Furniture for arbors: the choice of materials and design

Vacation in a country house is a unique opportunity to rejuvenate after a long stay in a busy city. A gazebo in the open air is the favorite location of not only the owners of the house, but also the guests.

Comfortable rest depends not only on the surrounding nature, but also on the selected and installed furniture.

Special features

Furniture for a gazebo should not only be comfortable, reliable and functional, but also harmoniously fit into the overall design solution. Modern manufacturers produce a huge range of furniture for interiors, made in different styles, and a wide price range allows you to choose a purchase at an affordable price.

Independent production of a table, bench or cabinet will not only significantly reduce costs, but also allow you to create unique furniture according to individual drawings.

    Furniture for gazebos should have a number of features that must be considered when choosing and buying it, namely:

    • convenience;
    • practicality;
    • compactness;
    • ease of care;
    • reliability;
    • wear resistance;
    • resistance to mechanical damage;
    • harmonious combination with the general interior.

    Experts distinguish such two types of furniture as:

    • stationary;
    • portable.

    The minimum set of garden furniture consists of a table and a bench. In the recreation area with a large area you can place chairs, armchairs, a hammock, a sofa and a wardrobe. For a harmonious combination of furniture and the design of the arbor, the furniture should be made of similar materials.

    The width of the bench should not be less than 50 cm, and for obese people more than 60 cm. The shape of the bench and chairs is selected individually for each project.. The size of the furniture should correspond to the area and parameters of the site and arbor.

    By purchasing interior items that are of low quality and low price, there is a possibility that this product has a short lifespan and will last only one season.


    Garden furniture is made of different types of building materials. The most popular wood furniture and RSD. Wooden furnishings are safe for health, durable, reliable, durable, comfortable and have a wide price range. The main feature of wooden furniture is the ability to repair any part of it.

    The disadvantages are flammable, unstable to moisture and wood pests, constant and high-quality care with the use of special chemicals.

    Furniture made from an array of different tree species has such individual features and properties as:

    • from larch - it is a sought-after type of furniture that has a high resistance to temperature extremes and moisture;
    • from acacia - this furniture has an aesthetic appearance, but a short period of operation;
    • from pine - This is the most popular interior items.

    Rattan furniture ranked second in the ranking of sales. The material for making furniture is willow vines. This material has a high cost and time-consuming production process, but high aesthetic qualities and environmental safety make it popular and popular for the design of elite suburban areas.

    The metal frame makes the furniture high-strength and resistant, and protective materials based on varnish and wax will make it possible to use it in any weather conditions.

    Manufacturers produce these two types of rattan products, such as:

    • fishnet - it is affordable furniture, having a small weight and high resistance to high humidity and temperature changes;
    • massive types have a high price, are used for the manufacture of large sofas and coffee tables.

      When using wicker furniture, you must follow the following simple rules:

      • place the furniture in places protected from direct sunlight;
      • during the deterioration of weather conditions, furniture should be cleaned in closed rooms.

      The advantages of rattan furniture are as follows:

      • high environmental performance;
      • ease;
      • esthetics;
      • flexibility;
      • durability.

        The disadvantages include the following:

        • fragility;
        • careful and careful care.

        Artificial rattan furniture - This is an ideal option for a summer gazebo. It has a huge number of advantages and the minimum number of disadvantages. In specialized stores you can buy furniture made of plastic.

        This category of furniture has such advantages as:

        • a wide range of products of various colors, shapes and designs;
        • small weight;
        • mobility;
        • affordable price;
        • durability;
        • compact storage;
        • resistance to negative environmental influences.

        If we talk about the shortcomings, it is worth highlighting the following:

        • low aesthetic appearance;
        • burnout under the action of direct sunlight;
        • the appearance of chips and scratches;
        • instability to low temperatures;
        • inability to repair and replace damaged parts.

          Metal furniture - it is durable and reliable furnishings that can decorate any design project. Its main disadvantages are high weight, high price and the acquisition of ambient temperature. Applying special anti-corrosion solutions to the product frame will protect the surface from destruction and rust, and soft cushions will create a comfortable temperature for rest.

          In specialized stores you can purchase two types of this furniture, such as:

          • forged;
          • cast.

          Metal furniture has such advantages as:

          • strength;
          • high aesthetic performance;
          • resistance to solar radiation and temperature extremes;
          • coloring in the necessary color scale.

          If we consider the shortcomings, it is worth notingthat the metal legs of furniture can damage the lawn cover and go into the ground, so experts recommend installing protective metal plates on them.

          Stone furniture - it is furniture for big arbors.

          For decoration arbors designers use it very rarely.

          Disadvantages - this is a high price, the ability to quickly heat up and cool down. Advantages are durability, naturalness and natural beauty.

          Forms and design

          The form of furniture for gazebos depends on the design decisions and the wishes of the owners of the site.

          The table can be of the following types:

          • folding - it is a mobile type, giving the opportunity to move and remove it at any time;
          • transformer - in its design there is a folding mechanism that allows you to create different types of furniture. This design has a short lifespan;
          • stationary - This is a classic type of furniture.

          The shape of the table top can be round, square, rectangular, hexagonal and in the form of an ellipse. The decoration of the table can be legs with carved pillars. In small gazebos, experts advise to install benches with backs,and to accommodate a large number of guests suitable bench without a back.

          With the help of different types of furniture, experienced designers will help to arrange the arbor in such styles as:

          • French - created using carved forged items with the addition of pink accessories;
          • tropical - used wicker furniture, large plants and bright decorative elements;
          • Oriental - use furniture made of stone with soft pillows and oriental accessories;
          • Japanese - created in the style of minimalism with a small amount of furniture.


          The size of furniture for gazebos, each designer selects individually depending on the area of ​​the site and the design of the gazebo. In the large gazebo you need to install massive furniture of appropriate sizes. The optimal size of the table and the length of the bench is about 2 meters. In small bowers it is appropriate to use compact furniture.

          The optimal size of the table top for 10 people is 80x120 cm, the thickness of the boards should not be less than 5 cm.

          The benches usually have the following standard sizes:

          • length - 150 cm;
          • height - 50 cm;
          • width - 50 cm.

          How to make yourself?

          Before you start making wood interior with your own hands, should acquire the necessary set of tools, namely:

          • a hacksaw;
          • hammer;
          • chisels;
          • saw;
          • ax.

          To make the tabletop, it is necessary to place the boards on a horizontal surface and fix the frame of bars on them. Using a saw, cut the tabletop according to the dimensions indicated in the drawings and attach the legs. The shape of the table and the number of legs depend on the individual wishes of the gazebo owner.

          At the final stage of the work table must be covered with a special varnish for wood.

          Benches are made from any lumber. The location of the shops depends on the shape of the table and arbor, but The length must match the size of the tabletop. The design of the bench consists of a seat and four legs. Hemp from large trees can be used as a building material., pre-clearing the workpiece from the bark and insects.

          Universal material for self-made garden furniture are wooden boxes. From this material, you can make a set of furniture consisting of a table, chairs and a wardrobe.Furniture, made in a single design decision, will decorate any arbor, and painting furniture with bright colors and adding decorative pillows allow you to arrange a recreation area in any style.

          The use of automobile tires is a unique design solution that makes it possible to decorate the territory without economic investments. To create chairs, tables and swings, it is necessary to cut objects according to the shape of the necessary furniture and paint them with bright colors.

          In the brick arbors you can lay out the legs of the table and benches. The brick base of the table or bench has a high strength and a long period of operation. Before starting work, you must carefully consider the size and location of all interior elements.

          Perform work can only subject to the following rules:

          • in a shallow hole under the foundation you need to pour crushed stone, sand and pour concrete solutions;
          • bricks should be laid in one row of two;
          • the dimensions of the legs must correspond to the tabletop used.

          Beautiful examples for inspiration.

          Before starting the design work on the design of a country house or a street gazebo, it is necessary to carefully examine all the advantages and disadvantagesdifferent types of furniture and choose the one that will be suitable for this project. Garden furnishings should only be practical and durable, but also serve as decoration for the entire backyard.

          An accurate drawing will help to produce all the necessary items with high quality, and experienced designers will offer options for the harmonious combination of different materials in one project.

          A closed gazebo with a built-in barbecue in the center of the table will provide an opportunity to invite guests not only on warm summer days, but also on rainy autumn evenings. Soft pillows on the benches and dark curtains on the windows will create coziness and comfort in a wooden arbor.

          Wicker rattan furniture and a glass table will decorate any open veranda and harmoniously fit into the unique beauty of a forest glade. Multicolored soft pillows will make the rest comfortable and create a summer mood.

          Wicker items of gray interior with soft cushions on the open terrace of a country house, made in the classical style, will decorate the site and reflect the refined taste of the owners of the house.

          A transparent polycarbonate gazebo with a minimum set of furnishings, located in the middle of the garden, will allow the owners to relax in the fresh air and organize meals in nature.

          In the next video you will find the option of making furniture from a bar for a gazebo.

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