Am Pm mixers: model overview and specifications

Every person wants to have a high-quality plumbing installed in his house. Today we will talk about Am Pm mixers.

Special features

Am Pm is a popular European brand for the production of mixers. The company manufactures a variety of types of plumbing, including universal devices.

Among its range you can find mixers:

  • built-in;
  • with one valve;
  • with two valves;
  • thermostatic;
  • with control over the consumption of water resources;
  • with temperature control.

All products of this company must undergo pre-certification. It meets all the basic quality standards.

According to experts and consumers, the mixers of this company are distinguished by their excellent design and perfect quality. They are made with compacted and durable rubber gaskets.


Brand Am Pm makes the most different lines of mixers among which:

  • "5 O'Clock";
  • "Admire";
  • "Awe";
  • "Bliss";
  • "Bourgeois";
  • Chic;
  • "Elegance";
  • "Excite";
  • "Gem";
  • "Inspire";
  • "Joy";
  • Jump;
  • "Like";
  • "Move";
  • Orange;
  • Pride;
  • "Sensation";
  • "Sense";
  • "Serenity";
  • "Spirit";
  • "Sunny";
  • "Tender".

5 O'Clock

Models of this line are made of brass. Their liner is both flexible and rigid. Control valve. Such samples are used most often for sinks in the bathroom and kitchen, but some of them are also available for showers. The models for sinks include F2582199, F2582170, F2582100. The samples intended for bathrooms include F2510099, F2510077, F2510000.

The color of these mixers can be made in bronze, gold or chrome. The shape of the collection models is rounded. The rotation of the spout is of a fixed type, and its shape is traditional.


The mixers of this collection are also made of brass. Their main mechanism is represented by a ceramic cartridge. The control of the models of this line is standard double lever. But at the same time most often there are devices with only one valve.

The shape of the spout from these mixers is traditional. In one set with plumbing there is an aerator and a special bottom valve. The type of liner she most often flexible.

This collection includes bath and shower units (F101000B), sinks (F108210B), and even bidets (F108310B).

Experts say that such devices are best bought for bathrooms in high-tech style.


Mixers of this line are also mainly produced with one valve. They are sold together with the bottom valve. The mechanism of the device is represented by a ceramic cartridge, with which you can easily control the water pressure.

This plumber is made from ecological brass with a low lead content.

As a rule, devices of this collection come with a swivel aerator. Their liner is flexible.

This line presents the equipment for sinks. Model F1582100 belongs to such version. The collection also includes faucets for kitchen sinks (F1500000) and baths with a shower (F1510000).


Such mixers are most often produced with a chrome finish. They are sold together with the aerator. The form of spout from them, as a rule, is traditional.

In the Bliss collection there are models for sinks (F5602100), for bathrooms with a shower (F5620000, F5520000, F5610000), for a bidet (F5683100, F5583100). They are all made of brass. The rotation of the spout at the plumbing fixed.


For mixers of this collection, the main mechanism is represented by a crankcase, but for some samples it has the appearance of a traditional ceramic cartridge. In one set with them is a bottom valve. The eyeliner at units has flexible type.

The Bourgeois collection includes models for sinks (F6582100, F6682100) and for a bathroom with a shower (F6510000, F6610000).

Control of data devices lever type. They are made of brass.


In this line are shower sets (F0182010, F0182000, F0118200). They are produced with a glossy chrome finish. These samples are equipped with a special system against the formation of lime deposits. Models of this collection are available with several jet modes. Their hose is not twisting.


Shower sets are also typical for this collection (model F0167000). In the manufacture of their cover with a chrome layer. Such devices are equipped with a system against lime deposits and special protection against twisting the hose.


In this line you can see the units for sinks, which are represented by models F5282100, F5202100. It also includes appliances for kitchen sinks (model F5200000) and for the shower (F5220000).

The control of these devices is lever. Most of the samples from the Excite line are sold in sets with an aerator and drain set. Type of liner they often have a hard type.

In the manufacture of this plumbing chrome.


This collection is represented by sink mixers (models F9092000, F9002100), for the shower (samples F0190100 F0190000). The control devices standard lever.They are made of brass and plastic.

The main mechanism is represented by a ceramic cartridge. Plumbing hose is equipped with protection against twisting. Faucets for the sink produced with flexible liner. Shower sets of the collection have only 3 jet modes.


This line includes bathroom fittings for sinks (samples F5002100, F5004000). It has a lever type of control. Its mechanism has the appearance of a ceramic cartridge. The liner of this technique is flexible.

In this line there are appliances for the shower. They are represented by models F5020000, F5050000, F5075000. Their spout is fixed. The management of this technique has a lever.

Installation can be both built-in, and usual wall.


The devices for the sink of this line include samples F8502100, F8582100. The latest model comes with a special bottom valve. Devices are single lever. Their height is low, the length of the spout is short.

Also the collection includes faucets F8590000, F8550000. The latest model comes with a thermostat. The length of the spout is medium, and the height of the mixer is low.

These devices are made of ecological brass with low lead content.


In this line, bathroom and shower faucets are most common (F7220000, F7210000). Spout is missing. The mechanism is represented by a ceramic cartridge.Available plumbing with a glossy chrome finish.


In this line, there are instruments for sinks (F8002100, F8003000, F8008000). They have only one valve. The height of such mixers is low, and the length of the spout is medium. In one set with them is an aerator.

Also in the collection there are shower sets (F8001300, F8010000, F8040000). Their spout is usually long. The control of these devices is single lever.

They are made from ecological and safe brass.


In the range of "Move" there are universal mixers (model F7M90000). The shape of the spout on these devices is traditional, the coating is chrome-plated. Device control single lever.

In the line there is a technique for sinks (samples F7M02100). They have a single-lever view, their water supply is flexible, the rotation of the spout is fixed. Included with them is an aerator.

In addition to these main collections, this company also produces the Orange, Sensation, Sense, Pride, Serenity, Spirit, Sunny and Tender lines. All their models have a reddish type of control. In the manufacture of their coated with chrome plating. Samples are made for bathrooms with showers, sinks, bidets and kitchen sinks.

Most of the devices of these lines are available with aerator in one set. Some are sold with a thermostat. The mechanism of the aggregates is represented by a ceramic cartridge.


Many consumers have noted the beautiful appearance of the mixers of this company. Also, buyers spoke about the high level of quality of such plumbing and its durability. Most have noticed the convenient function of economical water supply and the relatively low price of the units.

But at the same time today you can also find negative reviews about Am Pm mixers. So, some users noted that the hose on the watering can of the device quickly swells up and becomes unsuitable for work. In addition, for some models, the valve begins to fall over time, as a result of which the water turns off by itself. Buyers also said that there was no complete set of sanitary fittings for the drain, although there was a place for it.

In the next video you will find a review of the mixer from the Joy collection.

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