Jacob Delafon mixers: characteristics, types and purpose

Jacob Delafon mixers have a stylish design and sophisticated functionality. Available for sale with several installation options, some models provide the ability to use a digital interface.


The French company Jacob Delafon has been selling its products worldwide for about a hundred years. It was created at the end of the 19th century by Emil Jacob and Maurice Delafon. The factory quickly took up strong positions and became one of the leaders in the manufacture of modern equipment for bathrooms and kitchens. Under this brand are made not only faucets, but also furniture, ceramics, bathtubs and much more.

Each model perfectly combines design excellence and practicality. Work on the creation of improved versions of mixers continues, technical know-how regularly appears on the market, designed to give comfort and convenience to the user.

To this day, a single design style can be traced that makes the company's products recognizable and unique.

The products of this brand combine style and high quality. Classic lines create a unique design that fits any bathroom and kitchen. The huge range and use of durable materials in combination with the affordable cost make the products sought after by the modern consumer.

Among the main features:

  • temperature limiter;
  • the presence of the aerator;
  • installed check valve.

All this makes the operation of mixers comfortable. The company supplies the market with only high-quality products for sinks of different heights.


Among the main options for sale are mixers on:

  • bath;
  • floor;
  • the wall.

By the number of levers they can be:

  • double lever;
  • single lever

By functionality:

  • with filter;
  • sensory;
  • leverage.


All products of the company differ in a similar design: they have a pen, aerator, spout and base. Fantasy designers help to create new models, change lines, so more and more collections appear on the shelves, which are made of brass and finished with chrome.

Jacob Delafon Symbol

A small collection of three models, intended for sinks of different heights:

  1. 205 mm;
  2. 300 mm;
  3. 450 mm.

There are suggestions with a thermostat, which is built into the design, and without it. It allows you to save hot water, and also has in addition to the whole aerator.

Jacob Delafon Stilliness

In accordance with its name, the mixers of this model are distinguished by calm lines and a strict classical design. Spout pipe-shaped, the lever is located in the center. To achieve the maximum temperature of hot water, the lever must be raised up to the stop. This option is perfect for economical owners, since only 7 liters of water are poured in a minute.

Inside the cartridge starts the cold water and only adds to it hot.

Models are available for sale in height:

  1. 240 mm;
  2. 290 mm.

There are variations created for use in a bidet construction where the aerator can be rotated twenty degrees. Bath models are offered with a switch that redirects the fluid, and a backflow valve. Universal design allows the use of products in any interior.

Jacob Delafon Fairfax

Distinguished collection presents strict style and wavy lines. Designers have tried to make the mixers modern with a touch of antiquity in England.They fit perfectly in the space designed in modern or classic style.

Among the lineup you can find options for:

  1. bathroom;
  2. shower cabin;
  3. kitchen space.

Distinguishes all models of this collection limiter responsible for controlling the temperature of the water supplied. It allows you to save electricity, if the house is a boiler.

Inside an aerator with anti-limestone coating is installed, thanks to which it is possible to extend the life of the products.

Jacob Delafon Salute

The basis for the creation of models was taken a special style characteristic of France. Refinement is the best combination of new technologies and excellent performance. The developers spent a lot of time to make the models as functional and practical as possible, so all actions of any product occur automatically.

Options for bathroom spaces are equipped with a switch. In addition, there is a shower holder made of durable thermoplastic, which is distinguished not only by its aesthetic appeal, but also by its quality.

Jacob Delafon Purist

Variants of this collection are distinguished by strict style and reliability. The base has a cylindrical shape.Excellent functionality and high quality are typical for these models.

There are options for bidets and bathrooms with a restriction, as well as combined models and products for sinks, whose height is 297 mm.

Jacob Delafon Talan

Luxurious plumbing fixtures offer exquisite simplicity, unsurpassed quality and sophisticated shapes. In the assortment there are models of the budget version with a ceramic faucet-box and more expensive ones with a thermostat. The design provides a hidden aerator.

Jacob Delafon Singulier

The developers have tried to endow the mixers of this collection not only with a familiar look, but also with special functionality. They are not only convenient, but also help to save. The design has a combined thermostatic switch that easily transfers water from the shower to the faucet.

There are models:

  1. with stopper;
  2. one hole;
  3. with holder;
  4. with a guide.

Jacob Delafon Tao

All products perfectly combine tribute to traditions and modern technologies. They slightly move forward, possess necessary compactness, therefore they are more often purchased for small-sized sinks.

The manufacturer offers options:

  1. mounted on board;
  2. with the ability to switch the button;
  3. With a spout that can rotate 70 degrees.

Jacob Delafon Nateo

Models of this collection are distinguished by round lines. They are able to reduce water consumption by 50% percent, due to the fact that the developers have provided in the design of the aerator and built-in cartridge.

The mixer turns and moves forward.

Jacob Delafon Panache

These mixers are very simple and convenient to use. The spout is designed in such a way as to minimize the possibility of splashing water.

Jacob Delafon Kandel

A great option for small spaces. An assortment of mixers is available with a spout located in the center and on the side, which can also rotate. The case is monolithic for all models presented.

Jacob Delafon Toobi

Ethnic design has become a special highlight of this collection. Spout is very similar to a bamboo stem, and a special design creates the effect of a babbling brook.

All models are very thin, thermoplastic was used as the base material.

    Users who have already left their feedback about the plumbing company, pay attention not only to the attractive appearance, but also to its functionality. Anyone can choose a suitable model that provides not only energy savings, but also the necessary level of comfort.The only drawback is the rapid heating of the handle of some models from the supply of hot water.

    Review of another model - in the next video.

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