Iddis mixers: characteristics and types

Iddis - a company that specializes in the manufacture of reliable plumbing, textile accessories, furniture for kitchens, bathrooms and toilets. Country of origin - Russia. The company has been present on the commodity market for 15 years, which indicates the experience and demand for its products from consumers. High quality, compliance with standards allows the company to remain at a high level among similar companies.

Iddis do not stop at what has been accomplished - adherence to fashion and new technical developments, continuous improvement of products are among the principles of the company.

Advantages and disadvantages

Iddis is a Russian manufacturer, so in the case of warranty service, it is convenient for consumers to communicate with its representatives directly through the official website or via the hotline, and not through the seller. You can also send a request for a free wizard call through the form on the website.

But here and minus - direct service is available only for residents of large cities. The rest of consumers need to contact the store where they purchased the goods.

Also a definite plus is the availability of technical data sheets and instructions to all mixers. During operation, professional support is provided for issues related to the use and repair.

Availability of spare parts is a clear advantage of the company. They can be purchased at service centers or via the Internet at various sites.


The company releases Mixers of several modifications intended for:

  • washbasin;
  • kitchen sink;
  • bath with shower;
  • bidet.

    Often with a mixer included is a bottom valve.

    Also, mixers are distinguished by the method of water inclusion:

    • valve (crane box);
    • lever (single-clamp with ball or cartridge mechanism);
    • with thermostat (fuses, varying temperature and water pressure);
    • with sensor (motion sensor).

    Popular models

    Iddis mixers are very diverse in design and purpose. To date, the company has presented over 30 episodes.

    "Alborg". Traditional faucets for kitchen sinks, presented in six colors, have a lever inclusion with a ceramic cartridge, aerator, swivel spout. Several models of this series are coated with an ecological granule.

    "Alborg P". Kitchen faucets that differ from Alborg in that they have a retractable flexible hose.

    Alborg P

    "Alps", "Termospot". Bathroom faucets with overhead shower and hose with watering can. Nickel-chrome plating provides special protection against abrasion. There is a removable shelf. The hi-tech style is strict forms and nothing superfluous. The “Termospot” model has a thermostatic mechanism.

    "Basic". There is also a bath mixer with a single lever mechanism and a long thin spout, which makes it very elegant.


    "Brick". Square angular forms belong to the washbasin mixers with a cast faucet, for the kitchen with a high spout and for the bathtub in two versions - with a short and long spout. All models have a single-jaw mechanism, a chrome color and an installed reliable Sedal ceramic cartridge, as well as a polymer mesh aerator and flow restrictor.

    Calipso. This series uses two colors - white and glossy chrome.Spout having an angle of 90? and rounded handles, look very stylish. Bath faucet is produced in two versions: attached to the bath and the wall. For the washbasin there is an option with a hygienic shower. There is an aerator with a polymer mesh, built-in noise reduction system, lever inclusion. There is also an option for the kitchen.


    "Carlow Plus". The series includes faucets for bidets, showers, baths (with short and long spouts), sinks, kitchens and a model with a hygienic shower. Elegant round shapes and molded faucet have options for washbasins and bidets. Single color - chrome, there is an aerator with a removable silicone mesh, flow restrictor.

    Classic Plus. Handles with multiple faces are located on both sides of the base, two-grip type. There is a plastic aerator, insulators in the handles, flow restrictor. Color - chrome. For the shower, there are three options - with more angular forms, more rounded and short spout. For the kitchen, two options - both with a swivel mechanism. The body of the mixer for a washbasin cast.

    Carlow plus
    Classic Plus

    "Color Plus". Techno-style is inherent in this collection - right angles of a massive chrome-colored base, flat handles with a single-gripping mechanism of different colors (black, pink, mint, orange). Option for the kitchen swivel, for the shower and sink - cast.There is a noise reduction function and aerator.

    Copter. Faucets for the kitchen, sink and bath with a long and short cast spout. Color is one - chrome. Two-handle handles in the shape of a three-pointed star with special insulators that prevent burns.

    Color Plus

    Cuba. The mixer for the sink and bath with a short spout body cast, and with a long spout and kitchen sink body swivel. Chrome color. Handles single gripping flat. Removable plastic aerator.

    Custo, District, Eclipt. In these series there are all types of mixers (“Custo” is also for the bidet), they have the same knob with a lever mechanism. For the bath there is an option with a long swivel spout. The color of the collection is chrome. In the District collection, the kitchen faucet is more minimalist.


    "Jeals". The series has funny rounded pens that resemble the style of English retroclassics. Convenient ergonomic watering cans on shower mixers. There are options for the sink, kitchen and bidet. In the handles are insulators, protecting the person from the burn. The crane-box mechanism is made with a ceramic divertor.

    "Edifice". Flat straight regulators, rectangular thin spout - this is the difference of the “Edifice” collection, which reflects minimalism.This kitchen faucet, it can be purchased in four colors, it has a granulary paste. There is a noise reduction system, a single-lever lever opening mechanism.


    "Funk." The manufacturer compares the forms of this series with sea shells and corals. The base smoothly flows into the valve handles. They have a plastic aerator, special heat protection and a flow restrictor. Color - chrome.

    "Jam." Elegant functional faucets, presented in four versions: for the sink, kitchen and bath with a short or long spout. All have valve mechanisms, body color is chrome. Removable plastic aerator, heat protection.


    "Kitchen 360". Kitchen faucets with black and red base. Spout rotates 360 degrees, hence the name. Noise absorption, nickel-chrome plating, small lever mechanism make this mixer an indispensable helper for the hostess.

    "Kitchen F". Curved high kitchen faucet. It is a 2 in 1 model - it has the ability to connect to any filter without installing another tap. Plastic aerator, lever mechanism.

    Kitchen 360
    Kitchen f

    "Kitchen D". Kitchen mixer entertaining shape, slightly tilted to the sides of the sink. The set includes three sets of silicone inserts of different colors for the spout and the handle. There is also a nickel-chrome plating, noise reduction, silicone aerator. The mechanism is one gripping.

    "Leaf." Streamlined shape, single gripping handles look like a drop of water. Built-in flow limiter and control of water flow make the mixers of this series economical.

    Kitchen d

    "Mirro". The use of straight lines with a reflective surface and rounded shapes in the design together distinguishes this series from the rest. Single gripping flat handles. The bath mixer has an unusual solution - the spout also acts as a diverter. The bath mixer can also be used for the shower, as the spout can be hidden.

    "Rise." It has a two-jaw mechanism, cruciform arms, and thickened nozzles. There is a molded case (for the sink), and swivel (for the kitchen and bath). Two versions of the bath faucet - with a long and shorter faucet, the shower head is placed like the old phones - on top. There is also a heat protection, plastic aerator, flow restrictor, ceramic divertor.


    "Loft". Modern design and bronze make this kitchen faucet a bright accent in the kitchen. Lever mechanism with ceramic cartridge, integrated flow limiter, silicone aerator.

    “Oldie”, “Sam”. The mixers are made in two colors - bronze and chrome. The style is retro. "Olide" has a silicone aerator, a lever mechanism for opening water. "Sam" - plastic aerator, tap-box mechanism for opening water.


    "Pond". Solid faucets with a square silhouette and smooth surfaces. Built-in aerator “Coin Fix”, which is easily removed and cleaned, also has a water limiter.

    "Sicily". Kitchen mixers of different colors with soft rounded shapes, single gripping mechanism. Coating with granule makes the models more durable. Included is a plastic aerator, flow restrictor.


    "Thermolife", "Unitetm". Mixers have a thermostat that helps regulate and set the desired water temperature. In the series there are three options for baths: with a standing shower and a separate additional watering can, a mixer with a watering can only and a standard shower. The difference is restrained concise forms. There is a protection against overheating pens.

    "Urban". The series is characterized by its technological design - clear rectangular shapes, flat single-gripping handles and holders. There are models for washbasin, shower, bath with long and short spout. there are noise absorption, polymer mesh on the aerator, flow restrictor.


    "Velikan". Ergonomic form of the case, convenient one-gripping handle, eco-friendly granukrail coating. Inserts on the case of several colors. Material - high quality brass.

    "Vane", "Zodiac", "Vibe", "Vincente". Similar in style collections, which differ only in the curvature of the case. Color - chrome, there is a plastic aerator, flow restrictor. In the series "Vincente" provides a model for the kitchen.


    How to choose?

    During the repair or during the ordinary replacement of faucets in the first place the consumer thinks about the quality and durability, but relying on customer reviews and plumbers. Choosing the company Iddis, you can say for sure that the quality will undoubtedly please you, although, of course, there are users disappointed with the products of this brand. Basically, they are dissatisfied with service and fast breakage, especially thermostats. But it should be understood that any damage is the work of the people themselves.And if the problem is in defective parts, then this is a warranty case, and everything is being repaired or changed at the expense of the company.

    Most reviews talk about how easy it is to open and adjust the pressure and temperature of the water. And, of course, they praise the design, because from the presented collections it is possible to choose those mixers that fit any style of bathroom or kitchen.

    The hostesses speak positively about the chrome coating - it is easy to wash, there are no stains on it.

    You will learn more about the Iddis bath mixer with Uniterm thermostat in the next video.

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