Moment 88 glue: characteristics

 Clay Moment 88: Specifications

In the Russian market, consumers do not have to complain about the lack of various adhesives. But to talk about the equivalence of all the products presented is not necessary. One of the strongest positions is now occupied by a product such as Moment 88 glue.

Special features

"Moment 88", as claimed by the manufacturer of the adhesive, is among the most durable adhesive mixtures. Guaranteed its resistance to the harmful effects of water and cold. Even the old glued surface remains quite strong and stable under any mechanical stress.

Consider the composition of the universal allows that it can glue in any combinations:

  • rubber;
  • wood;
  • Leather Products;
  • wooden things;
  • cork;
  • plastics of different composition;
  • metal surfaces;
  • concrete;
  • glass.

Even cloth and cardboard are quite capable of this mixture.You can attach a wooden nameplate to a concrete wall or fix a hole in leather boots for a while.

But we must bear in mind that this reagent does not help to glue plasticized polyvinyl chloride. It is also not suitable for work with polyethylene, polypropylene, polypropylene. It is recommended to avoid using glue for materials that are not recommended by the manufacturer.

How to use and store?

Waterproof glue "Moment 88" delivered to consumers in four versions of containers:

  • tubes of 30 g and 125 ml;
  • 750 g cans;
  • cans of 10 liters in each package.

Storage of the purchased composition can be carried out at temperatures from -20 to 30 degrees; the general shelf life is 2 years from the date of manufacture. In case of expiration of the expiration date or in case of loss of their qualities, the packaging with it is disposed of in the same way as ordinary household garbage. If the glue freezes within the permissible temperatures, it will completely return the original specifications during defrosting.

If there is a hit on the composition is not intended for this place, you need to wait for it to dry. Then the excess mass is collected by fingers and rolled up in the form of a ball, which is already thrown into the garbage. The same approach will help get rid of an excessively large portion of glue.If he was spilled on clothes, judging by the reviews, the problem is easily solved with the help of a washing machine in the standard mode for a certain fabric. “Moment 88 is extremely durable” is normally evenly applied to the surfaces to be joined. Most attention should be paid to the edges, as well as other places that usually create problems.

additional information

Glue "88" is named so by chance. In the course of strength tests, for some reason, test procedures were delayed for 8 days (instead of the usual 7), while the sustained tensile strength on the last day was 8 joules. Experimenters could not pass by such an unusual fact, and so the result of technical control gave the name to the product. For professionals in the field of chemistry and building materials, these figures - 88 - mean a lot. Only rare adhesives can boast the same resistance when used.

The normal color of the composition may be different: let's say both light yellow and light green tint, sometimes even a beige tint is found. The manufacturer guarantees the excellent resistance of the adhesive in contact with gasoline and diesel fuel.

The waiting time is 120-300 seconds, all this time you can move the glued object. It is advisable to treat both problematic surfaces with fine grain sandpaper before gluing.

Despite all the reliability of the "Moment 88", it is required in any case to degrease the substrate. If you do not follow this rule, there is no chance of success. For some time before the final connection, the adhesive mass must be in contact with air. For not too porous substances exposure is from 2 to 3 minutes (taking into account a layer of 0.2 cm on one surface). If the mixture is applied from both sides at once, it takes 5 minutes to hold it in the air.

When a porous coating is processed on both sides, a layer up to 0.5 cm thick is used and held for 10 minutes, this is enough to saturate the pores. For information: materials, greedily absorbing the composition, must be processed twice. In case of excessive thickening of “Moment 88”, it is permissible to dilute it with ethyl acetate. The proportion for dilution is 1: 1. The most important advantage of this glue compared to the usual “Moment” is the ability to disengage the subsequently connected surfaces.

In the next video, you will find a review about the Moment 88 glue for gluing a neoprene suit for spearfishing.

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