Adhesive for PVC panels: requirements and variations

Plastic panels are often used for interior decoration due to the cheapness and versatility of the material. For repairs, it is necessary to choose the right glue for PVC panels.

Characteristics of the material

On the construction market there are a large number of different adhesive mixtures, which differ in composition and properties. Not all adhesives are suitable for PVC panels. As for the composition, in this case, the most suitable option would be a mixture based on polymers or rubbers.

Manufacturers usually indicate on the packaging for which materials the composition is suitable. In this case, you need to be careful, as there are mixtures that can be used only for certain types of plastic.

For easy installation of the panels is also important packaging in which glue is sold.It is best to use large volume tubes with nozzles.

Criteria for selecting the composition

The choice of glue for mounting PVC panels must be approached with full responsibility. The quality of the finish will depend on the composition used.

When purchasing a particular type of glue, you need to take into account some of the requirements for such a composition.

  • Like polyvinyl chloride, the adhesive mixture must have good moisture resistance. This property of the composition is not only important when the panels are installed in the bathroom. Such finishing material becomes dirty over time and must be wiped with a damp cloth or cleaning agent, therefore the glue should not be afraid of contact with water.
  • Despite the fact that the panels have a small weight, for reliable fastening it is necessary to use high-strength compositions.
  • Resistance to temperature changes.
  • It is desirable that the adhesive composition included antiseptics.
  • For PVC sheet panels, it is best to choose a colorless adhesive mixture. Such glue is suitable for attaching not only white panels, but also decorative patterns, as well as mosaic made of PVC.
  • The adhesive must be environmentally friendly, without a sharp unpleasant smell. It is better not to use alcohol-based blends.

When choosing the right adhesive, the purpose of the room where the panels will be installed is of great importance.

It is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of the use of materials: temperature, humidity, direct sunlight.

Popular brands

For fixing PVC panels, universal adhesives are mainly used. The modern building materials market is represented by a wide range of all-purpose adhesive mixes, which differ in cost, quality and some characteristics.

Titan wild

One of the most popular adhesives in Russia is Titan Wild. This glue is absolutely safe for human health and can be used for repairs in industrial and residential premises. The composition provides reliable adhesion of various materials to each other, as well as a strong fixation of the finishing elements to almost any base.

Titan Wild is a water-resistant, polymer-based compound that is highly resistant to UV light and temperature extremes. The mixture has no color and after drying it is completely transparent and invisible.

In addition, the adhesive has good elasticity and remains flexible during the entire period of operation, therefore it does not peel off from the materials and does not crack.

"The moment of installation"

Under the brand "Moment" produced a whole line of adhesive compositions "Moment installation." The mixtures differ in their purpose, specifications and color. All compositions are united by one common feature - high reliability of fixing materials.

For PVC panels in this case it is better to use modifications of a universal purpose, which do not have color. When choosing a suitable modification, you should pay attention to what materials are suitable for fixing the composition. It is necessary to take into account not only the material from which the panels are made, but also the type of base.

Subtleties of installation work

PVC panels are attached to the base with adhesives or pre-organized crate. The first option is the simplest, since it does not require much time and serious effort. In addition, to make the crate, you need certain skills and skills.

However, the method of attachment with glue has certain nuances. First of all, you need to bear in mind that the base must be level. Small defects are allowed, but drops should not be more than 0.5 cm. It is also necessary to take care of surface preparation.

To do this, before starting the installation, the base is cleaned of the old coating, the dirt is removed from the surface and degreased. Another important task in this case will be the choice of high-quality adhesive composition. If you use the wrong glue, the panels will not fix properly, and after a while the procedure will have to be repeated. For additional fixation when installing the panels, you can use a mounting foam.

Whatever adhesive composition was purchased for fixing plastic panels, the principle of operation will be about the same. The difference can only be in the time of setting and drying the glue.

Preparatory stage

Before starting the installation work it is necessary to prepare the foundation If there are significant irregularities on the surface, it is necessary to eliminate them with plaster and putty.

Alternatively, in this case, you can make a batten and glue the panels on it. It is also important to ensure that the base on which the finishing material will be attached is clean and free from grease.

For better adhesion, it is recommended to treat the surface with a primer mixture. Before attaching the panel, the base should dry well. However, preparation in this case is necessary not only for the walls.

The panels and the adhesive composition, after they were purchased in the store, should not be used immediately - the materials should lie at home at room temperature for some time.


The process of gluing PVC panels to surfaces such as concrete or wood is not particularly difficult. The most important thing is to correctly lay out the base, accurately calculate the required number of panels and, if necessary, smoothly cut the material into parts of the desired size.

When it is necessary to attach the panels to the wall itself without the batten, the adhesive mixture is distributed over the entire reverse side of the finishing material, but not in a continuous layer, but in a point. If it is necessary to glue the material to the crate, then the glue is also applied to the back side of the panels, but only at the points of contact with the base.

During the finishing work it is necessary to follow the face of the PVC panels. If there is glue on the material, it must be immediately removed from the surface with a dry cloth.

About what to glue PVC panels in the bathroom, described in the next video.

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