-tech. But the material is expensive and most often it is preferred by products from MDF.
  • MDF - This canvas of wood chips, glued with a special resin. Products made of MDF boards are economical in price, they can be of various shapes and colors, but they are not very durable in use.
  • Metal most often found in combination with other materials. It can be forged legs and chair back, plus a soft seat cushion made of textiles or leather. Metd right angle to the floor. The depth and width of the seat should not be too great, that is, the alley is often used as a decoration for chairs. In modern styles, it can be aluminum corners, chrome beams, and in classic old styles - monograms on the back of a chair.
  • Plastic is the most modern material for kitchen furniture. Light and durable, it is able to take any form in the hands of the master, his bright colors will enliven the kitchen space. Plastic chairs unpretentious to maintain, clean them from grease and stains is not difficult. Plastic can easily imitate glass, transparent products will add weightlessness and airiness to the interior of a small kitchen.

How to choose?

The dining group (table and chairs) should fit into the overall interior of the kitchen area, combined with a set or walls, floor. In order to choose the most comfortable furniture for sitting at the table, “try on” it on yourself. Try to sit on a chair - it should not be too narrow or low, the back should be comfortable, and the height from the floor proportionally correspond to the height of the kitchen table.

The reference height is the one at which knees of an adult in a sitting position at right angles to the floor. The depth and width of the seat should not be too large, that is, the edge does not rest on the popliteal cup, but the back of the person touches the back of the chair. The seat of the kitchen chair can be quite hard, this option is quite suitable for dining furniture. Seat without a cushion usually have stools and plastic chairs of all kinds.

Soft models have pillows of different degrees of filling. It can be semi-rigid fillers, covered with eco-leather or textiles, as well as their softer spring-based options.

Style decisions

The choice of chairs is convenient because their design does not require special binding to the interior of the room.They can both complement and emphasize a certain style, as well as be an independent fashionable accent or color spot. However, it is still necessary to strive for harmony in styles and to avoid blatant bad taste. For example, it is not necessary to supplement classic-style wooden furniture with multi-colored plastic half-chairs from a summer cafe - this would be inappropriate.

Designers advise to choose several stationary chairs for the kitchen in the style in which the set is made. Additional seating for guests is best purchased with a folding or stack design so that they are easily and compactly stored in a closet before the arrival of guests.

Before choosing the right chair, we recommend that you watch the following video with important tips.

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